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  1. It is still low and has been for days. Maybe cleaning but think that would have been done off season when it was empty...
  2. Is Orion closed today due to wind issues?
  3. ok I will go back to that area again. So does anyone know where the photo box with the red and blue racers is? They had one outside of The Beast a year or so ago.
  4. So I have found the old picture board by Racer and the other by Vortex. I have heard that there is a third one but where is it? I looked around the Carousel area but found none. Let me know please.
  5. No, car on track was finishing up and made it to break run. Just had not seen this before.
  6. I was waiting in line for it to open that day and found it odd they were sending trains up the hill before the train on track was in the final break run....
  7. I have seen several people post pictures of the old TowerTopics magazine from Kings Island. Does anyone have electronic copies we could see?
  8. yeah, found them. Was just wondering why off of home site but no problem
  9. KI (and CP) used to have videos of the rides on their site and I cant find them now. Did they remove them or are they just hard to find on the site?
  10. So does this mean the entry track to the helix will now be flattened and at not such an angle for entry?
  11. How about a funpix on-ride picture booth for Racer?
  12. nope, cars are small and only hold stuffed animals.....
  13. We can only hope that Gravity Group will finally not only retrack 2 KI legendary coasters but be the next install of a coaster (Vortex site?)....
  14. A local man on 132 and Shiloh here in Goshen has a very nice Xmas display each year and you can walk through it. He bought and built a wooden coaster this past summer and has moved and rebuilt a smaller version of it for his display. You can walk through his light display at night. Here are some pictures.
  15. I am also hoping they clean up and paint the wood stock queue. It is a mess and looks awful and very sad since lots of kids ride it (and me). I emailed Don asking if that was in the projects as well.
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