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  1. Is this thing still up.. if it is, is there anyway I can get a link to it?
  2. Unless they have a way to report that online, there is no way for me to personally tell a manager... considering I live about 2-4(traffic) hours away from the park..
  3. All I know is when I went... last week I think it was.. The Racer crew was terrible.. Me and my cousin rode it at least 3 times I think and lets just say, that half the time only ONE side of the train's lap bars got checked, unless someone said something they left the other unchecked, and it was usually the side near the gates that got unchecked..... That and the fact that one time we sat IN the train for about 5 minutes while they stood around talking and throwing a cup around... If I had to rate The Racer crew out of ten it would be 0/10
  4. I decided once again to take my cousin to KI... and unfortunately he didn't want to ride much this year. We got to the park around 11am.. and went to ride AE.. and it was as rough as I remember... after that we decided it was recaR time...And... it too was as rough as I remember.. after that we hit the spongebob 3D ride, and I still can't see the "3D" part of it even with the 3D glasses.. Then we went to Firehawk but it was broken down.. so we decided to pass on it. We ate at subway after that, and then went to white water canyon, and rode it at the very least 6 times in a row... after that we rode monster, italian job and congo falls. After that my cousin was bored and wanted to go back to my house, and it was around 5pm so I guess he had done everything he wanted to do... Other than the lines and Firehawk being down it was a good time..
  5. Me and my cousin(same one from the last two) went there to PKI yesterday. We arrived at 11:00am. We got through the metal detectors(sp?) with no problem this time. We get our special ticket(carowinds pass thing) and go through the gates. First we head to Viking Fury and ride in the very first/last row(depending on how you look at it). Lets just say I left my stomach up there. After VF we went to Spongebob in 3D. I noticed while watching spongebob how the quality of the film has gone down since when they first got it. After that we noticed it was clouding up so we went to Scooby and the Haunted Castle. The first thing I noticed was that none of the guns in our little vehicle thing were working, so we just enjoyed the ride. By now its 1:00pm so we go to feasthaus(sp?) and get some pizza. After we ate we rode Racer/recaR. Yet again backwards seemed alot more bumpy than forwards. After Racer we tried to go to bumpercars but I was too tall for the things so I just watched my cousin(I was cramped in the car.). After that we rode WWC. Then my cousin went to go ride Danny Phatom Flyers. When he waas done with that we walked over to the Avatar ride and wanted to ride it but the line was somewhat long. By now its 3:30pm so we head to Boomerange Bay. And this time we remembered our trunks. So we rent a locker and put our stuff in and head to the wavepool. After awhile in the wave pool we went to Tazmaniana Typhoon I think its called. We waited 20 minutes to get on that but it was worth it. My cousin then wanted to do some water slides so he did some(I can't do water slides because I have ear plugs and the fall out very easy). By now it was 5:00pm so we headed back to the main park and rode recaR. At this point I'm tired of walking around so we leave the park. That about wraps it up for this Trip Report.
  6. Today I decided to take my cousin (same one from my last trip report) to PKI just because we had nothing to do today anyway. We get there around 11:40 am. When we go through the metal dectors(sp?) I get stopped.... need less to say I was surprized a gum wrapper set the thing off. So after about 10 minutes trying to figure what was setting it off we finally pass through the dectors(sp?) and get to the ticket gates. We went to Carowinds eariler in the year so we figured our season passes would get us in but they didn't until we got a special ticket thing. So after about 20 minutes of hassel outside of the park we finally get in. By this time its about 12:10pm so we decide to head to white water canyon. With a water ride as our first ride of the day it seemed a bit cooler than it would've been if we didn't go on WWC. Then we head over to Coney Mall(or whatever its called... bad memory) and hit the monster.After that my cousin decides he is hungry so we eat at the Subway in Coney Mall. After that we decide to go to Delirium(sp?) boy was that a bad idea..... It was throw up city after we got off that. By now it is 1:00pm and my cousin wanted to ride some of the Nick rides. So we go to the Danny Flyer things. Luckily for us we were able to get off this without throwing up. We then tried to go ride the Avatar ride but my cousin didn't want to wait in the line (around 30 minute wait I think). So he goes to ride Plankton Plunge. Affter that we decide to go to the Water Park. We get there but then realise that we forgot our trunks... so we turned back.(Yes, I know I'm an idiot for forgetting them after we got to the water park) We then go ride The Racer/recaR. As usual it seemed like backwards was a little more rough than forward. By now my cousin was tired so we rode The Beast and then headed back home. That is it for this Trip Report. I may have another one on Saturday but that depends on if my cousin wants to go.
  7. So my family decided to take another family trip to Kings Island. My mom, brother, Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins(1 boy, 1 girl) went with me. Once we got to the park we split into 2 groups. Group 1 had me, my uncle and my cousin(boy). Group 2 had my mom, Aunt, brother and cousin(girl). After the spilt my group went to Top Gun. We waited 10 minutes, that was the longest I've ever waiting for Top Gun. After Top Gun we decided to do something slow. So we went to Viking Fury and sat in the middle row. After Viking Fury we went to The Racer. First we rode it Forward. Every row on the Foward side was almost full or something. After we rode it Foward we decided to ride it backwards. It was a somewhat enjoyable ride, even though it was very, very bumpy. After Racer/recaR we rode Monster. The little seat thing me and my cousin were in was spinning... alot. After the Monster it started to cloud up and we thought it was going to rain, so we went to Spongebob in 3D. I do have to say though Spongebob 3D has been in there so long that the show was very choppy. So after Spongebob we went out of the theature thinking it would be raining... were we ever wrong, it felt hotter than ever. So we went to the Happy Days Diner and got a refill in our Souviner Cups. Then we decided that we wanted some place we could sit down and eat, so we went to the Festhaus. After we ate we did that little Virtual Reality thing. After we got done with that we rode Congo Falls. We didn't get that wet so we stood on the deck thing and tried to get soaked from that and we did. After that we rode Adventure Express. After AE we checked the time and met back up with Group 1 and went to Boomerang Bay. Once there we rented 2 lockers and headed to the wave pool. It was fun in the wave pool up until the point where my nose started bleeding. After that we hit Down Under Thunder and then went to go look for my mom and brother. While we were looking we noticed people were leaving and we finally realised it was raining and there was some lightening. So we decided to go back to the lockers and while we were walking back some guy was yelling at his friends for getting his sandles wet... all I have to say is that was a video camera moment. So after we got to the lockers we found my mom and brother and changed and waited for the train. It came after 10 minutes of waiting. So we rode the train back to the main park thinking we were going to ride more rides but that wasn't the case. Almost every ride we checked was closed due to the storm. So we got some souviners and headed back to the main gate. That is it for this Trip Report.
  8. If they do put in this Addams Family coaster i can say i won't be riding it...
  9. That happened to me the first time when I clicked it but now I am getting PKI.
  10. *Plots assassination attempt* Mwuahahaha! *joins ben in that attempt*
  11. 1. TheKlockster 2. CoastersRZ 3. Alien Seed 4. CombatStupendous89 5. flying eagles 6.Scooby_Doo 7. DeliriumDreamer 8. PkiJake(Maybe) 9. Fo-Shame 10. UncleHenry 11. TRTR Guy 12. Ben 13. PKI_Di 14. Family man 15. Coney_man 16. Chaotichazard(hopefully)
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