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  1. Geez, I remember my last trip to Beech Bend. Something involving having to pay 50 cents for a cup of water, going putt-putting, riding the Rumbler, then going home because it was a little on the boring side, no offense... The one of the few good things I remember from that trip was this amazing ORP I got of myself and my friends- one of whom had this great Bevis impression going on in the pic. And of course, the amazing Rumble-fest t-shirts...
  2. Y'know, I've recieved a few good GR's in my time, and I gotta say that one of the nicest things you could do for an employee there is not just to acknowledge a job well done to their face, but go over to Guest Relations and encourage their good behavior. It's a plus for everyone. Something you should know about bad GR's- I wouldn't advise giving them unless you knew what the situation was. If an employee was rude to you- that's one thing. But if an employee wasn't staring at the ride at the moment you saw them or whatever the reason was- just think before you do anything irrational. I had a good friend of mine get into a lot of trouble while working at CP for something he didn't do. Oh, and when you do give a GR for whatever reason, be specific. Being too vague (especially about the person involved) doesn't help anybody. Just a word of advice from a friend.
  3. I never really liked Cedar Fair's logos much, but this one just makes me yearn for the good ole days with Paramount.
  4. In my opinion, slingshot is more relaxing than thrilling. So if you want to try these out, and you're not sure how much excitement you can handle, try slingshot first. If you want a bigger thrill, go for skyflyer. I personally love both.
  5. I'm following nemo's rules, so here are my top five from other parks, as well as our own. 1. Raptor at Cedar Point 2. The Voyage at Holiday World 3. Dominator/X-flight at Geagua Lake 4. Faceoff at PKI 5. Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood
  6. The songs in I-Street and AZ do change, but not that much. I do have a semi-complete list of the stuff that plays in AZ, so here it is. Rock n Roll All Night (and party everyday) -Kiss You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet - BTO You're Unbelievable - EMF Think - Aretha Franklin Ssssudio - Phil Collins Get on your feet - Gloria Estefan Jump - Van Halen Good Vibrations - Beach Boys Shining Happy People - REM Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles Jungle Boogie -Kool and the Gang Ladies Night - Kool and the Gang Lucky Star - Madonna Borderline - Madonna Shake your Groove thing - Peaches and Herb Holiday - Madonna Escapade - Janet Jackson All Night Long - Lionel Richie Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez Let's Hear it for the boy - Footloose (the movie) soundtrack Larger than life - Backstreet Boys Celebration - Kool and the Gang Dance Into the Night - Phil Collins Heart of Rock n Roll - Huey Lewis and the News I'm so excited - Pointer Sisters I can see clearly now- (unsure) Johnny Nash Tear it up Burn it down - Garth Brooks Gonna Fly Now - Rocky Soundtrack
  7. Okay, now for my two cents worth: Bobby and I had a bit of a different experience during this trip, considering we went to nearly ALL of the events and ERTs involved in the trip, and not out in boofoo trying to find cervecas. I did get some nice pics of Voyage from the walkback tour, and I thoroughly enjoyed the late night rides on Voyage in the dark. (...And to think I've never heard a grown man scream like a little girl!) The Voyage has to be THE number one wooden coaster on my list. It out-does every wood coaster I've ever ridden! Considering it was extremely hot outside, myself, some personal friends of mine, and Bobby all rode Gobbler Getaway quite a few times- as it is the only air-conditioned ride in the park. I didn't mind the ride too much after I rode it a few times. The only thing that got me was the semi-realistic animatronic grandmother in the que. People who know me considerably well should know why I had such a problem with this the first few times riding. BTW- I believe Dane dubbed it "Cracker Barrel: The Ride". I got a pretty big holi-burn from staying out at splashin safari too long- as I spent a good deal of my time either treading water at Bahari (so sue me, I'm small), or trying to convince one of my friends to actually go someplace that is more than waist-deep. My only qualm here was that the Bahari Action River was nothing more than a lazy river, and it wasn't that much fun. Everything else in the waterpark rocked! There is only so much I can comment on as to what we all did at night... Let's just say we did a lot of celebrating and toasting to Runaway Reptar (and Beast). This trip was my very first time camping. I