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  1. dude that would rock. I could see them as Adam Family cars or Flinstone cars
  2. I think it would be cool to retheme the 'tiques as the Flintstone cars.
  3. Instead of having it NickToons what about making the cars into the Flintstones cars? Just an idea.
  4. I was 9 the first time I rode The Racer. I HATED IT because I thought it banged me around to much. Now it is one of my favorite coasters. It probably has do with her size.
  5. Sounds like a good time. Too bad I had to work. What is the deal with the fire hydrant picture?
  6. Must haves fries from potato works a slice or larosa's pizza smurf cone (the blueberry cone from huckleberry dairy) I know they are not called smurf cones but that is what I've called them since I was a kid
  7. if all you have is a towels and sunblock and sandals, then I wouldn't get a locker, but if you have other things then get a locker. Don't the lockers have keys on them that have little ropes on them to attach to your wrist? I would think that BB would switch to the type of lockers that are outside TRTR, the ones where you are giving a pin code to type in when you want to retrieve your stuff.
  8. WOW!! It takes you Indy people 2 1/2 hours to get there? How fast do you drive. I live in Indy and it takes me only 1 1/2 hours sometimes 2 hours if we stop for gas or to get something to eat.
  9. Even though I totally love Delrium I voted for Viking Fury. Good times on that ride.
  10. wow I wish I had known about this when I went 2 weeks ago. I usually visit the park 2 times a year.
  11. what do you need to know about it? I love watching that episode. I have yet though to see the Partridge Family KI episode.
  12. OMG Every guess your weight/age/b-day person would say that to me and my brother when we were there last week. We just kept walking on we didn't even bother to stop and tell them we were brother and sister. Was this the Flight Commander speech? I always remember the King Cobra speil and the water works splash pool speil.
  13. I love reading the book Behind the Ears, it is about behind the scene stuff at Disneyland. One of their chapters is devoted to stuff left behind by guests and turned into lost and found. They mentioned finding dentures, wooden legs, a water bed mattress. I was just wondering what is the weirdest thing you employees have found left behind.
  14. DxRunner you took the words right out of my mouth except I wouldn't have it go upside down (I can't handle it) I think it would be cool that once in awhile they have a backwards car on The Beast. That would rock#!
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