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  1. Also read on another thread they removed the "1" (Bobbie Kenievel reference) as well. Looks like someone did not do their homework for this display and such.
  2. They have released the third and fourth pins in the series. Interesting to note that it now says available in park and online. Previously was ONLY online. Did they realize people dont want to keep paying 8 bucks for shipping each time they release stuff? Very odd as they can sell lots more stuff in park but online should be an optional way if you cant make the park but not only...
  3. I prompted KI about this a couple weeks ago right after the change. They say it is part of a programmed change to the show to keep it unique. I dont buy that answer as nothing else in the show has changed.
  4. Daughter and I at park on Sunday. Riding Mystic Timbers and met a guy from Michigan (first time at park) and he had bought a fast pass. Told him too bad for that day since park was DEAD and all rides were walk on. He wanted to ride Beast but it was said to be down. Riding Mystic we saw Beast running. Found him after ride and we headed to Beast with him. While walking to Beast he said he heard they removed the loop in the track redo.... We said no just retracking and that was SOB which is long gone....
  5. We saw it yesterday at 1 PM and agree, it is an amazing show. That drum line is everywhere and they do a great job as well!
  6. But you would think that with Barry Williams doing the talk, that Brady Bunch would be ok and they would have checked that out prior to the show.
  7. We have watched from front gate right side, left side and now by Eiffel Tower. I guess the restaurant $75 dessert spot is supposed to be the best but not sure. No really great spot yet. Of course if past the fountains you miss that. But we did turn around last night and saw lighting on the restaurant on top we had not seen before. Bit the drones location has moved a couple times and better that they are more to the left.
  8. Did anyone notice that they recently did a drone change in the show? They used to show Brady Bunch and now it does Groovy.... Any ideas of why this change happened? Also they keep moving the drones around it seems Beginning was way right of now and up. Now lower and to the left almost behind the tower. Is there really a good place to see the entire show?
  9. they finally posted the times on the website: Showtimes* 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:30
  10. yeah and especially at the park. Has no hours listed from what we saw a few days ago.
  11. Does anyone know the show times of Off The Rails? It starts tomorrow and they are not on the site and we were there earlier this week and did not see in person.
  12. It is nice but we got ready for parade about 40 min ahead like we did for Carnival. Could have walked up and just watched on coney/pre main street areas. Most people had no clue about it. Was nice but expected more for 50th anniversary. But the show after closing is pretty big so guess that is where most the money went to.
  13. So they have announced a 50th anniversary street party starts June 18th. Is this going to be a parade or just events along main street?
  14. does anyone have pics of all the years of the stones they can post?
  15. It is still low and has been for days. Maybe cleaning but think that would have been done off season when it was empty...
  16. Is Orion closed today due to wind issues?
  17. ok I will go back to that area again. So does anyone know where the photo box with the red and blue racers is? They had one outside of The Beast a year or so ago.
  18. So I have found the old picture board by Racer and the other by Vortex. I have heard that there is a third one but where is it? I looked around the Carousel area but found none. Let me know please.
  19. No, car on track was finishing up and made it to break run. Just had not seen this before.
  20. I was waiting in line for it to open that day and found it odd they were sending trains up the hill before the train on track was in the final break run....
  21. I have seen several people post pictures of the old TowerTopics magazine from Kings Island. Does anyone have electronic copies we could see?
  22. yeah, found them. Was just wondering why off of home site but no problem
  23. KI (and CP) used to have videos of the rides on their site and I cant find them now. Did they remove them or are they just hard to find on the site?
  24. So does this mean the entry track to the helix will now be flattened and at not such an angle for entry?
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