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  1. mikejenkins1

    Just for fun: FINAL 2019 announcement predictions

    Hey, what about something very old coming back..... Racing Steeplechase ride....
  2. mikejenkins1

    Winterfest Questions

    We have been to Winterfest a couple times so far and hope to go on Dec 30th. I was bummed they had no Mystic Timbers shirts that had Winterfest themes. There was a Santa sled on a coaster with a slogan 'Ride All Day' or such on International street. Hope they add some next year as that is on my wish list.
  3. mikejenkins1

    Winterfest Questions

    Is Mystic Timbers running this week?
  4. mikejenkins1

    Sit On it - A nostalgic look back at KI...

    Growing up my dad's company did summer picnics at Coney Island. Then when they built KI we started there from its opening. I remember my dad getting into the park area and driving along side the construction of The Racer. As a kid, I was a big cyclist and got a KI season pass and would ride my bicycle there a lot (about a 9 mile ride from my house). I have had a season pass every year they have been sold. The first year there was only around 100 people. I spoke to Rob Decker at the Mystic Timbers Media Day again this year and we spoke about this as well. I wish I still had my original pass. They used to just have a person with a clipboard write down your name when you came into the park. I would love to know if there are any other people out there that have been a pass holder all these years....
  5. mikejenkins1

    Mystic Timbers Shed aging (Warning Shed Spoiler)

    I agree with most about the train and its position of where you sit and how much you see. It would be nice for the train to pull up a few more feet and then stay there until the front screen is mostly done. If in front you see beginning but not end, if in back you see end not beginning. Hoping they read this and can adjust the placement of the train for the Shed.
  6. mikejenkins1

    Sit On it - A nostalgic look back at KI...

    Here is an article from a Holiday Inn magazine in 1972 plus the 1972 Guide Book. Ah the good old days....
  7. mikejenkins1

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    Got 6 laps this morning (2 in dark and 4 in light). It is AMAZING!
  8. mikejenkins1

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    I bought one of these shirts last year on closing day.
  9. mikejenkins1

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    So wondering if they will enclose the transfer track building or leave the walls open? I am sure they are open now for easy access but will they enclose it like the other buildings?
  10. mikejenkins1

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    There was a discussion on line with the designers and the curve drop is by design. They said it causes less stomach issues for people that way.
  11. mikejenkins1

    Sit On it - A nostalgic look back at KI...

    Long time no see Shaggy.. Met you a couple times at KI events. I love the old nostalgic KI stuff as well. Life long resident of Cincinnati and been at KI since they opened. My dad used to go to Coney Island for company picnics till they opened KI. I remember driving on a dirt road along The Racer when being built. Lots of old memories from this park (including canoes where Beast resides).....
  12. mikejenkins1

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    So where will the official entrance for Mystic Timbers be located? When will we get the 2017 park map posted?
  13. mikejenkins1

    Your Woodstock Gliders Experience

    Yes, my oldest son went on Friday night (passholder night), and dispatch times were 6 - 7 minutes. VERY SLOW. They need to work on that.
  14. mikejenkins1

    Dont Scare Me Glow Band

    Does anyone have information about a Dont Scare Me Glowband at KI right now? My oldest son said he heard about some glow band you can buy and if you wear it, the characters are to leave you alone? Is that only in the midway?
  15. mikejenkins1

    Banshee Gravestones

    What are the grave stones that are to the left of the first drop (as you go down) and behind the ice cream shop? They are fairly large but hard to read from the queue line. Were these some of the original ones that were on site with the ki moderators and such on them?