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  1. yeah they have pins still in Emporium and collections but not the new pin. They did this earlier when they only had 1 of 2 pin release and the Winterfest pin was not ready yet. They advertised but said could not sell till both available??? Who knows. Probably want people to keep spending $7 on shipping for them.
  2. At park last night and pin no where to be found and no one working had a a clue.... Probably like last time they only had one pin out. Cant sell if only one pin?? Who knows or they are trying to force people to waste over 7 bucks on shipping. Did get Sonny and Crypt.
  3. Have you pulled up the Orion or Diamondback cams lately? Both are upside down and I think both from the Orion cam. Did they get bumped or what?
  4. once again trying to sell pins already out there but add a single new one????? Why not just offer the new pins and people would buy those.....
  5. FYI, the typo of Anniversary has been finally fixed on these pins...
  6. Hopefully they finally do something for Firehawk as well.
  7. go to the park as in stock there
  8. next 2 pins are up but no pictures Drop Zone and Invertigo
  9. I loved the burnt tips at the Coney grill and they disappeared during Halloween time. Then found moved to the Wishbone Grill but did not show on the meal plan??? We spoke to Chef Major in the park and he said that does not seem right and they should be., Long story short, I waited till Wishbone Grill opened at 2 and tried. No luck and would not do it as said not on plan. Complained at customer service and a woman came and spoke to me and went to find out. She emailed me that they took them off at the Coney Grill but then brought back at Wishbone grill (now with macNchees balls) and will charge. WTH??? That is so stupid
  10. It has been doing rollbacks quite a bit this year
  11. yeah it does express shipping and $7.15 which is outrageous. But agree, when you order make it worth your while as it is expensive.
  12. I expect nothing as well. Frequent visitors should be rewarded and yes we buy things as well but what a joke this program has been.
  13. But agree, redo of the mexican restaurant and then bringing back 2 older rides (spin ride is updated version of old one). So does that mean the VIP lounge there is gone and if so where will it be?
  14. Has anyone emailed Kings Island about this? Pretty funny and sad at the same time....
  15. and again we got a phantom theater a couple years ago but i do like this repeat, So Top Gun on back but not on pin???
  16. Well I only have a gold pass and this year's pass perks program has been a joke as well. Been 45 times and have gotten zero pass perks..... Hmm....
  17. The Vortex pin is just a colored one of the same pin a couple years ago..... Can they not do pins that they have done recently? So many more rides they can do.
  18. but will they be on sale in the park??????
  19. looks like their originally weekly releases have come to a big halt.....
  20. Maybe they will sell pins that are 9.99 for 8.99 as they are originally marked on by manufacturer.
  21. I met up with a family with a disabled daughter and asked about their bag. Wasnt huge but it had medical supplies and it got tagged as ok. THey saw another bag get approved with medical supplies. So not so sure about this diabetes stuff being denied if in a bag. I am diabetic but choose not to bring my supplies. Also you could have the child/nursing house by the Eiffel Tower hold them.
  22. Went last night and they DO allow people in with medical supply bags. They are turning away every one else with bags basically since too big. You dont need them and wear pants with pockets and/or a jacket
  23. Just trying to remember what the price of a Gold Pass was for 2022. I see 2023 it is 130ish and wondered how much it went up.
  24. Just got back from park. Viking fury pin finally out for sale in Celebrations store by front gate only. But... Also found one of thi sweek's pins King Cobra. So they did not know about/if WInterfest pin or what other pin should have been out this week.
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