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  1. If you're thinking vertical as in 90*, you're wrong.
  2. It has nothing to do with timing. There is a sensor that sets it off.
  3. They did reopen the rides last night. However I think since the park is closing the other two nights earlier to and closer to the ending of Nights of Fire; they will be closed on those nights. They had the signs made saying that so they could use them for the last two nights instead of having other signs made just for Saturday. The lines closed at 8 last night; but the rides kept running until the lines ran out. Drop Zone ran throughout the night.
  4. Today was not as crowded as it is being made out to be. The longest wait that I waited in all day was about half hour. The Nickelodeon Celebration Parade was great and it was awesome seeing all the employees getting into it such as the security and sweepers. The 3D effect with the fireworks was amazing also. The rides did reopen after the fireworks; Drop Zone even ran during the fireworks. The signs said the rides would not re-open, however they actually did as since tonight they closed at midnight. Those signs are there for the other nights when the rides won't actually re-open.
  5. maXair is taller, because the footers are taller. The Guests Per Hour is thanks to Huss making improvements to the ride "parking" faster and the floor moving faster. Also guests won't be allowed to bring items into the area as with every other ride. You won't be allowed in line with large items. Not to mention CP's ride ops are faster, even though that was more than likely not taken into consideration.
  6. Cedar Fair would never get their hands on PKI. If they did (which once again they never will) it could go one of two ways. Take your guess on what they are. Also on the fact on recognizing Kinzel. I find it weird that he would be there and that you would notice who it was the second time just by looking at his license plate. Now I will say that he is very recognizable as I have talked to him which was this Summer up at Cedar Point. He loves interacting with the guests as much as he can. Just because he is there in no means does it mean that Cedar Fair is trying to buy PKI; how do you know they're not friends? For some reason I also believe Kinzel would be on a jet and no in a car.
  7. These were not patches they fixed to the demo. These all needed to be released after the game was put on the shelves.
  8. Well now with the patch it is supposedly better. I've never seen a water ride not be slowed down by the water, make steel coaster sounds, and run like a roller coaster. Update 1a BETA Contents: UPDATE 1a BETA contains the following changes and improvements NEW GUEST LIST (PEEP THOUGHTS) WINDOW - A Guest List (peeps’ thoughts) window is present in UPDATE 1a BETA and accessed by clicking on the ‘Guests’ button located at the bottom of the Park Management buttons. The window allows you to click on an icon to select either a view of all the individuals in the park or a summarized list. You may also display either peep status or thoughts, and control whether the information is presented in ascending or descending order. The window lists only thoughts that are relevant to game-play. Additionally, the appearance of the Attractions Management dialog box has been updated in UPDATE 1a BETA. In the retail release of the game, feedback on how various areas of your park are performing or being rated by the peeps is provided via the Attractions Management dialog box – use the icons at the top of the dialog box to switch between Rides, Shops and Facilities. Then, from the dropdown menu below the icons, you may select what information the list displays, such as Status, Popularity, Satisfaction, Weekly Profit, Queue Length, Queue Time, Reliability, Down-Time, Guest’s Favorite. You can use the small arrow at the top of the list to select whether the list is displayed in descending or ascending order. QUEUE PATH ARRANGEMENT - In the retail release of the game, if there are two or more queues whose entrances connect to the same grid square, peeps will only go down the first queue they see, so only one of the rides connected to the grid square will get any traffic. In UPDATE 1a BETA this is fixed so if there are two or more queues whose entrances are connected to the same tile, people will make an informed decision as to which ride to queue for rather than going down the first queue they see. PEEP AWARENESS AND MAPS - Depending on the layout of your park, peeps may not know your rides are there. By selling maps you can make all those peeps who buy maps aware of all the rides in the park. Otherwise, as in a real park, peeps will only know about the rides in their immediate vicinity. UPDATE 1a BETA increases the "awareness distance" over which peeps who don’t have maps will be aware of rides. PEEPS AND RIDES - UPDATE 1a BETA permits peeps to revisit rides that they enjoyed before going on other rides, increases the chances individual guests are more likely to go on rides, and causes very-high-intensity rides to be less attractive to peeps. BLOCK BRAKE IMPROVEMENTS - UPDATE 1a BETA changes the function of block brakes so that, in the case of a clear track