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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Just got the email that Soak City will be open this year. Interesting note is that you must make reservations....unlike the rest of the park.
  2. Interesting note....CoasterMania tickets been on sale since noon and NOT sold out yet
  3. anyone know the max number allowed this year?
  4. any guesses on when tickets will go on sale yet?
  5. Can we only hope for the 2022 season, they try to bring back some original look and feel to the park. It would also be great to add some old flats to the field behind Orion (like a Lost Kennywood area)....
  6. So every other Cedar Fair park has their web cams up (even now ) and active. Will KI ever put theirs back on line? Why are they really off?
  7. Does anyone know where to get copies of roller coaster blue prints for the coasters at KI? I have tried City of Mason municipal bldg and Ohio Department of Agriculture (ride and safety). I asked KI and they said the two I tried. Anyone know who to try next?
  8. Do you think they and other Cedar Fair parks will go back to reservations for visiting the park? I have gone this past year when it was in place and when it wasnt. I preferred the reservations...
  9. I know I have heard people have gotten them before but want to know more. Is it possible to get copies of blue prints of coasters at Kings Island? Can you get Beast, Racer, Mystic Timbers, Orion and such and if so how and what does it cost?
  10. I have been trying for days to get to the site. Is it down for updates or such? Any ideas?
  11. WOW! I wish more parks (like KI) could do this event. Great option for COV ID time. https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/events/holiday-in-the-park
  12. So would we expect it to be out this next Spring or earlier? Nevermind, I found the details above and see Spring 20201
  13. We went to thee park today and they were just taking orders (no product on hand). Told they would get around January. So how many pieces were sold at the end?
  14. Anyone else just see the Cedar Point twitter saying they are requiring reservations from Oct onward. Hear the park crowds have been bad. Wonder if this will happen at KI?
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