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  1. I don't usually search IMDB for movies featuring rollercoasters and I was wondering what coaster that was. Saw it last night and it was really good, right up there with the first two. Would I go see it again... no because who can afford to go see a movie in the theater over and over again? I highly recomend seeing it. The death scenes were way more clever in this one.
  2. Breakdown of Legends of the Hidden Temple (Classic Show)
  3. The site where classic shows such as Clarissa Explains It All and Legends of the Hidden Temple has been torn down. Check out this video. http://classicnickelodeon.ytmnd.com/ Here's The Wikipedia Article seen in the video
  4. You guys are thinking about this all wrong... instead of building a hill, why not dig a canyon and use the dirt to build up the edges. Put a dome on it and you have the first indoor ski resort in the Midwest.
  5. HB/Nick Central because it has the golden ticket award 4 years running and it's home to HAND CARS!!!
  6. Anyone remember when Six Flags owned Geauga Lake and tried to compete with Cedar Point? That seemed to work out real well...
  7. Now that we've seen the track complete and some of the scenery in place do you think you've over or under rated Italian Job? I think I under estimated how fun this ride is going to be. It looks great and I can't wait to ride it.
  8. I'm glad they kept the brick pavers, that's one of my favorite spots in the park. The ride looks great.
  9. That ride at Alton Towers does look a lot like IJ. I think IJ will be better though because the trains are longer and therefore heavier so the train will go through the turn with more momentum.
  10. Check out the MFB (Millenium Force Bank)
  11. Beastie is more thrilling than TTD so Kingda Ka can't be that great.
  12. There's no new ride going there, the grass just turns brown in the winter. That's also where the tent for the Fear Fest attraction, Sleepy Hollow was.
  13. That Italian Job rollercoaster looks pretty cool.
  14. Other parks have A LOT of work to do before they can match our kids area.
  15. The first thing I'm gonna ride when I get to the park is the Flying Eagles... God I love that ride!
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