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  1. Logged on to this website for the first time in years today. Did not expect any notifications. Much less somebody quoting a comment I wrote when I was 10. Thanks for the awesome surprise lmao
  2. I was just at Cedar Point: guy: Isn't mean streak like really, really old? me: no, that's blue streak... guy: No it's mean streak. the one in the back right? me: well yeah, but mean streak was built in the 90s... guy: No, I think you're wrong. That other one, gemini was built in the 90s. me: no it wasn't... guy: Yeah it was! girl who I was with: no it wasn't, we were here for gemini's 30th birthday last year. guy: Dude. That was mean streak. Get your facts right. *walks away* ...needless to say-- well, no, actually, if it's needless to say then I just won't say it. -vl2 *edit* So I haven't been here in a looong time, and i Kinda stopped being active a while ago. but I just noticed an odd coincidence, the only time I've posted since last year (right now) was on the 6 year anniversary of when I joined this website. I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of that.
  3. I'd like to see them expand x-base, and (in my opinion) intamin track looks kind of experimental, so I'd be fine with an intamin over by Firehawk and Flight of Fear. and maybe a restaurant, some flat rides, a vending machine...
  4. just remembered this, from a while ago at Cedar Point: somebody asked me how many times disastor transport goes upside down. So I politely answered them. "6." Don't worry, I corrected myself...
  5. don't they need the mid ride breaks for the blocking system?
  6. I only trust wikipedia if it has a source. if it doesnt its just fun to read, so why delete it?
  7. It does that for safety reasons. The next train isn't always out of the next block yet, so it stops on the lift. I'd only be scared if it stops doing this. as for the part about it being rusty and faded... it used to be painted red... somewhat near the color of rust... plus, is there any chain lifted roller coaster that doesn't creak on the lift? also it's kind of hard to effectively take care of a ride by arrow... as has been pointed out earlier in this thread....
  8. I hate it when people do that thing about one motor per train. Somebody even went as far to say "that's what's clinking on the lift hill" once.
  9. I've ridden Iron Dragon, and, as a result, I will NEVER complain about Flight Deck again...... odd, my thought exactly.
  10. right, I forgot it was arrow who built it. For some reason I always think it's Vekoma. Anyways,it's odd you would say b&m invert after my comment, because that's exactly what I was thinking. but again, why couldn't they get s&s to do it. I mean, (and I could be mistaken, because I'm working off of memory here) they still support X, don't they? I think that was arrow and s&s anyways...
  11. If I were them I'd move it to x-base, expand that area, and put something more thrilling where it is now. It would be sad if it was gone though, seeing as it's much better than iron dragon, and still kinda fun... but then again, I have never said ANY roller coaster isn't fun, so...
  12. at Cedar Point yesterday: disaster transport: (random guy in line): oh yeah, this ride is completely dark. No lights at all. You can't see ANYTHING. And it goes upside down. 10 times. (random girl behind us in line): No it's not a roller coaster. Yeah, it's like tomb raider at Kings Island. (I burst out laughing) Dragster: (guy points at top): OMG! THAT GIRL JUST FELL OUT! Other random things that happened: (random guy): The clinking on the hill is the train's motor. (little girl, probably about 6) [wearing shirt that says "life is better blond"]
  13. no, I mean in the video window- the diagonal bars that show the video is loading. anyways, for those of you that the videos still aren't working for, I found the POV on youtube. have fun =]
  14. well, on mine, the videos have had those green diagonal bars going across the bottom for an hour now, and they aren't loading... and I have a pretty good computer, and firefox 3, so I have no idea what the problem is.
  15. i've been noticing that at the turn of every hour it displays the right time for a couple minutes or so, and then adds an hour... but change your computer's time to 2:00 and it says 00:00:00:00.000
  16. there have never been any fatalities on them. They have both had ...little incidents (I'm pretty sure The Beast has anyways)... but never any fatalities. Beast has two lift hills, sonny has one. Beast has a long tunnel, sonny does not. Beast has never gone upsidedown, and has never moved the picture. Sonny Has... Beast is in the woods. Sonny is probably afraid of the dark or something, because sonny's in the open. Beast is longer. Sonny is shorter. Beast is more fun, Sonny is more painful. =] vl2 **edit** ^wait, what?? didnt zi422 start the thing about Vortex being removed, and 2009 coaster being where Vortex is, and all of it happening this month??
  17. well, maybe there is a small bit of truth to this. Looking more widespread at these forums, there are a few more rumors which could make this one truth. example: Kings Island is getting 3 roller coasters in 2009. maybe there's one that they haven't started building yet that they're calling grandSon of Beast... I guess we'll see in 13 and a half hours, because if there's any truth to this they'd annouce it then...
  18. ^I hope so... I was just watching as the clock turned from 9:59 to 10:00 and it went from 3 hours 1 minutes to exactly 2 hours... weird huh? seems like its going online at midnight, but they're unveiling it at the park at 2... I hope anyways...
  19. just went today, a couple new ones: (little girl pointing at delerium) IS THAT The Racer??? (Son of Beast ride op.) And have a good ride on Flight deck--[censored]--Son of Beast, the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster! (random guy in line for Flight of Fear) yeah, this ride takes you upside down 7 times. (random guy in line for Flight of Fear) the movie this is based on is about the government finding a UFO, and when they go in it everything starts going crazy. (random people in line for Son of Beast) guy: Why'd they change the ride names? girl: paramount sold Kings Island to Universal. (random guy in line for The Beast) I can ride The Beast with no handlebars... with no handlebars... that last one's my favorite vl2 **EDIT** for got about this... me: The new ride's B&M. them: huh? me: You know, like raptor and mantis them: then wouldn't it be R&M?
  20. well, yes we know the layout. It looks like a good layout... from the top. we don't know how tall this will be. Based on the layout we've seen, it could be about 250ish feet tall, with a normal lift hill. BUT: the signs say steep incline ahead. So maybe they're getting ready to announce the worlds tallest coaster or something. To me, that WOULD be the most exciting thing in park history. but then again, as it has been said before, they did make an anouncement back in 78 or something that announced the worlds tallest fastest and longest roller coaster... I hate marketing. vl2 MAJOR EDIT: There is such thing as a horse snake. Many experts say it is the TAIPAN found in austrailia. Could this be why they're marketing both snakes and horses??????
  21. I don't know about the dates, but 12E means it was the twelfth coaster designed by somebody with an E at the beginning of one of their names.
  22. they would have to overhaul the whole area again, and that means taking things down, putting new things up, etc. Also, didnt they paint FOC purple? that doesnt go very well with a BEAST now, does it?
  23. 1st, if something is getting named grandSon of Beast, then My latest post in the "rumor coaster 2009" thread could have been on to something... 2nd, think logically. They rethemed the ride, repainted everything (including the trains) the year before last. Do you honestly think that Cedar Fair is in the financial situation to do that again? Unless we're getting 3 roller coasters this year, like somebody else predicted, I doubt they are renaming ANYTHING GrandSon of Beast. **EDIT** I just realized paramount did the overhaul... but still, CF isnt in the financial situation.
  24. Im perfectly fine with reading about it on the internet =]
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