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  1. Dan

    The Avengers Coming to Kings Island

    Can't wait!
  2. Dan

    Banshee Construction Progress

    This is America. we are allowed to capitalize freely. Back on topic, when will test runs begin on the Banshee at KI? Sent from my iPhone using tapatalk
  3. Dan

    Banshee Construction Progress

    Banshee u mad?
  4. Dan

    Whats the funniest rumor youv'e ever heard?

    This one is correct, and is why they took out the loop.
  5. Dan

    Winter rehab

    They do this every year. Vortex will be the same.
  6. Dan

    Winter rehab

    Just admit it, you're not going to read the article, you are just going to look at the pictures! coolface.jpg feelsgoodman.jpg
  7. Any plans for it this year? I need to check up on my old KIC brahs...
  8. Dan

    Move Crypt outside?

    The only place KI would move Crypt, would be to the scrap yard.
  9. Dan

    Kings Island's Best Kept Secret

    Outer Hanks fries are SOOOO good if you ask for a little extra seasoning on them (they should be able to do that if it's not extremely busy), especially if they're right out of the fryer. Other food related notes: 1. Half Sprite, Half lemonade. Only thing I drink there, but make sure the lemonade is put in first. It makes it less fizzy if they put in Sprite then lemonade. 2. Yes, your 2000 Son of Beast cup can still be used. Cups from other parks technically can't be used, but a lot of the employees don't know that and they'll fill them anyway. 3. It surprises me how many people don't know they can get a souvenir cup refill of ICEE at the places that sell just red/blue flavors (Coney Refreshments, Subway, that place in Planet Snoopy). It's $3.18 but soooo much more refreshing than a soda refill. 4. You can refill pretty much anything with water, but please don't bring a gallon jug, and if you do, don't get mad when you get a huge eye roll. 5. If you get food and there's something missing/something wrong with it, PLEASE tell the food people. They can't do anything about it if you don't tell them, and most of the time it's a mistake caused by being tired and/or giving someone the wrong food, so don't get mad, it's usually an honest mistake. 6. Jukebox fries are amazing, and the container you get them in is slightly bigger (if filled properly) for the same price as other places. (unless something's changed, they're served in a regular container instead of a cup) 7. 20oz drinks are 4 cents cheaper at a cart than at a fountain drink location. Are you a food service worker?
  10. Dan

    New at KI in 2011

    I was excited until I found out there will be four announcements tomorrow for the exact same ride at each park. Sounds exactly like something CBS would do. Too bad KI isn't a flagship park anymore. :( EDIT: Wow, didn't know this was my 1,000 post, sucks it has to be a bitter one... EDIT 2: Lol, I just watched the channel 5 news story with super fan Ryan. Good job buddy!
  11. Dan

    Proposal Ideas?

    If you need to ask people over the internet on how to propose, then you don't need to get married.
  12. Dan

    Pavers on International Street

    Paramount did this up until Cedar Fair made changes to the music. International Street had the classic epic entrance music soundtrack, Action Zone had upbeat music, I'll always remember them playing Jitterbug by Wham, Rivertown had country, and HBL had kid songs that I used to sing along to while I worked there since it would loop every hour.
  13. Dan

    Beast1979's Opening Day Photo Trip Report

    *Oh hai there Brad*