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  1. When I take my dad, who is 90 years old and a proud WWII vet, I always get him either a wheel chair or a power scooter if available. He uses a walker while at home and he can not get around safely without it. For some people like my father, just using a walker from the handicap lot can be too far to walk from it to the sales area for the wheel chairs. My father enjoys the shows and watching the people. After about 3 or 4 hours, he is ready to go home. I have tried to convince dad to get a power scooter for everyday use but he will not get one. Other than his mobility issues, he is doing really good for his young age. Now my mother , God rest her soul, was different. She suffered from COPD and Crohn's and was constantly tethered to oxygen and could not walk without being out of breath. She could walk with no problem but not for her breathing problems. Even with parking close by in the handicap parking, it could and was a job to walk to the front gate entrance. Maybe some sort of a tram service could be offered for people that are handicapped that park in the handicap lot. It could either be like the regular trams or a smaller version that would be more accessible for the handicapped.

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  2. I might be wrong, but I don't even know if it has ever been repaved since it opened in 1972. Right now, all the pot holes that were repaired in the employee lot earlier in the summer are back in full force. During one big rain storm this summer, there was one HUGE hole the size of a sink hole that was filled in by rain water and was hidden, until you drove into it. Repairs were made and it is only a matter of time before it is back again. The entire lot needs to be repaved. But I am sure due to these pot holes, repair shops have been kept busy repairing suspensions and aligning the front ends.

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  3. Repave the parking lot? What about all the workers whose main job is to fill in the pot holes? Or the sink hole in the employee lot? LOL

    But the reasons I heard as to removing the trams were due to increased fuel costs;liability issues, insurance costs, labor, maintenance costs. But like Terpy had mentioned, maybe some accommodation could be made for the guests that have limited mobility.

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  4. Best advice is to get there early. The ideal behind give aways like this is to get people into the park. I would say get there as early as possible. Gates open at 10:30am, so I would say arrive at 10am or earlier.

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  5. The location the really defines Cincinnati is Fountain Square. It is always the location for the celebration of big events like when the Reds won the World Series back in 1975-76 and 1990 and hopefully sometime again in the near future. We can also hope it will be the location of the big celebration when the Bengals win the Super Bowl (when hell freezes over). You will see all kinds of crazies down there getting drunk and wild during the celebration. Like the time in 75 with a guy hanging off of the light pole and the cop waiting to take him to his "hotel" room.

  6. I have given names to the various critters that come into the kennel to feed from the corn that we placed for Donald, Huey, Dewy and Louie to eat. There is Rocky the squirrel, Alvin the chipmunk, and the Yardbirds that roost on the rafters to swoop down to feast on the corn. They are all feasting off of the corn and after the end of October, they will have to go elsewhere. We used to sell dog and cat food that were stored in a plastic tub. But after the close of our season 4 years ago, all that food was left in the office all through the winter and come April, it was a mess. It seems that Micky and Mini were feasting on all that manna from heaven and went forth and multiplied and all those little Micky and Mini's feasted and also multiplied. They bred like rabbits, which was the only critter we didn't see. I guess Bugs was into carrots and not dog or cat food.

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  7. Skunks are wild animals and are not domesticated like cats and dogs are. Also, I think there are laws against having a wild animal as a pet. As why doesn't the park hire an exterminator to rid the park of these animals, that would not be feasible. Unless raccoons or other animals have taken up residence inside the rafters or inside the buildings, it would not be needed to get rid of them. After all, the park is surrounded by lots of woods and we are in their home with all of our construction. If we see skunks and other wild animals, we need to leave them alone and for God's sake, do not attempt to pet them. They ARE NOT pets and they can carry rabies. My uncle was an avid raccoon hunter and he had one inside of a cage and this guy was very unhappy and they can inflict a very nasty bite. The park has other wild animals besides the usual skunk and raccoon. There are lots of feral cats that live at the park and you can see then and all the rest of the wild animals during the night time and early morning all through out the park. Last year, we rescued a small kitten that was found near the train and was adopted by one of my supervisors.

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  8. I loved the Shooting Star and the Wildcat. It would be nice if they could build the Shooting Star as it was at Coney Island at Kings Island. Are there blue prints of it around? I would think there would be some archived someplace.

  9. Guests will leave their coolers along the fence by the picnic tables by the season pass buildings and even leave bags with their food. This summer, one of the guests had a lot of items for their group along with a big bag with sandwich buns. That is just asking for trouble and trouble found the bread. A good size adult raccoon ventured up there and was just feasting away on the sandwich buns. We chased it away and left a note to the guests as to what had happen. I later saw them and told them about it. For the most part, you will see birds and squirrels eating the crumbs that the guests leave on the ground, but not larger animals such as raccoons. But they are opportunists and when a feast is left for them, they will dig in. I mentioned this to the guests during the day and to beware of the raccoons. I have seen raccoons all around the dumpsters, especially out behind the River Town Pizza late at night, but not in the daylight with guests present. You don't even want to think about being bitten by a raccoon or any other wild animal because of rabies.

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  10. Last year when we were leaving behind the admissions back entrance, we spotted the white skunk in front of the Operations building entrance and a group of employees were walking between the operations building and the I-Street. We yelled over to them to watch themselves as there was a skunk there. The wild animals do come out at night and skunks are just one of the park's wild animal residents.

