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  1. As they say, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." It will take huge amounts of dollars to install and operate a parkwide WiFi system and I am sure the park would want something in return for this service (if they decide to offer it).
  2. I love riding The Racer, even though I always get a Charlie horse as both trains split. Why Charlie would give me his horse, I don't know.
  3. ...however I have heard of some people that like to wear dog collars as they go ruff, ruff...
  4. As of right now, the Red Dog closes at 7pm weekdays, 4pm Saturday and 3pm on Sundays and are closed on all major holidays. So unless they change the hours, guests will have to pick up their pets prior to closing and are out of luck on major holidays. Also they require a reservation prior to boarding your pet and do require shot records. They only take dogs and cats and no other type of pets. With Kings Island having a partnership with them, we just have to wait and see how it works out come April when the park opens for the season.
  5. I found out two weeks ago when I was informed about it. I visited the new Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa and it is like comparing a Motel 6 to the Ritz, there is no comparison. While one is just basic place to stay, the other has far more luxurious amenities and with a higher price to match. I will see what happens between now and when the park opens up in mid April. I was ask to stay in Guest Services and I requested to stay in the same department in a job that I had performed in the past at the park and prior to rejoining Kings Island.
  6. As the dog (cats and other pets included) person at the Park, I enjoyed seeing the Dog Days at Kings Island during the Sundays in October. I can't wait for it to return in 2015 for an even better event!
  7. As for the noise complaints, the only housing near Kings Island when it opened in 1972 was Kings Mills propper (I lived there for over 40 years) and the houses down past Western Row Road on Columbia Road and down past Western Row Road going towards Fosters, Ohio. We did not mind the fireworks going off at 10pm on a daily basis during the season, nor the roar of the lions in the early morning hours wanting their breakfast, nor the noise from the amusement park itself. Now we have apartment complexes very near the park and upscale houses nearby on Western Row road and even three new upscale housing developments on each side of Kings Mills itself, plus across the river directly across from the park. What will these people demand, sound barriers like they had to build alongside the interstate highways to act as a buffer from the road noise? I am not sure about building new apartments where the old Kings Island Resort is now. I think that is not a proper venue or zoned for it with all of the hotels/motels along Kings Island Drive. If a Towne Properties was to develop it into apartments, I look for it to be at the very least, upscale and luxury in nature with rents to match. I don't see this apartment complex accepting Section 8 and Section 42 or "affordable housing" as it is known as. So if this apartment ideal was to fall through or if it is not rezoned for it, what else will become of the land? Build another motel complex in its place? I guess it all depends what the developers feel will bring in the most revenue (with the approval of both the city and county) for the land, both during the peak and off peak time of the year.
  8. Working in a food stand or even in a kitchen can become very hot and the employees should have direct access to ice cold water to keep themselves hydrated. Were they allowed to keep a bottle filled with ice cold water at their workstation or could they freely leave their workstation for a moment to quench their thirst? There might be times they would be so busy that they might not be able to leave their station to get water or heaven forbid, they were told having a water bottle at their station was unsightly, especially if they were in constant interaction with their guests. But not allegedly not having access to water reminds me of the time I was taking basic training in the Army at Fort Jackson, SC, in the middle of summer in 1974. Our drill sergeant forbid us to drink from our canteen that we carried on our web belt on our long march to our next drill. We were dying of thirst by the time we reached it.
  9. How many notice the non-working automatic air freshener devices attached up on the wall? I don't think they have even put new refills in them in years.
  10. I have a slogan: Kings Island, where the children in all of us comes out to play!
  11. Towne Properties used to own Hunters Run Apartments in Lebanon, Ohio, where I live. It is what is called, "affordable housing" and my 3 bedroom/2 bath ranch apartment runs $740 a month. They sold it last December to another management firm. Believe me, they had those apartments for just the tax write off and did not maintain them as they would with their luxury apartments.
  12. That is why I always laughed at Auction Wars and all the value of the items that those junk hunters gave. Yea, you say it is worth that much, but how long did it take for you to sell those items and what was the dollar amount you received for them. But I once paid $200 for a 67 Mustang that was a piece of junk but I put 10,000 miles on it to and from work and leisure. But to me, it was worth what I paid.
