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  1. Turn 3415 feet of one side backwards again.....
  2. Technically anything can be a world record breaker if you add enough qualifiers. You should be able to understand the spirit of my post. Kings Island already had the record of most wooden roller coaster track with SOB, now they might have the record again, but they broke that record during the Paramount days and have less now so that's not really what I'm talking about. Cedar Fair has a clearly different strategy for KI of prioritizing reliability over innovation.
  3. THIS. People forget Vortex was a multi-record breaking roller coaster when it opened. KI and Arrow had a good, tight relationship before and after The Bat. KI was always comfortable and knew the risks installing unproven prototypes even up to when Paramount owned the park (Flight of Fear, SOB, Tomb Raider, Delirium). Cedar Fair has a different strategy and so far hasn't built any first of it's kind or record breakers in KI.
  4. The Chinese are pumping them out, they are available now in surplus.
  5. No, that's just an excuse. Wearing a mask protects you and others. The only reason the government said not to wear masks is because the nation had a shortage before and needed to provide masks to hospital workers and first responders first to protect them. Now that the Chinese are pumping out a surplus of masks the CDC now recommends it because we have enough supply for the public to buy them.
  6. Stay in school kid, you've got a lot to learn.
  7. I will sell you an authentic Vortex footer bolt for $1000.
  8. A lot of you don't seem to realize how roller coaster safety works. There is nothing wrong with Vortex. If there was something wrong with Vortex it would not be operating right now. The only reason it is being removed is to save on operating costs.
  9. When CBS owned the Paramount Parks they had no interest in running any theme parks and every action they made was to sell the parks. Cedar Fair tearing down Firehawk, building Orion, and tearing down Vortex makes me think of CBS. I'll put money on Kings Island being sold within three years.
  10. I said "huh?" because I didn't remember the name tag thing. CBS decided they wanted to sell the parks and based every decision they made on what would help them sell the parks for the most money. The Nick parade was a massive hit. It could have rivaled the Disney parades if CF kept Nick licensing. And Carl Linder was definitely the worst owner just like he was the worst owner of the Reds.
  11. I’m not sure why you are asking me this question?
  12. When I worked there I could look up the attendance figures and see how many were pass holders. If there were a lot of pass holders I knew we wouldn’t be busy and I would cut staff.
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