ahead, the brakes section slows down the train to the specified speed and permits it continue. COASTER RATING WILD FLUCTUATIONS - In the retail release of the game, coaster ratings can fluctuate wildly especially those with multiple trains. These problems are fixed in UPDATE 1a BETA. EMPLOYEES NOW STAY IN ASSIGNED AREAS - In UPDATE 1a BETA, in most cases, employees stay in their assigned areas even if they have nothing to do. POWERED LAUNCH - UPDATE 1a BETA adds powered launch modes to the following coaster types: Compact Inverted Coaster Inverted Vertical Shuttle Lay Down Coaster Inverted Shuttle Floorless Coaster Flying Coaster Hyper Twister Stand Up Twister Vertical Drop Coaster Inverted Coaster Giga Coaster Heartline Coaster Inverted Hairpin Coaster Wildmouse Spinning Wildmouse Inverted Wildmouse Junior Coaster Mini Coaster Spiral Coaster Mini Suspended Flying Coaster Multi Dimensional Coaster Suspended Swinging Coaster Standup Coaster Mine Train Pipeline Coaster FLICKERING LIGHTS - UPDATE 1a BETA reduces flickering lights by causing cars to switch off their lights when approaching a loading station, and adding lights to loading stations. MAXIMUM HEIGHTS - In UPDATE 1a BETA, track rides’ maximum heights have been increased by 50% and coasters’ maximum heights have been increased by 20% (except Air Powered, Reverse Freefall, and Strata Coaster). In addition, a cheat is present in both the retail release of the game and UPDATE 1a BETA, whereby renaming any peep John Wardley removes all height restrictions. FLIPPING CARS - In the retail release of the game, if a Floorless coaster is built with a particular track piece (flat diagonal chain) the car flips upside down; the offending piece has been fixed and is included in UPDATE 1a BETA. GENTLE RIDES TICKET PRICES - In the retail release of the game, gentle rides had to have a low price set to get peeps on the rides making it difficult to earn a significant profit. In UPDATE 1a BETA these rides have been made more attractive to peeps so that the rides are more likely to generate good profits. RIDES, SHOPS AND FACILITATES BREAKDOWN FREQUENCY - UPDATE 1a BETA contains code which greatly reduces the frequency of rides, shops and facilities breaking down compared to those of the retail release of the game. Note - The update does not affect saved games; items already placed in a level may need to break down once before the new rate takes effect. NUMBER OF COASTER CARS - UPDATE 1a BETA ensures car trains are not allowed to be longer than a tilt section or thrill lift on the appropriate coaster, and removes the too-restrictive limit on the maximum number of cars per train for the following coaster cars: Buffalo Stampede Coaster car Floorless Coaster car Giga Coaster car Scarab car Standup Twister car Biplane Car Bobsleigh Car Bowie Knife Car Bullet Coaster Car Cannon Coaster Car Flying Turns Bobsleigh Car Ghoster Coaster Car Inverse Impulse Car Inverted Wild Mouse Car Junior Ladybird Car Junior Log Car LIM Coaster Car Looping Car Looping Snake Coaster Car Maggot Coaster Car Min Coaster Rocket Car Mini Coaster Toboggan Car Retro Monorail Car Shooting Star Car Side Friction Car Twister Coaster Car Water Coaster Car Wild Mine Mouse Car Wild Mouse Car Wooden Wild Mouse Car REDUCED FREQUENCY OF PEEP COMPLAINTS FOR QUEUE TIMES - UPDATE 1a BETA contains code which increases the amount of time before peeps start complaining about queue times. LITTER - In UPDATE 1a BETA, peeps drop litter less frequently compared to the retail release of the game. WATER RIDES SOUND EFFECTS - In the retail release of the game, water rides have the sound effects for a steel coaster, with no water sounds. This has been fixed in UPDATE 1a BETA. GO KARTS SOUND EFFECTS - In the retail release of game, the Go Karts sound very loud. This is fixed in UPDATE 1a BETA. FREQUENCY OF MOST DISAPPOINTING PENALTY - In the retail release of the game, the “Most Disappointing” fine can appear frequently. The threshold at which this fine kicks in has been modified and the frequency of the fine has been reduced in UPDATE 1a BETA. BENCHES - UPDATE 1a BETA contains code which reduces the frequency of wooden benches being vandalized compared to that of the retail release of the game, and increases the rate at which guests regain energy after having sat on benches. SCENERY VISIBILITY TOGGLE CAUSES SOME GRAPHICS TO SHIFT - In the retail release of the game, if you use the Scenery Visibility toggle, trees and rides can be seen shifting all over the screen. This was a bug due to graphical matrix palettes not being set correctly in some circumstances. UPDATE 1a BETA fixes this problem. COMPATIBILITY - UPDATE 1a BETA addresses a number of compatibility issues which could cause instability in the retail release of the game on some systems . Ensure you have up-to-date device drivers that are known to be good and update the game. (See the FAQ section "Why does my game suffer from frame-rate slowdown / lags, graphical glitches, crashes?" for a complete discussion on the topic of known-good drivers on http://www.frontier.co.uk/games/rct3/faq.html) COASTER CAR STALLS - UPDATE 1a BETA fixes splashboats car rolling back at top of lift hill and log flume stopping on some