  13. What better way to get the word out about the Pet Day Care Center at Kings Island. I have seen a pet resort, among other vendors are there passing out info on their services. What better way to market our service to the guests that have have no ideal we even offer a kennel at the park. Imagine having Snoopy giving his "Bark of Approval" as he stands in front of the Pet Day Care Center as he welcomes all the pets into our Center.
  14. Based on the terrible reviews, the nasty pictures, and now the bed bug issue, who would want to stay there? Maybe the owners decided it was not worth rehabbing but more economical to either raze it and build a new hotel, or sell the hotel to new ownership that would want to make an investment in a new hotel or use the land for other uses. I used to work for the hotel manager when she was the Innkeeper at the Holiday Inn Northeast when she was hired to managed the Inn in the late 70's and back then, the Kings Island Inn was a nice place to stay, had a first class restaurant and a decent convention center.
  15. With those pictures showing the obvious deficiencies that are visible, what about the things that we can't see unless we get up real close or use an UV light source? I once made reservations at a hotel in DC that was close by to the White House and a block from the FBI building that was very cheap (as compared to other hotel/motels) in the 1980's and on the safe side, made reservations at a known motel just in case. It turned out the Hotel Harrington was just like the old Hotel Gibson in Cincinnati. The Hotel Harrington turned out to be clean and it catered to the tourist trade. Next time that I visited it had been rehabbed with new carpets, beds and paint. Granted it was not the Hilton and definitely not the Ritz, but was perfect for a person on a budget. It is still opened and if it had been in the shape that the Kings Island Inn is and with the pictures and bad reviews and no improvements made, I doubt it would still be open to this day. Time will tell what takes place at the Kings Island Inn.
  16. There are lots of businesses that have "Kings Island" in its name, just as there are businesses that has "Cincinnati" as part of its name. I don't think there is any trademark or other protection to prevent using it as part of its name. Lets face it, the Inn was constructed in the early 1970's and it is dated. Why the current owner did not update the motel is a question mark. I think it had been remodeled in past years but not sure what has been done lately. You would think new carpets, new beds, and bathrooms would be part of any basic rehab plans, but who knows. Maybe they do have plans to do either a complete rehab, maybe just paint and new carpets and beds, or a complete deconstruct and build NEW buildings to bring it into the 21st century and compete with the newer hotel/motels. If the current owners or new owners if it might be sold, might close the entire hotel, tear down the old, and build a new hotel on the same spot. Or they might do sections at a time and remain open for partial business. Time will tell. It would be interesting to see what the current or past employees are saying. With potential changes like we are speculating about, rumors must be spreading among the employees. Maybe time to go into the bar, have a beer or two and pop the question to the bartender as we make small talk. They know the current condition that the rooms are in and I am sure they have pointed them out to management. The condition of the motel rooms reminds me what has been in the news about that hotel in downtown Cincinnati that has been in the news about its similar room conditions and its infrastructure that has had serious issues.
  17. Back in 1972 when the Kings Island Inn opened, it was the only motel at the Kings Mills/I-71 exit and was most convenient to Kings Island. The nearest motels were located one exit south on I-71 at the Fields Ertel/Mason Montgomery Road exit and the nearest in Mason was the Houston Inn. If it is just a glitch in the online reservation system, it would be interesting to call and inquire about reserving rooms in mid November and they are not taking reservation, it would be nice to know the reason why they are not. Then if it was to close, could it then be the owners are planning to rebuild a much better, modern hotel in its current location? If that was to take place or if they were to sell, there should be some sort of a public record in the form of permits or other legal notifications in the near future. I wonder what management has told to its employees if they were to make major changes or close the hotel? If it was to close, are there legal notifications that management MUST give before laying off its employees?
