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  1. So that you will be thrown out of the park? Not a good $4 investment.

    The metal detectors are there to give the illusion of safety. Yes, they are turned on (even though pkiboy MUST have inside information contrary to what I have witnessed and my experience working on them,) but what they do is make the guest believe that the park is safer because of the metal detectors and security checkpoint. The sad part is, it works...

    I have a question for those complaining about the dress code: Do you ever say anything to a nearby employee, or do you hold your comments for GR, or do you just come and complain here? This is going to sound absurd to some, but employees cannot catch everything. It takes guests and employees recognizing issues to make the park a fun place to go.

  2. Why are we comparing the ride timing of WindSeeker to Diamondback, when there is a similar ride in capacity sitting in Rivertown? TRTR was built with the idea of 12 cycles per hour, averaged 7(not because of downtime, but because companies just divide the ride time + 2-3 minutes and there is your cycle time,) and while it had a slightly higher capacity, you are looking at about the same on the timing side. To back this up, Flight Deck is supposed to have a capacity of over 1200/hr, however 800 is a good hour in reality.

  3. As for the gift shop, what if they are trying to stay with a theme? Think about it this way: An actual building would not give the illusion of trying to track down dinosaurs, but a tent gives the illusion of a "base camp" of sorts: One that can pack up and be transported to the next spot as the animals naturally migrate.

  4. Amy, I worked in rides the 2003 season, and not once did we get sent home early due to low attendance. I remember days where TRTR had a walkon line, and we were still there, grinding it out.

  5. As for the loungers in the waterpark, I would highly recommend getting there early. From what I heave heard (the reason I say heard is because I'm not normally one for waterparks, but go every once in awhile,) the loungers were all taken quickly last season, but BB was crowded because of the heat.

  6. Here is a thought for people to chew on: What if there is the possibility of this NOT being a iWerks movie (which it isn't,) therefor forcing the park to remove the motion based seats that were based on iWerks original designs? That could explain the motion seats being taken out.

    Also, what about the idea that since the park is showing a movie on the screen, in order to obtain the rights to the movie, they had to charge to get into the theatre? I know that one is far fetched, but I'm also not in the film industry as a distributor. That would explain the upcharge.

    Am I excusing the parks for a rather horrid decision? Not at all, but I'm giving other options on what the park was facing for the decision. Who knows...

  7. The other remarkable part of securing the Phantom of the Opera rights is the storage area that is demanded. I was on the committee that tried to secure the right to Phantom years ago, and one of the questions that was asked was "How much storage space do you have available?" In order to keep the production in its majesty, you have to have room for a chandelier of a certain size and a pipe organ of a certain size. I can't remember the specifics since this was close to 5 years ago, but its huge.

  8. I used to maintain those metal detectors, and I guarantee you, they are turned on whenever the park is open. You may not be able to hear them because of the background noise, but they are still working. Security is briefed not to listen for the beeps but to watch the meter above the metal detector. As for enforcing what goes through, I don't know what they are looking for, but I do know that if they are open and manned, they are working.

  9. All a grounding system is made of is a metal pole sticking up at the highest point of the ride/building, a cable running down to the ground (isolated from the rest of the electrical system,) and going into a bolt that is driven into the earth. If I remember correctly, the grounding rod has to be somewhere in the 6` deep range, the cable has to be bare (no insulation surrounding it,) and the cable is a 0 cable (cable sizes get larger the smaller the number.)

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