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  1. Just won the contest tonight!!!! Looks like a mini beast train. Excited to see what it looks like!
  2. I wasn't even going up the hill yet when I put the phone away. Didn't think it would be such a big deal before the ride basically even started. In the original post, I stated that I put the phone away as soon as I heard him the first time which was before the hill after that little curve in the beginning.
  3. So I was riding Beast about to go up the hill and I was responding to a text message .. All of a sudden I hear out of the speaker from a ride op to put my phone away..I promptly put my phone away as soon as I heard..All of a sudden, the car stops at the beginning of the first hill and the guy walks out to grab my phone from me. He asked me rudely to give him my phone. I told him I had no idea that it was a rule and I put it away as soon as I heard. He then wanted to cop a little attitude and yell for the phone saying it is Ohio law to be using a cell phone during the ride and if I didn't give
  4. Thanks everyone for all your help. I did the 0 on the phone line and it just kept me on hold the whole time. Not sure what was going on there today that they couldn't answer my phone call. I planned on going up there Friday so I'll just figure out then.
  5. Since the Kings Island phone operators don't ever pick up and I can't seem to get a hold of them I thought I would ask on here first before making a trip up to KI. Anyways, I bought a gold pass last year and misplaced it after the season thinking I didn't need it anymore. When I go to renew online for 2011 , it says I need a card number and obviously I don't have that. Is there a way I can get the renewal price still? I'm thinking they could look up my information when I go up there, and they'll just replace the card. Any help? Thank you!
  6. Sorry about late response but I did get a ride home from the girlfriend's dad that night..They let me keep the car in the parking lot over night and I went to go pick it up the next day..Luckily I had a spare key at home.
  7. I think a lot of September weekends are mostly just filled with local people and pass holders..Everyone is done with summer in September, kids back in school, etc..
  8. I've never lost anything on Diamondback the previous 20 times I have rode it so I thought some keys wouldn't be a problem.
  9. I was at Kings Island a few days ago and I lost my keys on Diamondback which included my car key so I had no ride home after losing them..What really disappointed me was that none of the staff really tried to look for them..Yes I know there are signs all over the park about not being responsible for lost articles..But seriously keys that are lost when I told them I had a pretty good idea where they had dropped..I was sitting by lost and found for about 2 hours after the park closed when they finally came up to me and said they had found nothing which meant they found NOTHING at all not even ph
  10. Thinking about going for Halloween Night..Trying to get away from all the trick and treaters and all that..Can we still get in with our 2007 season pass?
  11. Club Blood sounds pretty sweet...That is probably going to be the first one I'll be going to... The Dead Awakening also sounds interesting...Not sure which theater is the Showplace Theater though...Any help guys?
  12. Well I'm 16..Only about 5'7..It was just mostly my head..Just kept bouncing back and everything..Never felt that way before.. Well yeah..It was never as bad as yesterday though..
  13. I'll keep that in mind..Thanks..Yes I did ride in 7-2
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