  18. Debbie, who might have an Indian accent can and will be hired by the Park or any other call center with the required training. I was referring to when you call any big corporation's call center, you might be directed to a person in a place like India to answer your call and give you support. They are well trained, both in their English skills and with the company that they have been contracted to take calls for. I have called American Express and spoken with someone at a call center out of the country and she was fantastic. Lots of times, people would get frustrated when they feel they are not receiving the best answer or technical support that they requested. Once, I had a problem with my computer, and the rep (was from India), was reading from a script and using a flow chart based on the technical question that I had. Rather than try to work in solving the problem by going through a set of progressive steps, he instructed me to a complete reinstall of all of my software by re formatting my hard drive, reinstall the operating system and then each software that was loaded. That is the last resort to fix a problem, which was some virus that I had. My major in college was information systems so I know the process of troubleshooting. Even at FedEx, we had a script of how to handle each type of call we had, from taking pickup calls, give them shipping rates. Which were designed to ensure we did not miss anything. Those were easy calls and more complex calls problems like shipping problems did not follow a script, but we had to make sure we gave correct information. Any complex call we would not use a script but if we could not answer the question, we would direct the caller to response team when the issue was escalated. As for billing, we always transferred those to our billing department who had access to detailed billing details and were authorized to give credits and other modifications that we were not authorized to do. In my case with that technical issue that I called about, that fix should had only been a last resort and not at the beginning of the call. Based on my education, training and background at that time, that customer service rep did not seem to be an experience technical support person that was at the help desk, but someone that had limited knowledge. I guess that might had been how they were instructed to handle that type of issue, rather than doing their best and escalating the call to a team to handle more complex calls beyond their knowledge or expertise. Case point of callers being frustrated when their customer service calls to Cincinnati Bell were answered by a customer service rep overseas. They did not receive satisfaction with how their calls were handled, questions answered that was not correct and or when they ask to speak with a supervisor, they might had been hung up on, or put on very long hold times with no updates from the rep. Cincinnati Bell was being bombarded on their FB page, with their phone calls, and people were just plain tired of the response they were receiving. Because of that, Cincinnati Bell began to move their call center back to the states, to the Cincinnati area. That was the biggest complaint people had with Bell. That was the same with other companies. As for "Debbie" that took my call, the call center she worked from handes calls for lots of companies and each is geared with information depending on the company the caller is calling about. I watched a documentary on TV as to how the CSRs are trained in English and the lingo and slang that an American or British caller might have. They received training on each company that contracted with the center to the best extent that they could. So there are times when "Debbie" would receive a call that is beyond her training or the fast pace of the call center would prevent more personal involvement. Now the rep who works with the company in question, in the States, is more likely to know the issues of the company and in be understood clearly by the caller and not with an accent that might not be clear. So as long as Debbie, who might have an Indian accent, is trained and is knowledgeable, can and will be hired by any company, including FedEx and Kings Island. Just that lots of time, people are given conflicting information from call centers out of the states and that is one of the biggest customer service complaints. I was taught to always give the correct information and if I didn't have it, ask a supervisor and or direct them to someone who could. But the same question should never receive two or more different conflicting answers, which will only lead to a larger problem and more customer dissatisfaction.
  19. Does the Starbucks offer WiFi at their location at the park? I know they do at their coffee shops outside of the park. One thing about any WiFi access is the number of people accessing it and the load they put on the bandwidth if they were streaming videos and music. When I used to have my iPhone from Verizon in 2010, I had unlimited data usage and would stream music from Rhapsody and watch videos from Netflix. Now I am on a 3GB data plan, it would not take long to go over my limit if I stream music and videos on a regular basis. It would be nice if the won't have the entire park covered by WiFi, to have places like the Festhaus, the Bier Garden, Reds Hall of Fame, Soak City, any place where guests will gather to sit down and eat, catch a show, and even the front gate and maybe even the shops. I wonder if anybody had ever used a WiFi snooper and scanned the park for any hidden wireless networks that the park might access for their handheld devices? But when and if the park gets WiFi, make sure when you access the open network, the have a good security software on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop or any other device.
