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  1. the legend train is the one that feel apart its the 3 villain trains.
  2. i know i think im over it... but i dont even wanna drive past the park
  3. That was a good story. And There we go. People thinking the whole park closed. Its going to be intresting to see how Gl's WWK turns out.
  4. Not gonna lie. The haunt seems pretty exciting.
  5. The skycoaster is prob the safest ride
  6. they can always move them. DOT kinda sucks... really bad. hahaha
  7. X-flight/Firehawk is in a Cedar Point commerical. KI IS JUST A STAGING AREAS! THEY ARE MOVING TO CP NEXT YEAR!!!!
  8. Cedar Point's can be found next to the main gate. I know at the park I work at, guest complaints and complements are take care of accordling and the sittuation ist tired to be fixed. I understand why all complaints cant be responded too, but I understand why it may upset you.
  9. i read that. and i was wondering if this from last year. than i read Firehawk. Gotta love GP.
  10. something says he wont have a job soon? haha
  11. oh leaving legs out! the worst! thats why certian people can only work vekoma flyers. lol If he turned off the ride then he was odviously not checking bars.
  12. Lack of free tickets? I was talking to someone who works at ki and i think they said they got like 15 free tickets? now times that by how many employees there are.
  13. Its only going into the 2nd year. Maybe one day ki will get a steel coaster worth riding.
  14. Affordiable? when i went to Six flags it was 8 dollars for a slice of fake papa johns pizza. It was nearly over 50 dollars a day ticket. Pop was 4 dollars? Cedar Fair's prices rnt as crazy as six flags yet. IDK about kentucky tho...
  15. I doubt it is gas prices. It would force familys to stay more local and not travel to lets say disney or farther. But better news for Geauga Lake, nothing negtive this time
  16. i saw someone yesterday at gl with KI ride with pride shirt? related?
  17. Geauga Lake had an excause. They removed half the park and changed the named.
  18. geauga lake isnt worth 1.2 billion. FYI. plus. we gotta wait to see if GL is making a better profit with the adjustments they did. whens Q2 end?
  19. i know they can do it. but it would be weird. and diffrent. id like it.
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