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  11. While working at the Haunt last Friday night (October 11), I had an encounter with a wild animal. It was very dark and with the fog that was being produced, the visibility was not very good. I was by the entrance to the season pass building when I saw what I thought was a large white plastic trash bag in the grassy area. I walked over to it to pick it up and when I got within 10 feet or so of it, it began to move. This "white" trash bag was about 3 feet in length and had a very white bushy tail. Needless to say, I calmly began to back away and it saw me and calmly walked over to the trees and disappeared. This was one of the Park's almost all white skunks and with me being about 10 feet away, I was well within range of its smelly weapon and with the skunk's deadly aim, I would had been a real stinker. You can bet I would had called first aid and have them come to my aid. I would had advised them to bring a gas mask and a new set of uniforms for me and several gallons of tomato juice along with soap and a scrub brush. I heard that tomato juice will help in getting the smelly oil and scent off of you and I am glad I did not have to see how well it worked. If you have ever driven along the road and seen and smelt a skunk on the side of the road, you know how I would had smelled. And besides, on a bright note, I would not have to ask someone to make room as I sat down at a crowded event. They would had given me the entire section! :)

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  12. If you go into any business such as a movie theater or a restaurant, there is a sign posted that list the capacity as set by the fire department of that city. I would think that the fire department or other safety department of the city where amusement parks are located has set crowd limits and require them to act when it reaches said capacity. But each park would not post any of these limits like the other business are required to and keep it very confidential. Does the city's fire department or police have any input into large crowd size like this and the traffic that it produces? If the park would reach its capacity, do they have the authority advise the public that the traffic is backup and huge delays are to be expected and to even order the park to stop accepting guests? I know back in the 70's or 80's, Kings Island did reach capacity and the signs on I-71 said the park was full.

  13. Saturday will be crowded! Sunday after the rush to collect the bobble heads, it will not be as crowded. Another factor would be what the weather will be. If it is rainy and cold, expect not as large crowds. During October, there can be some cold, dreary rainy days, so check the weather forecast before you leave and bring your own rain gear, unless you want to buy them at the park and at their prices.

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  14. If this happens every Columbus Day weekend on Saturdays, I would not go on that day. There is nothing special there that day that is not there during the summer or the weekend before. I would love to be a fly on the wall when officials from Sandusky and Cedar Fair meet to discuss this on how to improve this traffic mess. They know from prior years what the traffic and crowds are and the park knows what is the estimate of that day's crowd will be and the traffic that it will create. I would love to hear what they are discuss with each other as how to handle it. Who knows, one of the things that might be banded around is, "what if we increase the price based on this huge increase in demand?" "How will that affect the crowds and the increased traffic it will produce?" Look at the price of gasoline increases as we always head into a huge holiday weekend when we get in our cars and head to the shore or other vacation spots. So they either increase or add routes to CP, which is very expensive or can't be done; or increase admission and other prices due to the increase in demand; and or extend the park's hours of operations. If I was going to CP and I knew ahead of time what the crowds might be and how heavy the traffic would be, I would elect to arrive there the night prior and arrive at the park very early in the morning to avoid the crowds and leave before the park closed for the night to avoid the traffic.

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  15. If CP has reached its capacity or even exceeded it and nothing can be done due to its geographical location, then maybe announcements that it has reached capacity and post and announce this on the various social media sites, its own web site, radio and TV and highway signs. I remember a couple times at Kings Island when they had signs on the interstate stating that the park was full. This was one of the reasons why Taft Broadcasting moved and located to Kings Mills due to the limited access into Coney Island. But this would be unfeasible in the case of Cedar Point. It would be better to state the park was full and to come back another day during the season if the park can't handle all of the excess parking.

  16. I think if they did stay open an extra 2 hours, people will just stay until the end and then all leave at once. Look at what happen at the Kentucky Speedway a couple of years ago with that mother of a traffic jam getting into the speedway. The speedway and the state worked together to increase the parking lots and the access into the speedway with additional lanes and advised all to arrive earlier at the speedway. CP needs to improve the access into the park. That is the problem. The current roads can not handle the increased traffic due to limited access into the park. At Kings Island, the State of Ohio, City of Mason, and Warren County are currently in the design and planing stage of improving the Kings Island Drive and Kings Mills Road interchange and and making the Western Row Road and Kings Island Drive interchange going south onto I-71 into a full interchange going both north and south. Who knows, maybe wit this, Kings Island might add additional exit points leaving the park and improve the flow of traffic inside the parking lot.

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  17. Sporting venues that draw very large crowds, plan for it. They have multiple access routes to it to accommodate the heavy traffic and ample parking lot capacity and access. Amusement parks like KI does have overflow parking in the grass, which CP does also. But the problem is both the long lines of cars attempting to park and when they do park, there are very long lines for everything in the park, from waiting in line for rides, food and using the rest rooms. I think that heavy crowds will turn a lot of people off and swear never to come or come on those crowded days. I don't see how people can have fun when they have to wait in line the whole day in an attempt to only ride a handful of rides. I will never wait in line more than 2 hours, and then only on a new ride that has just opened. I know from an employee standpoint, it can lead to a very stressful day with long, hard hours and working very late after the park closes. I have seen when KI had reached capacity and signs were posted on the interstate that the park was full and parking was shut down. I am sure that KI has a capacity limit that the Mason Fire Department has set but that is a very closely guarded secret. I am sure CP has one also. Every venue of all types have capacity limits that have been set by the fire department of the city that they are located. But if I was going to an amusement park, I will never go on a day that has extremely large crowds and traffic backups like this. It is not fun being stuck in the huge traffic jams, then parking in the boon docks, and then once inside the park, having to endure very long wait times to ride the rides. That does not count the long lines for the food stands and the long lines for the rest rooms.

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