flat track pieces. Additionally it contains a new ‘cheat’ – renaming any peep "Andrew Thomas" decreases track friction, which can help when importing some RCT1 or 2 coasters into RCT3. QUEUE LINE MALFUNCTIONS AFTER TERRAIN EDITING - In UPDATE 1a BETA editing the terrain occupied by queues is no longer allowed. FIREWORKS TUTORIAL - In UPDATE 1a BETA, while playing the tutorial, if you double click on firework markers, the colors modifier window no longer appears. MAPS - UPDATE 1a BETA ensures that all scenery items are colored correctly on maps. TERRAIN RESIZIING - UPDATE 1a BETA fixes a bug in the retail release of the game which can cause corruption when terrain is re-sized. FRONT SCREEN MENU - UPDATE 1a BETA fixes front screen menu glitch in the retail game which occurs after a change of screen resolution. PEEP VIEWPORT - In UPDATE 1a BETA, intermittent bright lines from the peep viewport are eliminated. RIDE MUSIC - in UPDATE 1a BETA ride music is synchronised when rides share the same track. PINCERS - In UPDATE 1a BETA the peep pincer grips staff in the correct place. COASTERCAM - UPDATE 1a BETA fixes a graphical glitch that occurs in the retail version when you pause the game and then enter CoasterCam. WINDOWS ME - UPDATE 1a BETA contains a bug-fix for a misaligned mouse cursor in WindowsME after a screen settings change. ATTRACTION NAMING - In UPDATE 1a BETA, new attractions are named in sequence from "Attraction 1" instead of "Attraction 01" CLOSING TIME - UPDATE 1a BETA allows park closing time to be set to 24:00. SAVED GAMES - In UPDATE 1a BETA the day-of-month is stored and displayed in saved games, and the game doesn’t reset vendor uniform colours when loading levels. PARK INSPECTOR - In UPDATE 1a BETA the Park Inspector no longer has a number after his name. RIDE OPERATION PANEL - In UPDATE 1a BETA the Ride Operation Panel has been re-arranged to ensure the speed spinner doesn't overlap WATER FLOW VISUALS - In UPDATE 1a BETA water flow visuals on coasters have been improved. REVOLUTION - In UPDATE 1a BETA the animation loop on Revolution ride has been fixed. UNICODE - In UPDATE 1a BETA Avatar families names can contain UNICODE characters. OPTIMIZATION - UPDATE 1a BETA contains improved performance while rendering some fences. AUTO-CONFIG - In UPDATE 1a BETA an auto-config button has been added to the graphics settings panel (to allow a ‘reset to factory values’ of graphical parameters), and the auto-config function chooses 1024x768 instead of 800x600 for High Quality. LOCALIZATION - UPDATE 1a BETA allows for localized names for carried items, ride cars and has improved localized date-time formatting. STAFF QUIT MESSAGE - UPDATE 1a BETA adds a message that is displayed when a staff member quits. HAPPINIESS - In UPDATE 1a BETA, guests become unhappy when they feel sick, and staff become unhappy when they are bored. THOUGHT ICONS – In UPDATE 1a BETA, clipping for peep thought icons is fixed. RAINING - In UPDATE 1a BETA, some rides are flagged as under-cover so they can be used when raining, and a rain weather effect is added. CAR CRASHES - In UPDATE 1a BETA, if a car crashes, the connected link cars also crash. VERSION NUMBER - UPDATE 1a BETA displays the executable version number in the program info dialog Now does that seem like a complete game to you?
  9. I'm sure it is addicting, considering they released in un-finished game. I'll be waiting until I hear it has been fixed before I go buy it.
  10. Gemini is one hell of a coaster. Beast has to be the answer for this. Sure Racer is there, but Beast put PKI on the map (not just USA, but the World). When people say PKI they don't say Racers, they say Beast. No doubt about that one.
  11. It was actually a 16 second exposure. Yes you're right it is overexposed, but it was the end of the night, I was on my knees trying to hold my camera still on a trash can, last ride of the night so it was that or nothing, not time to experiment really. If you have any questions about photography let me know; I'll be happy to answer them.
  12. While it's a very legitimate question; it brings a question that I have had ever since this morning to mind. Do people not think when posting threads on forums. I mean this thread is a legitimate question I guess but sometimes you have to stop and think. Why would you think a park would want to capitalize on people dying? Sure you could bring up the point that the movie was made for that, but if I'm thinking correctly wasn't it based on a true story. I have no need to see people dying for enjoyment. Death isn't appealing to me, although it may be to some people. I just don't know why someone would even think it'd be cool or that a park would even consider this idea. What got me thinking was from another forum. It's a screenshot forum for Flight Simulator. Someone took off from an airport with a plane that crashed at that airport the other day and their post said "I hope my takeoff is better than the one from the another night" and well it made me sick that people can get enjoyment off of people dying. Amusement Parks are made to be fun; not to go watch people die in a 3D movie where it makes you believe you are there.
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