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  1. When GWL decided to build their hotel at the old camp grounds, one of the things they wanted was winter event at PKI that would help fill their rooms in the winter months. This was when Paramount decided to bring back WinterFest but they made some mistakes in the rush host it again. The admission and parking rates were too high to just name a few. There was lots of interest but people complained about the cost of admission and they were under the impression that they must choose a paticular day to attend. Like any event, it all comes down to turning a profit and the costs involved in changing over the park from Fear Fest and then changing back again to opening again for the regular season. If would venture if CF was to make a business decision to bring it back, the admission and parking rates would be lower and it would be scaled back. Rather than have several attractions that would be costly to operate, they would concentrate on more entertainment, holiday food treats, and gifts for people to enjoy. When we went to WF in the 80's, we took in the shows, music, and most of all, the atmosphear of the season. Time will tell what the future holds for Winter Fest. Mike
  2. Do you think that the old camp grounds would be replaced? With Cedar Fair being the new owners, I wonder if they might have plans for new camp grounds? There is still lots of interest in people wanting to spend their vacation camping and spend their time at the park. This would also be another added source of revenue stream for CF. Any ideals? Mike
  3. I like the ideal of having a LaRosa's in IR but only the powers that be know the answer. If they do, I would like to see that Buddy (LaRosa's owner) control the quality of the food and service. Don't just put the sauce on the food and call it LaRosa's Pizza or pasta. When I ate in Wings in the mid 90's, the ribs were MI ribs and not just meat covered in MI bbq sauce. I know when they had a bbq rib sandwich in Oscar's, it was not MI but just some frozen pork rib wantabe sandwich with MI sauce on it. Mike
  4. Kings Island is one of the jewels of the CF family of parks and they will continue to invest in the park. I am sure that CF did their research on the pros and cons of purchasing the Paramount Parks and see that they all have a solid financial history to continue investing in the parks. While they might not contstruct record breaking roller coaster every year, they will continue to invest in other areas of the park. Their goal is to have increast revenues from guests while they are in the park. With the addition of the Great Wolf Lodge, I am sure there will be cross promotional for both them and Kings Island. This can only mean an increased in visitors and continued increased revenue streams. I look for a major anouncement by the end of 2007 of a major thrill ride and continued added rides and attractions geared towards the family. I believe by giving the guests reasons to stay longer, it will mean increased spending while at the park. I think is just makes sound business sense to invest and give the share holders reasons ($$$) to be happy. Mike
  5. I do not see CF not investing in a major ride at Kings Island or any other Paramount park that drew 3 million plus guests each year. In a major ride I mean a record breaking steel or wood coaster. Just like when the NY Yankees buys a ball player they can see a return in investment by the increased season ticket holders and regular ticket holders. I think that a major ride would be a big draw in increasing attendence and I do not see it hurting Cedar Point, the flag ship of the chain. I think we would hear something by or during the fall as to what major rides might be planned. It takes a couple years in advance as to the type ride to add. I think that great things are in order for Kings Island in the next couple of years. Mike
  6. I have been up there several times and it is still the same as when it used to be open. Only now it was being used for private parties. It was used in 2005 during the July 4th to view the special fire work display. Like in past posts, it would have to meet the disability requirements with a public elevator. There has been discussion about a TGIF going into it but what about Montgomery Inn? It is a very popular local favorite and they have a very good selection, especially their world famous ribs. Unlike Wings in River Town, it would be a sit down and patrons would be served. MIke
  7. Me either... PKI really needs stall dividers. I dont know but thats just a pet peeve of mine. Good thing we dont have the trough urinals! Good thing we are not in the army. Try hunting for a good rest room in the field...see that bush?? Mike
  8. I also miss all of the shows. People like my father really enjoyed the shows, especially beings they were not able to ride the thrill rides. The shows were a change of pace and offered great entertainment for all. I most enjoyed the clown band and was going to audition for it. There were shows of all types through out the park. When Paramount took over, there seeme to had been a change of direction in live shows, especially the past couple of years. Now that CF has taken over, I think that the direction will change. Mike