  20. When I was a customer service rep with FedEx, we were the first contact that people had with FedEx, especially when they had a problem. We went through extensive classroom training for 30 days, and then on the job training for 60 days before we were officially hired by FedEx. During that training, it was stressed upon us that we always give correct information to our customers and if we did not have the correct answer, we were not to give them an incorrect answer. We would ask to put them on hold for a moment or direct them to the team that could help them. We had an extensive database at our fingertips if they needed information on how to pack and ship any type of product or any other question. The very first thing we did at the start of our shift was to check any updates that might had been issued. It was very important that we were all on the same page. If we did not have the answer, then we could ask our supervisor, who might had been monitoring our phone calls. We would talk among ourselves in our group meetings on any questions that we received and ask the more experience customer service reps for their advice. This same thing would apply to to any questions that the Park might receive, be it the call center, at Guest Services, at the sales booths or from any associate. I did work in the call center after I left FedEx back in 2005, so I could see how each call center operated. Granted, the call center at Kings Island is no way like it was at FedEx, but it would be the same principle. It is always to be on the same page or the customer will become confused. If you should ever call any call center, be it FedEx, Kings Island, Cincinnati Bell or any other, aways get the name of the customer service person. I can't speak for the Park, but I am always sure they strive to be the best that they can be. One thing that I do know, if a person at the call center had a guest that had questions about our Pet Day Care Center, the call center rep would call over to me for clarifications. I would give them a list of FAQ that they could refer to on any Pet Care questions. Our people in the call center are good people and love their jobs. We have a great group of supervisors that they could refer to if they had any questions that they might know or were unsure. I am sure other areas of the Park's operations, from sales to other areas are the same. We are all one team and we help each other. So unlike some big corporations when you call the customer service lines, you will not have "Debbie" with a strong Indian accent answer your call. Just like FedEx, our customer service reps at the Call Center are based right the good old USA, right in the park itself. So in short, as in all customer service calls, call the park and ask for the name of the rep you speak with. Just like I did at FedEx, on each call I received, I would answer, "Thank you for calling Kings Island, this is Michael Perin, how can I hep you." Then at the conclusion of each call, I would close, "Thank you for calling Kings Island, have a great day."
  21. I was watching the Utah/Michigan football game on TV Saturday and as it was raining, the announcers said that there was severe storms moving into the area within 20 minutes and if lightning was reported within 8 miles, they officials would clear the stadium and have everyone seek shelter. Within minutes, they cleared the stadium and the heavens opened up.
  22. I have noticed those signs. I would guess the Mason PD wants to collect some revenue from people exceeding the 45 mph speed limit. Who knows if Mason PD will ticket you for exceeding it by 1 mph or 5 mph. But one thing for sure, it is to draw attention to the increased traffic during Haunt and other Kings Island events and for you to slow down and keep enough distance between you and the next car ahead. If you don't pay attention to your driving, you can come across stopped traffic very fast and risk an accident. I remember back around 2007 when I was working tolls at the south toll plaza, there was a very bad accident around 11am when a person hitting the sauce early caused an accident when he came on stopped traffic at the toll entrance.
  23. Don't forget all those dollar bills that had came into contact with exoctic dancers!
  24. During my trip to Las Vegas back in 2002, I was impressed by the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel and the computerized show that they put on each night. The Fountains of Bellagio are one of the major draws on the Las Vegas Strip, along with the Pirate Show on the fountains in front of the Treasure Island Hotel. What about if Kings Island was to put on a show like the Fountains of Bellagio during the evening, with the water jets of the fountain being computerized, along with a great light show and be synced to a featured song? Something like the Fountains of Bellagio show with Andrea Bocolli and Sarah Brightman - Con Te Partiro (Time To Say Goodbye) being played in the background as the fountains put on a fantastic show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv82caMZaJA Also, during the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the Park can put on a patriotic show like the Fountains of Bellagio did with Lee Greenwood's, God Bless the USA, decked out in red, white, and blue. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUCid_dW_8o
  25. When I first started working for the Park during the Taft era back in 1972, they played French accordion and classical music on International Street. Each other themed area also featured their own unique music. River Town was country, HB had cartoon music, Coney Island (now Coney Mall) had ragtime music from the early 1900's, Oktoberfest had German.
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