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  1. Yes, I would love to get a signed copy as well. Will you be at an event somewhere signing books when released? I love history books and especially those on amusement parks.
  2. So why are the cameras down now that the park is open? Especially for Orion. Just wondering.
  3. So when will the reservation system be up for the general public?
  4. What track work on Beast? Do you have pics/videos of it?
  5. I would expect they are doing testing this week with the nice weather ahead.
  6. When we were there for the construction preview, it was there and in tact. Expect it might even be the Orion photo booth stop like it was for Firehawk.
  7. It looks like 4 more pieces of track and 1 support....
  8. So all large cranes dismanted and gone?
  9. So hard to tell but have they gotten track all the way down to the ground on the second hill?
  10. It appears they are removing the temporary side supports on the main drop now. I dont see one of them unless it is just the sun.
  11. Anyone heard anything about an onride photo/video spot like Mystic Timbers?
  12. Thanks. Also I did see that Zeus (Clifford) was bent down and wondered if that meant they were done with it. Do they need to extra large cranes for the turn around in the back?
  13. So where does the chain run? Most have a piece of track under the lift hill but not seen here. So is it put closer to the track?
  14. So I assume they will put the chain on next correct? They will need multiple large cranes for that.
  15. Went to take picutures yesterday afternoon and yes it is massive. The structure along makes Diamondback feel small. Love the first drop and how it bowls and that will produce some serious speed!
  16. Yes this appears to be an older one. Hopefully brining it back for the redo...
  17. I started collecting as well. I have all the above and maybe a few more. Asked if they had more coming this year and was told no. But said more were coming next year. Really hoping they do some older rides (not to mention Firehawk and Vortex).
  18. Can you post that link? I try from that site on my pc and get nothing....
  19. Yes, and it has been very smooth all year so what happened? We were on train 1 which of 1 and 2 is better.. Something changed.
  20. Yes I did my visit ride on Blue Racer but it was oddly rough. That side has been like glass so far this year and not sure what was up....
  21. Has all track for Orion been delivierd to KI? If not, how much is left.
  22. Doing early morning watching and see Zepher running... wonder if people are on it :-)
  23. I think it might be the next piece of the main lift hill to go up. But think they need Clifford or such to do the lift. Plus they need to put up next set of supports.
  24. Do we know the angle of the first drop?
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