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  1. I was waiting in line for it to open that day and found it odd they were sending trains up the hill before the train on track was in the final break run....

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  2. They sold the Orion color changing cup at the store right by the ride last year.

    I see the full set on the kingsislandgear.com site but only want a few of the cups.

    I had read that someone saw individual cups sold in the park.

    Can anyone confirm this and if so where they might be?

    I have asked at Customer Service and did not get an answer.



  3. Well I got a text last night from my son that said The Beast was closed Thursday and riders were evacuated.    They apparently started doing track work right away to fix some issues.

    He sent me an aeiral  picture from above and the segment and it shows new track wood on it.

    Not sure if this is the only spot but apparently it is a track related problem and they are working it.



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  4. My daughter wanted a small snoopy and they ran out early this season.    Kept coming back to park and no avail as no new stock.   Well I saw that the number online to call for SpringDot is 513-542-4000 (ask for Halanna).    They said you can order online for this at CP online store or Carowinds as they have them.    FYI, Springdot is the store and in cincinnati that sells them.    So I asked if I could just order one and pickup since close and not pay shipping.   Yep.    Went there, got it and no problem.    So if you live local, Springdot office is near downtown cinti and you can call directly and get online stuff there.   Going back again for a couple CP pins and one more KI pin .

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