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  1. Well you will see large people on rides such as MF at CP and not take the walk of shame. It is really about the hips and the belt going over that. Some larger people will fit and some will not based on the real waist line.
  2. So when does the crew get their training on the ride?
  3. yeah, there appears to be a walkway there. Maybe for traffic flow and Kodak Moments as well.
  4. I would love to see them finally enclose the entire helix as was noted on the original drawing. I remember being there and riding The Beast as the helix was being built and somewhat dissapointed when it was done but not covering the entire helix.
  5. Replace the seats on WindSeeker with Eagles........and crank'r up
  6. I so wish they would build a 'Lost Coney or Lost Kings Island' area like Kennywood. You could fill it with old flats from the past. Tumblebug, Eagles, Whip, ....)
  7. Nobody honored that great man more than I, but they couldn't really do that show forever... Vegas does....or so it doth seem. Vegas also doesn't offer season passes....or so it doth seem. I've heard of people getting a "pass" to go to Vegas; never heard of anyone getting a "season pass" to go to Vegas. As far as replacing Ed Alonzo's show, I think it would be pretty awesome if they could do something like the ShadowBox Caberet in there. For those that haven't been (I'm not even sure if it still exists in Northern Kentucky and Columbus or not) it was a mix of live, part improve part sketched comedy mixed in with live music/singing. The people doing the improve were also the same people playing/singing the music. They'd have to tone it down a bit to make it more family friendly for KI, but I wouldn't imagine that would be too tough. Something like that would be awesome. Personally, if they could find a way to run the Blue Racer backwords again, might be more thrilled about that than the installation of Banshee. It ran that way for what, 20 seasons (guess)? so it obviously works, even if they had to modify the trains. Of course getting new trains or modifying the existing ones to get PTC to sign off may not be a cheap endevour, but I adored the Backwards Racer. Well they started going backwards during The Bat (original) final days of operation. I was at the park daily with my friend and we could catch a Bat ride when they would open it. Knew it was on its last trips as they got wilder and faster. I thought it was a PR thing to have people forget about The Bat and its issues. Yes we all agree in our family that backwards Racer is the way to go.
  8. Curious, does anyone have a number of hours that they must test before they can open it? I know they have multiple phases of testing but just curious a possible number of hours and conditions they must test.
  9. Second that motion. Rode it 10x in a row the last year in operation with my oldest son. Great ride! Yeah, rode it lots in Geauga Lake days and rode 10x in a row the final year as well. Wish that ride or a rebuild would come to KI.
  10. Saw bright lights on early and thought it was around Banshee but it is over by Delirium. What is up there?
  11. Well you miss a day you miss a lot. I am guessing the fencing on low areas went up fri/sat?
  12. As for KI getting the Flying Eagles back anytime soon, I asked this question to Don at the ACE December meeting at KI. His answer was nope. So I trust that answer and was very sad to hear it. It is a ride many miss and it does get a line (not huge but I usually had to wait several cylcles to ride).
  13. I remember my first ride on The Beast the year it opened. It was back in the days of the Running of the Bulls. I was with my family and freinds and met up with this guy who said he rode it lots and to ride with him. We waited for the front seat and I remember looking down the first hill and seeing that small opening way down there......It was a fantastic ride and still is today. I remember they were still building the helix cover and you would have wood slats sticking up as you flew past them. Oh yeah, the guy's name was Carl Eichelman, who held the most rides record on The Beast.
  14. They are graveling quite a few places under the track now. It looks like they have a dump pile up by the entrance.
  15. what is going on via the Banshee cam2 in the back section? Are they digging in the ground or is that something else?
  16. Second that motion. Rode it 10x in a row the last year in operation with my oldest son. Great ride!
  17. The current view from the Banshee cam of the ride from the tower looks like a Van Gogh painting of the ride.
  18. That would be a JoJo Roll. If I remember correctly Hydra the Revenge at Dorney Park has a camera for the barrel roll out of the station.
  19. So what happened to the video of the ride cars.?
  20. Yeah, I have cam page saved just before the covering. Looks like a next support is coming. Kinda funny they have to go to the camera cover , uncover, cover..... Understand possible reasons but wonder what is so special about the next lift or two.
  21. Anyone have the direct link to the new cam? We have the one for the other but just wondered.
  22. Clifford Jr. in half today so no steel work going to happen. Cant blame them, it is bitter cold out and that would be rough!
  23. well the next track piece is attached to crane but wonder if they will wait till tomorrow to hang due to cold/wind? As for tours, there have been quite a few and Don must do those in his sleep. I really appreciated his tour for the ACE conference winter party. Not sure how much more they will do of tours.
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