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  1. Just ordered mine online, just want to say thanks to Don and team for putting some stock online. My son is considered high risk so I wasn't able to make it to the park to purchase this back in October, I'm glad I didn't miss out.
  2. Try Membership@greatohiocc.org I got an email back literally within minutes.
  3. Don't forget, you're going to make Six Flags pay for it! In all seriousness, another +1 for malem. He does a good job at reading/covering all the threads, not necessarily the ones that are just interesting to him. As a moderator, you want somebody who views the whole site, not just a fraction of it.
  4. I think music can greatly improve the experience of an attraction. I think it's a very underrated element of theming.Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk I love the Legend howl and Banshee scream.
  5. Hendrick


    Looks like it. FunPix @ VisitKingsIsland.com
  6. Hendrick


    $40 for the season, or $20 for the day. FunPix
  7. Some of the rides ended up at Stricker's, such as the Pirat Ship and Electric Rainbow.
  8. We had a fun day. It rained the full hour that we drove the the park, but the rain slow down and stopped once we arrived. We got to ride the train, Devils Den, Music Express, and Tilt a Whirl, all of which were down 2 years ago when we last visited. Also took many laps on Blue Streak, Turtles, Paratrooper, Flying Scooters, and Tranbant. Crowd was difficult to judge. Today was $5 dollar wrist bands, but weather was rainy and cold. We were only at the park until 3, and it was noticeably busier as we left. It seemed all the rides were walk on, but the cycles were full. A lot busier then 2 years ago on a Saturday (but also a quarter of the price). Blue Streak seemed to be in a worst condition then 2 years ago. Entire front car was closed off, 90% of the tunnel roof was removed, one lap bars padding looked like a pink pool noodle, ect. With the exception of one or two employees, they were all very nice. Speaking to the Blue Streaks ride op, they've been having a bad time with cell phones out during a ride. He said that in the past 2 days he's personally caught 11 people trying to record the ride.
  9. I had heard (but I don't remember where), that the trains with this new restraint are a bit wider, which was too much for the track layout.
  10. Were the coupons for '15 or '16? Not that it really matters, just curious.
  11. The tentative plan is to go Sunday. We'll be about an hour outside of the park on Saturday, I figured we would visit the park one last time. My Mom loved to share stories of when she was a little girl and her family would make the trip to Conneaut Lake Park. That, and the times that her and her best friend would secretly ride their bikes to Idora. Youngstown sure was a different place back then.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. A quick search revealed: 2014: 515,937 (Source) 2013: 615,648 (Same as above) 2012: <600,000 (Source)
  13. My wife lost hers 4 or 5 years ago. When we called the park, they told us it would be $15 to replace, unless we had a police report in which case it would be free. But again, that was 4-5 years ago.
  14. I would love this. I fear that when the park eventually goes, Kennywood will be the one to pick up the ride leaving only one remaining. I wish someone could pitch this idea to Cedar Fair.
  15. I'm not saying that Dollywood isn't getting a coaster in '16, I'm just saying that image was created by someone having too much fun with the developer tools, that's all. Lorem Ipsum is used on placeholder pages for a reason.
  16. Two spelling mistakes in that image, plus the awkward phrasing "World's First Launched Wooden Roller Coaster"... Fake.
  17. The restraints remind me a lot of B&M's. Source
  18. When did you try to order yours? I didn't even order mine until the day the final section of the lift hill was torn down and got through on the first try. o_o Up until then I actually had no intention of getting one. I hated riding it but I think watching the video of it coming down actually saddened me slightly knowing that was the end and it will never come back so I buckled and got it. We also got a couple bolts.Wow...$200..my track didn't even cost that much straight from the park. I think they were being sold for close to a 100 even? The first day that they started taking orders. If I remember right, the phone line opened at 9am, and my first class ended at 9:18am.
  19. I assume this. I still remember trying to get through and order mine. Back then OSU had 12 minutes between classes. I don't know how many times I called in that 12 minutes, but the line was busy. My professor was just about to start class, and of course my last attempt was when I finally got through.
  20. Slightly unrelated, but I snapped my first set of Larson Flyers this weekend at the Columbus Zoo.
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