had quite a bit of fun, and it probably would have been better had the bathrooms not been about a quarter of a mile away from our tent site, and not so many bugs. I honestly didn't mind sharing a tent with Bill and Dane, and I really liked making s'mores and tipping our glasses around a campfire. It was very relaxing, but not as comfortable (and sanitary) as a hotel. Lake Rudolph is definitely a good place to go camping if you like camping, and they have separate sections for RV's, trailers, tent sites, and cabins. At the end of the last night of Holiwood nights, Bobby, a few friends, and myself marathonned the Raven- 6 rides in a row without getting off! There were some points in the ride where I felt those laterals were going to kill me - which explains why I was screaming like a little girl. Beech Bend, as said before, is quite different than the other parks we've been to. Their log flume has BLUE water. You have to make a two dollar deposit to play miniature golf (you get your two dollars back when you return the ball). Looping Star- wow. I can sum up this coaster in one word- ouch. I rode next to Ryan on our first ride. The ride operator didn't really bother to notice that my OTSR was several inches above my body. It wasn't close to touching me. I did pull it down a little further, but overall, everyone had problems with this ride. It's painful. Nuff said. Getting stuck on Scat 2 had to be one of the highlights of our trip to this park. It's an okay park if you want to bring a family for some inexpensive fun, but don't bother going there for some high-quality thrills. Yes, it does have a Gravitron and Kentucky Rumbler, and their (spinning) Wild Mouse, but those are probably the only good rides in the park. Kentucky Kingdom was a half day trip. To be perfectly honest, it wasn't worth the full day. We rode everything we possibly could, and got out of there. My highlights from there were: most of the operators, especially the ones on their skycoaster and the ones in the gift shop I went into were really friendly, RollerSkater, and buying a really cool rollercoaster building set for 19 dollars. Chang was painful yet colorful, T2 was REALLY painful, the operators (especially the driver) on Thunder run were disrespectful and need to learn to use a mic properly, the driver on T2 had no idea what he was doing, and, as usual, the park was dirty. As far as the ACE events go- everything they scheduled was really good. One person in our group and myself found the prayer before the ERT to be a little disrespectful towards other religions, but her speech was still good. It emphasized the importance of not wearing fanny packs on coasters. I love that. The walkback was great, the ERT's on Raven, Legend, Voyage, and Gobbler Getaway were well worth our time and HW's fudge is heavenly. ~Ariel L. Stein~ (aka: SkycoasterDreamer or Deliriumdreamer or whatever you want to call me now...)
  8. My sisters had a great time! They really enjoyed being one of the few kids in the park (for once), and marathoning reptar, as well as meeting the kind people who work for pki and pkic. They are going to be on at least two different news shows soon!
  9. Yay! You get to come back to my house!
  10. Depending on the crowd size, you can do everything in about a day (or less).
  11. Ok, my personal opinion- Holiday world. Awesome staff, great waterpark, clean park altogether, plus free drinks and parking. It's well worth the trip out there, and it's a nice change of pace.
  12. *Gasp* Now you guys got to bask in the glory of our senior class prank? I gotta admit- nailing the tables to the roof and attacking everyone in the lunchroom with water balloons dressed as stormtroopers was an awesome idea. Too bad they almost cancelled our senior breakfast because of that... And yeah, I beg to differ about your class being lazy. If memory serves me correctly, didn't you have Nat as your president? you guys got stuff done, and you got junior/senior shirts for you class that didn't look like some homeless grafitti person did them. But once again, I reiterate: I doubt that you will get the funding to do this trip. The fine arts trips and the trips to Italy were strictly educational. The school doesn't like to put out money for this kind of thing. You're better off scheduling a trip with your friends, like I did.
  13. You're from walnut? That's awesome! I just graduated from there! Good luck finding the money for the trip... the student council for my year got nothing done for our senior trip, even though we were supposedly going to the bahamas at a reduced cost.
  14. Darn it- I did see you in the park today... I just wasn't absolutely sure it was you. I also spent some quality time in NU today, in a different way.
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