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  1. seeing cement trucks today so obviously some pouring and progress is happening.
  2. When is the event this year and when/how do tickets go on sale?
  3. Holiday World has free soda and paper cups....
  4. Ill wait till park opens and not pay 7 bucks for shipping....
  5. Told in email from KI merchandise that they will let us know on Social Media when the pin is available. Of curse now that park is closed, you pay $7 for the pins since they have to mail it...
  6. we were hoping it had the ride do up and down motion like the Diamondback pin but appears static.
  7. So got an email back from KI merchandising and they said there is high demand for Windeeker Pin #46. They are in touch with manufacturer and will have it out for sale at the park by end of season.
  8. I sent an email to KI about it. The response was that it was a good idea and they would tell marketing about it??? Think person was clueless about pin 46.
  9. yep and we spoke to a guy at the collections who had just put out the last pins. He was not sure when they would get WindSeeker. Said they got those pins in today so hopefully by next weekend WindSeeker will be out for sale.
  10. Yep forgot WindSeeker pin (found on last collection set) and assuming that is #46
  11. nope, no new pins out last night. Back there tonight to see if they can figure out how to put new pins out for sale......
  12. I expect to find some of 2010 pins at park tonight
  13. Was there last night as well. Lots of pins and all caught up are out. The Haunt#42 pin and also Firehawk and Diamondback pin (moving car on pin) were out. #43 and #44
  14. yeah they have pins still in Emporium and collections but not the new pin. They did this earlier when they only had 1 of 2 pin release and the Winterfest pin was not ready yet. They advertised but said could not sell till both available??? Who knows. Probably want people to keep spending $7 on shipping for them.
  15. At park last night and pin no where to be found and no one working had a a clue.... Probably like last time they only had one pin out. Cant sell if only one pin?? Who knows or they are trying to force people to waste over 7 bucks on shipping. Did get Sonny and Crypt.
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