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  1. i haven't been there in 35 years. i would like to get to Camden and Kennywood this summer. the last time i went to Camden, Barbara Mandrel was there. most on here probably have never heard of her.
  2. checked out the shack this evening. KI is mighty proud of this to charge those prices. walked right back out.
  3. Thanks, the Babara Streisand song is weird, but i have had that stuck in my head all summer since seeing the Alonzo show.
  4. i am trying to find the music from the Ed Alonzo show. i managed to find Dream Theater. what was the music playing prior to the start of the show?
  5. get excited all you want, KI is now Cedar Fair's red-headed stepchild. we are too close to CP to get anything big. be happy with DB, cause that is the best you will see in this park.
  6. best coaster ever. i have had more bad experiences on The Beast than any other coaster.
  7. What was the name of the ride that you stood against the wall as it spun and the floor would drop. i always liked that as a kid.
  8. we used to make a lot of our own parts where i work but, now it becomes a major liability issue if a part fails and someone gets hurt.
  9. i am just the opposite with my fear of heights. i was freaking out until it started spinning. once it started rotating, i focused on the horizontal landscape and did not look down. i have done Drop Tower a few times. i hate the ascent, but i love the drop.
  10. i didn't see any other posts on here but, theme park review is reporting a new B & M coming to CP for 2013. has any one else heard this?
  11. it's like that TTD rollback thing. i have seen many of them and i'm always bummed that i never had one.
  12. Beast has been rougher than SOB for many years and people say i'm nuts. i never left SOB in pain, but i have had rides on beast where i was in pain for days. i rarely ride it and when i do, i stay in the front 2 cars and always a middle seat
  13. I would not call SOB aggressive, i always referred to it as INTENSE.
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