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  1. Wow, you guys flip out way too easily. Training ride ops will take less than 3 hrs (between SOB and Gun, it took us about 2 hrs to train and another hour to fill out paperwork,) testing will probably go for about two-four days (you are forgetting, this is a flat ride, not a coaster. Coasters test longer to break in the ball-bearings in the wheels of the trains so they run smoother,) which leaves DAYS before it needs to be open.

    Oh and Wal-mart greeter training involves what to look for when someone sets off the anti-theft signals and where to stand. Trust me, I trained for that once because they needed a fill-in and there were too many working in electronics.

  2. I swear by flip flops. I normally wear a size 15 shoe, meaning that there is one store in the Cincinnati area that has that size (and normally ONE pair,) with flip flops and sandals I can wear a size down, and still be comfortable.

    I also know what I'm looking for when it comes to flip flops/ sandals, and I have a hookup to some sandals that have extra support and are about 2" thick, giving me plenty of support and comfort. Just know what you are buying and you will be fine.

  3. However, the added cost of leveling the land (which, without the Flight Commander pad there is a big difference in height from back to front,) tearing out the excess concrete, then pouring the concrete was more than the park was willing to spend. Not to mention the park would lose valuable dry storage space. It would be great to see something there (I would love to see something actually use the Flight Commander queue as well, but that won't happen) but I'm pretty sure that spot is now just a space for 'light' rides and attractions.

  4. Ok, random thought, but why does everyone think they are behind schedule? I mean seriously, people are "nervous" because the ride isn't built yet? What if (hold your gasps please,) they are on time and planned on working weekends? Just a thought.

    As for the old Flight Commander slot: Both rides mentioned that were in that area weighed significantly less than what a 300+ foot tower does. Also, the land would have to be leveled before constructing anything, I'm not entirely sure how thick that concrete is that is underneath now, but I'm sure its not as strong as it used to be.

  5. I remember building train models with my dad, and going to EJ brought those memories back. After three trips, I took my nephews and my dad with me, and they absolutely loved it. My nephews are STILL talking about it, and it was close to a year ago now.

  6. DT's catch car is used as an elevator to check the exterior portions of the tower. The other reason that the ladder and such exist is in case the catch car will not release the ring and cannot be lowered, in which case the ladder would be utilized to get people from the ring to the catch car and then to the motor room on top of the tower and down the maintenance elevator at the bottom.

    Yes, WindSeeker will have an elevator in the middle of the ride so that maintenance can check the motors which will be housed at the top. The evidence is simple: A pulley system, with the motors located on ground level, would be unreliable, since cables have a tendency to jump a pulley anyway, and even if they went with this system, the pulleys would have to be inspected daily to make sure the cables do not break.

    You would be surprised how many rides do function the same (even if they look different.) Most cable towers will function the same way, so the comparisons between DT and WindSeeker are accurate.

  7. I would like to point out that when you use unnecessary punctuation when you are trying to make a point makes you a target for anger and hostility, especially when those unnecessary punctuation marks make it look like you are yelling instead of conversing.

    As for the original point, you are correct to a point. When I was working in rides in the early '00's you had to be 18 in order to run the elevator, however you could be under 18 to watch the platform and watch the queue.

  8. Where we disagree...I think Dinosaurs Alive(!) is costing the park very little to install and will help an economy-saddled, debt-ridden company bring in a few shekels to repair rides, restore/replace theming, and maybe install a gigacoaster or three (which would be fine in an empty parking lot if I had my way).

    DA(!) is about casual visitors. A family of four once-a-year visitors, paying $140 for discounted admission, $10 for parking, and even a paltry $50 for food/souvenirs/games (which is likely low for casual visitors) is dropping $200. It only takes 25,000 such families to earn back the $5 Million some have estimated this attraction to cost. Can they get 25,000 such families in one year that would otherwise not have visited the park? Betcha they make a good run at it, and I'm quite sure they know exactly how many families of four that include boys between the ages of 4 and 10 live within a two hour drive of the park, and I'm quite sure they know exactly what percentage of each demographic this exhibitor has drawn to their previous shows.

    I don't see in the near future KI installing any gigacoasters, not with FUN in the trouble it is in right now, even though I would love to see a newly themed area pop up.

    Also, I doubt that the park sees an increase in attendance because of this "attraction." If people were that hungry to see dinosaurs, the Museum Center constantly has them on display.

    As for your attendance figures: Yes, they will earn back the money they spent this year on the new "attraction," if you don't count in upkeep of the park, employee salary, bills, ect. We are also talking once a year visitors, and at any point in the season, about 75% of those in the park are pass holders, so the park never banks on the admission prices.

  9. There are a total of 4 prints of any film that plays at AT, two for each projector. Each print costs $5 grand, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was just new prints.

    Oh and from what I can remember from when I worked there, what was playing in AT never was decided till last minute because of how quick the program and films can be swapped. All it takes is a cartridge and two reels.

  10. Buy it or pick it up, there is no reason Disney can't do their fastpass different and in a way that works, like the rest of Orlando. Also, we arrived shortly after 11, and the earliest fastpass time was 6:55, so it wasn't feasable.

    Next time I go to Disney, I will get your input, since you seem to have a great grip on how things work there. Want to make sure I have a plan to enjoy my day at Disney...

  11. Ki has regular cop cars, so I'm guessing that it's just someone from security. And yes, they do have lights on the top.

    Maybe someone dan correct me if I'm wrong but I think over the offseason and at nights after park close the security guys work in teams, so it wouldn't be strange to see one in the car and one out.

  12. Just throwing this out there: Florida already has a dinosaur park: Dinoland!

    Regardless of how much this costs for installation, whatever KI makes off of this is going to turn into profit (I know I know, not pure profit because they still have to pay off the original installation fee and the amount specified by the contract for an outside company to maintain it) so I don't see KI thinking along the lines of "How long will this take to pay off?" I see them thinking, "How much can we pump this for before it becomes unsafe to have people back there?" (bringing up the Rivertown Nature Trail.)

    After seeing the Orlando parks, I'm realizing more and more that KI doesn't seem to know how to invest properly. For example: Universal just sank close to $300 million into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and after experiencing it, they are printing their own money. When I went on Friday, the section was closed until around 6pm because of the crowd that was in the area, and you had queue lines set up for the GIFT SHOPS.

    Another example: Sea World is known for Shamu, but instead of sitting on just that claim, Sea World went out and built three themed rides (and Manta is just themed brilliantly,) and added at least two other shows that rival the best shows that KI has ever put on since they opened that will keep people coming in for years to come.

    Why is it that KI cannot do something along these lines? I understand that building new areas that are themed beautifully, good rides, and maintaining those two ideas are expensive, but they do pay off in the long run more than trying to please two different demographics with mediocre additions.

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