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  1. my picture and yeah pretty sad..........
  2. The Haunt food listed for this year is an article from Don Helbig last year (2022)??????
  3. Also funny how the rides list include stuff in the waterpark....
  4. So will they post a Haunt Map? Will they post what foods will be at Haunt?
  5. Does anyone know what the price might jump to after Sept 5th? Think they will extend low price offer a few more weeks?
  6. Was in line for Red Racer this past Sunday morning and heard "I see the backwards side is closed today'
  7. Sp was hoping we would see Aug Chef specials around the park but guess NOT that much. Finally found French Corner open and saw they have a Specialty Sandwich this month of a KI Hot Brown. Of course it is NOT on the meal plan... Why not? Also daughter wanted a Ham croissant and of course they have dropped the ham from the menu this year now... WTH.
  8. So saw a semi pull up behind Orion and back up. Several vehicles have pulled up to it. Anyone know if/.what they might be unloading? 1:15 PM
  9. Found 3 new pin sets in International Street store. All are for Phantom Theater and each has 6 pins on it. They are 40 bucks.... Very nice but too much for me
  10. Hmmm Now says down for Grand Carnival prep???? How do you prepare a camera for a parade?
  11. What time does the parade start this year?
  12. But wish The Bat pin used the original Bat logo. Not a fan of the new one. Still remember wild rides on Bat before it closed.
  13. So on way out today found 2 new pin sets. One is a single pin of "You Must Be Taller Than This To Ride" The other is a 3 pack of pins for rides in Adventure Port.
  14. Why is this camera down so much? Offline now and has been for about a day. Seems like I find it broken a lot.
  15. Was really hoping it would be in park or Soak City like last year and yes on the dining plan.......
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