  9. When I was in school (Kings High School) we did not start school until after Labor day and school was dismissed for the sumer by Memorial Day. The only day we had off for spring break was Good Friday. Places like Kings Island depends on high school students and closed and reduced their hours during the last week or two in August. The biggest complaint we had was that not all of the rides were operating. It was tough to have all the rides open and tried to have the major rides open. By having students go back to school after Labor Day were allow increased revenue by having the park staffed during August and increased atendence during the month. Mike
  10. Those are really great pictures and brings back memories of my youth. Does anyone remembers the juke box that used to be in the Swiss House on IS? Or the Kahns location where the Sky Line Chili is now? The used to make the sausages there for everyone to see. I would like to see more pictures of the park when it was first being constructed and compare it to how it looks today. There are some really great pictuers hanging in the Operations Building and in the Admin Building. Maybe CF could have a display showing the history of the park to celebrate the 35th year of the park. Mike
  11. I work in admissions and can almost say that the special parking area for Gold Pass holders will be eliminated, especially now that there is only three tiers of passes: Kings Island, Max and Max Plus. I won't be surprised if CF brings back guides to direct people on where to park their cars like KI had when I first started working for the park in 1972. I also agree that we need to open up more tolls for cars to drive through. Now, we only open up the north tolls when the park expects large crowds and then not for the entire day. Mike
  12. I will be able to go on the trip. I have never been to the other parks and would really enjoy the trip! Mike
  13. As as long time litter gitter at Kings Island we all took pride in the way we kept the park clean. I look for CF to continue to make this JOB ONE for all the parks. There is nothing like a very clean park for the guests and that is the very first thing that is noticed. I look for the following changes: 1) Continue to keep the very same high standards that Kings Island was always known for in the way the park was kept clean. 2) Improve the landscaping and add more flowers. Do you all remember the Kings Island that was written in flowers on Kings Island Drive at Kings Mills Road? 3) Phase out the Paramount from all logos and revert back to the original Kings Island design as it used to be before Paramount bought the park. 4) Remove the Paramount trade mark names from the rides. As it stands right now, CF has to pay a licensing and royality fee for the use of the names. I guess it all comes down to the name draw that the name has. I look for some decisons to be made this year as to future plans for KI and the rest of the parks. The ideal is to have people stay longer and spend more while at the park. Give the public what they want: A nice clean, affordable place to have fun and enjoy themselves. Mike
  14. I have seen that episode several times. Grissom really liked The Beast and SOB. Speaking of The Beast, has any one ever rode it without the brakes being engaged as much? I have riden it as an employee and love the speed. I am a big fan of wooden coasters and would love to see another super wooden coaster! Mike Seen it? I worked at the park when the Brady Bunch were there!!! Mike
  15. I work in the admission department and as far as I know, the same perks will be in place for the season pass holders but I do not believe there will be a special area for Gold Pass holders like in the pass (I could be wrong). There is no longer a Gold Pass but just a regular Kings Island pass, in additon to the two CF passes for admission to all the CF parks and water parks. Mike
  16. Yes, I have lots of stories that I can share of my time at Kings Island. I grew up in Kings Mills, Ohio and use to hike through out the area. I have worked at Kings Island for 11 seasons: 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2005, 2006, and this year 2007. I remember sitting in lunch room at Kings High School watching the Eifle Tower being built. It took them no time to erect the tower, just like an erector set that I used to have. I have been a litter gitter at Kings Island for all but two seasons and I remember that we used to wear all white uniformes. White pants, white shirt, white golf hat and black hush puppies. I do have lots of pictures and stories to share. A few of the stories of when I was hired by Charlie Dinn in 1974 and helped to construct the old Lion Country. I was the person that was caught in quick sand in the front entrance of the Lion Country. I was grouting the bolts on the monarail and needed some water. I took my bucket to the creek at the front and wearing knee high boots, had no problem in getting in the water to collect it. But underneath the surface was nothing but mud and I got stuck in it. The was nothing to grab onto that would support me while I tried to extract myself from the