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  1. After the vote next week it will be a little clearer or what is going on, but from what I understand, Apollo has made an offer to buy Cedar Fair, which must be voted on by the shareholders, and that is the only definite thing that has happened so far.

    Again, this is what I understand, I may be completely off base.

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  2. Huss designs its rides off of the average European sizing, therefor, since US males and females are larger (both in girth and height...) the seats are slightly uncomfortable.

    As for the bicycle seats and other "bumps" there, how else would you keep from people sliding down and out? Before criticizing others' designs, what would you do to fix it? Always have an answer for issues, it makes things much easier for all parties involved.

  3. Ideally, if they want to "spruce up" The Crypt (it is now unworthy of the name TRTR, not just because they changed the name either...) KI would have to redo the entry plaza, redo the theming in the tunnels and rooms, remove the Giant Top Spin (or go to the recommended braking system!) and redo the ride program. At that point, KI could bill it as a new ride, no matter if they have removed the Giant Top Spin, or put a new one in. It is all about the looks to the general public. If the ride looks like its new (or a new variation,) then it will be perceived as new. If they just update the theming on the inside, and not the outside, the GP will immediately think, "Oh look, its still The Crypt. We are not going to ride the Ferris Wheel."

    Tom, who is now going back to watch his favorite ride in its glory days, before it was bent over the hood of a Buick....

  4. Diamondback, according to OSHA, the amount of lifeguards are dictated by the size of the pool and blind spots. Some follow this rule, others don't... Thus how my knee ended up getting screwed up at GWL.

    Beast, I am with ya, I am no longer allowed on GWL property. I was terminated, their reason was "I walked off stand," when in reality, I was rotated off to go to the bathroom and my sup at the time just told me to go and get back, when I got back, my sup walked off stand, my manager saw it, I was fired.

    Anyone have pictures of this thing? I'm curious about it, but will not (by choice or force) stay in that establishment now, or in the future.

  5. I sent this in for approval, but I doubt it will be posted, so I Figured I would post it here:

    Do you think you could have at least had a title that was non-offensive? Seriously Ms. Eber, have you, or do you want to, work in the amusement industry? I worked at Kings Island outside of Cincinnati, Ohio for 5 years, and not one person I worked with was a drug user.

    Also, your quote, "squinty-eyed high school and college students or failed actors getting a last bit of glory in a Disney princess costume," shows how little you know about something you are trying to write about. Yes, it is true that the primary applicants are high school and college aged people, however not one actor I have met applies to theme parks to get "a last bit of glory." In fact, most actors who work at theme parks are going to school for acting and are getting valuable on-stage time to make themselves better actors.

    Ms. Eber, I feel that these comments are both degrading to those who work at theme parks, or have worked at theme parks, and cast a negative impression of the parks themselves. I urge you, Ms. Eber, to hold your prejudices against what you perceive as "Bottom jobs" until after you have completed your research of these jobs.

    It would have been longer, however my first draft was 1728 characters, and they only allow comments under 1500..

  6. The only real "design flaws" I can think of that was caused my Huss (and I cannot completely believe that it is Huss's fault since Paramount did decide to go with a different braking system,) is when the ride was fully loaded first run of the morning, the brakes would give out when coming back for the lava pit, which would cause the ride to E-stop itself coming out of that effect (the gondola not being in the right position for the next effect,) and the "Home-ing" issues, where the gondola could not find the home position, and would E-stop itself. Both of these flaws, however, can be directly related to the braking system. I am curious what would happen if those brakes were never changed from air pressure to hydraulic...

  7. :( The On ride (while illegal as hell!) made me tear up. I have so many memories of that ride, ones that will never leave me as a ride op on TRTR in 03....

    But lets go over some facts here goodyellowcorn:

    Some of the lights were removed from TRTR to be used in the queue line of The Beast during the 25th anniversary (I think it was that anniversary, but regardless, they were removed.)

    The old sparker was designed to be only maintained by the company that built it, meaning that if KI employees would try to replace the welder components (all that thing is is a giant ARC welder...) the sparker would have to be completely rebuilt. This goes for replacing the sodder that was used to create the spark effect.

    The water in the lava pit does NOT have to be drained in order to access the gondola when the platforms do not drop. The access is from the front row via a maintenance staircase that is located within the ride area itself. You roll it up, get the people off, roll it away. (Or maintenance just pulls themselves up.)

    The reason the ride program has been changed is because of a fundamental flaw within KI's ordering of the ride: Huss recommended a pnumatic braking system, however KI insisted on a hydraulic braking system (for the gondola. Rumor has it when ordered, KI did not want the extra noise on the outside of the building.) Because of the pressure needed on the hydraulic system, a brake hose routinely "popped" every year on the unload arm, causing a massive "bleeding" of the ride. I know for a fact this has happened in 03, 04, and 05, every time around late June-Mid July.

    Removing the stalagtites has nothing to do with the clearances of the ride. The closest clearance during the TRTR ride cycle is 8", and that was achieved when the gondola was pulling back to the lava pit, passing the ground.

    While the weight changed on the gondola, KI was smart and removed the seats directly above center of gravity, therefor, yes, in theory the TRTR ride program would still work. HOWEVER, because of the change in weight, the arms would have to swing harder to get the same flips that TRTR had, therefor, more strain on the arm motors.

    KI spent a FORTUNE on fog when TRTR was running. I know while working in tech services, we would go through a 55 gallon of fog juice on the horizontal sliding door in about 6 months, meaning we had to replace the barrel at least twice throughout the year, depending on downtime.

    Also, to expand on Terpys point, if you remember, it was muggy inside that ride chamber during the TRTR years. This was caused by the mix of the water fountains, fog, and the dripping staglities. This not only took a toll on the metal frame (which is already trying to support an 8-ton gondola,) but also on the motors and braking system (a braking system that was already overtaxed.) This is why you will not see moisture re-introduced.

    As for the temp...... I heard that it was kept low to try to combat some of the moisture buildup. Even though that there were exhaust fans at the top of the chamber, I don't remember them working that well. So to cut down on some of the moisture buildup, the temp was kept low.

    After all this, I am now going to go cry to the POV of TR:TR, remembering the good ol` days.....

  8. Good idea, but quality control would really come into play on that. That is one of the good things about this site, the information is normally up to date and accurate. What Ryan and Dane would have to do is read through ALL the submissions, and choose the best one, modify it to meet QC standards, and then post. Seems like a lot of extra work for Ryan and Dane to do just to post a paragraph they can write themselves in 5 minutes or less.

  9. I would honestly rather go over to China for their culture, not for one coaster.

    Or Japan, now -that- would be a trip of a lifetime. Plus, I would be the tallest person in Japan for miles!

    Tom, who is honestly not trying to make fun of Japan, but at 6`6, its hard to find someone taller in Japan...

  10. One thing I learned from Terpy's posts: He is familiar with everything and anything theme park related, and is a great wealth of information, if you know how to read his posts.

  11. Ok, I don't know if this is just a problem with KIC, or what is going on, but about 90% of the time when I try to log onto KIC through Cincinnati State's wireless, it pops up "Server not available." I was wondering if anyone else had this issue, and if there was possibly a fix or should I just contact someone at Cincy State for it?


  12. I remember going to Diamond Caves when I was going to school at WKU. Kinda wish they still allowed wedding at the chapel in there.....

    Next time you go down, head to Hidden River Cave. When I went, the water level was too high to take the tour, but to see water rising from the ground, and the ecology around there, it was something else.

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