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  1. but will they be on sale in the park??????
  2. looks like their originally weekly releases have come to a big halt.....
  3. Maybe they will sell pins that are 9.99 for 8.99 as they are originally marked on by manufacturer.
  4. I met up with a family with a disabled daughter and asked about their bag. Wasnt huge but it had medical supplies and it got tagged as ok. THey saw another bag get approved with medical supplies. So not so sure about this diabetes stuff being denied if in a bag. I am diabetic but choose not to bring my supplies. Also you could have the child/nursing house by the Eiffel Tower hold them.
  5. Went last night and they DO allow people in with medical supply bags. They are turning away every one else with bags basically since too big. You dont need them and wear pants with pockets and/or a jacket
  6. Just trying to remember what the price of a Gold Pass was for 2022. I see 2023 it is 130ish and wondered how much it went up.
  7. Just got back from park. Viking fury pin finally out for sale in Celebrations store by front gate only. But... Also found one of thi sweek's pins King Cobra. So they did not know about/if WInterfest pin or what other pin should have been out this week.
  8. We went around 1 and it was closed. I did call KI and they officially said it was not open.
  9. So here is the latest craziness with pins. At park last night and as leaving tried to get pins. We just wanted Viking Fury. Pins were not out????? I asked and they said they had the Viking Fury pin but not the WInterfest pin yet. So would NOT sell us the Viking Fury pin, WTH???? I dont get this place. Do they really want to sell stuff or not.
  10. Does anyone have scans of 1983 - 1985 ? Myy wife worked then and looking for those
  11. They REALLY need to sand down and repaint Woodstock coaster in Kiddie land.
  12. Good to hear. Yes we were at park today and bought them for 9.99 (uggh) and the sticker on mine is poorly placed and shows the original 8.99 price. Buy on sale today - were 8.99 now only 9.99 Seriously. Couldnt we just charge 8.99 like all the rest and many others.
  13. interesting as these pins WERE listed at 8.99 online and NOW all of a sudden they are 9.99.......
  14. Did you note the prices went back down to 8.99.... Hmmmm
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