mud. As I got one foot out, the other foot went deeper and vice versus. I ended up being stuck up to my chest in the stuff and I was in there for 30 minutes before the forman had the front end loader lower his bucket down for me to grab on to. The suckion almost pulled my shoulder out and you could hear the sucking noise as I was pulled out of the muck. I was covered in mud and was the butt of all jokes and had a hard time living it down. Charlie Dinn (designer of The Beast) never laughed so hard. I grouted all the bolts in the monarail and I knew every inch of it. Do you remember the gorge the track went over before going back to the station? I walked across the rails with no safety lines and had no fear of the height. But today, you are required to wear the safety line and for good reason. You had to make sure your shoes were clear of mud but once I did slip and fall on my bottom. Just good thing I was on the ground and not high up. Speaking of having no fear of heights, the first year in 1972 a group litter gitters decided to go sky diving up in Waynesville. Nothing like the thrill of jumping out of the air plane and seeing the ground rush up at you. I wish KI would sponsor something like that. Do you all remember Darrel Pace? He was an Olympic archery gold medalist and I worked with him in 1972 when we were both litter gitters. I even worked with a movie and tv actor but I forget his name. He was featured on an episode of MASH as the diabetic helicopter pilot that was trying to break the record of missions ferrying soldiers wounded in combat. But Hawkeye and Col. Potter grounded him when they found out he was diabetic. Well am in the process of gathering up my pictures and will post them very soon. More stories to come also. If you have any questions about the history of Kings Island, I can help. Mike Perin
  17. Do you think that CF might reopen the International Restuarant. Currently they use the area for private functions and as a food preparation area for the food stands in the park. Mike
  18. I remember when I had to throw the trash into the dumptster behind the River Town Pizza that I had to make lots of noise to void being bitten by all of the racoons that were there. At that time of night, they were all there and was really funny watching the older racoons chase the younger racoons away and making them wait their turns at eating food out of the dumpster. Mike
  19. Great Wolf was the main reason that Paramount brought back WF. That was the info that we were told while I worked in the call center. CF just did not have enough time after buying all the parks as to bringing back WF. They cited the attendance as the main reason for the cancellation but I think the main reason was the turn around that was required after the park closed after the fall and the opening of the new season. I think that Great Wolf will have an impact on CF returning WF for 2007. Mike
  20. I am not sure that CF will bring back Winter Fest back for 2007. When I worked in the Call Center, the main complaint was the admission price that was charged. I would have to admit that the price of admission should had been lower. I also think that the parking fee was too much. I remember all the good times of Winter Fest when it first started and enjoying the Christmas shows in the theater. Mike
  21. Check out www.pki.com and click on jobs. You can fill out an application online and go to HR during the days and apply. I first stated back in 1972 and I remember waiting in long lines when they first started taking applications for the park. You will enjoy working at Kings Island.... Mike
  22. Those pics really brought back memories for me. I will look up the pics that I have when I first started working at Kings Island back in 1972. Mike
  23. Hi...I do have some stories from the years that I worked at Kings Island. I will look up my pictures and post them. One interesting story was when I got caught in quick sand at Kings Island in 1974 while working on the old Lion Country. I was putting grout on the bolts on the monal rail footers and went to get some water from a small creek in the front entrance. Below surface of the water was all kinds of mud and I got stuck. Each time that I tried to pull one foot out, the other foot went deeper. There was nothing to grab onto and I ended up chest deep in the mud and after 30 minutes, the forman had the guy operating the fron end loader drop his bucket and I grabed onto it and he pulled me out. I was all covered in mud and the suckion almost pulled my shoulder out. It took a long time for me to live that event down! Charlie Dinn really laughed his head off after hearing about it. MORE STORIES TO COME..... Mike
  24. I heard last season that they were removing the Paramount from the name. I look for them to revert back to the original Kings Island logo when the park first opened back in 72. Look for the sign in front to be changed to reflect the name. I have worked at the park for 11 seasons and was one of original employees when it first open back in 72. I have also heard other changes that will be made but I look for major changes not to start until at least 2008. Mike
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