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  1. I am  back.  I was last active back in 2017 when I had my heart attack and cervical spinal fusion surgery.  As most are aware, I am a long time employee of Kings Island with 1972 being my very first season and one of Kings Island's original employees, hence my user name.  Well, the 2018 season was my 23rd and final season.  Due to health issues with my Parkinson's disease and concerns for my safety also, I relocated and moved to Secaucus, New Jersey in mid July of 2018 and moved into an apartment above my sister's two family home.  I only live 5 miles  from Manhattan and the skyline is very visible from my apartment.  I am thankful that I  could transfer my housing voucher and use it to pay my share of the rent.  

    I will try to visit the park in 2020 and visit my friends that  still work there.  I would had visited this  year but I am having some health concerns with my heart and badly needed back surgery that I need to have performed.  

    Until later,

    Michael Perin



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