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  1. Doug apple was one of the kindest, and most respected people I have ever met. He was my supervisor for many years at KI and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. I am so happy to have been able to call Doug a friend. I will greatly miss seeing Doug on Thursday nights and at the park. Rest in peace my friend!
  2. JD as you know this stuff really fascinates me and I thank you much for your hard work and dedication to this project! Unfortunately with work being very busy and KIC taking a large backseat in my life for the past 2 years I do not check in here very often at all except to catch up with some friends thoughts. Still I will check in when I can and see all these photos so please consider me good for a comment a day towards your goal even if I say nothing!
  3. ^maybe you'll get 12" this time instead.... I really cannot wait to ride this new ride. I've had a dollywood season pass now for I think four years and I love going down for mainly the shows and the area but the park really was needing another special ride. They really have a great collection of rides now and the shows are top notch! And the food!!!! I'll also be going down first weekend of December and can't wait for christmas in the smokies!
  4. Approximately 48 exotic animals believed to be roaming free in Zanesville. Crews from The Wilds and The Columbus Zoo have been dispatched to help contain the wild animals. This makes my stomach turn. From the Associated Press: http://www.google.co...0c570aeec22b691
  5. Well....he is leaving real soon! Perhaps there is something to it? lol
  6. I am so sorry to hear of your father's passing. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures, they truly are great and capture the spirit of the era! Thanks again!
  7. This gentleman speaks the absolute truth! I love The Wilds, and hope to get back this summer!
  8. I agree with Ross, Terpie, Jzarley and many others who have posted here. This to me is absolutely great news. Really there are no better words to describe what this could do for the company. This is a life-breathing move in my opinion, and I think the market will soon react positively to the upside of Ouimet's impending tenure.
  9. Just remember Leland, Q did not propose answers to those questions that you just asked. So be careful how much blame you place to Cedar Fair in not immediately laying out these procedures. Q gave NO direction either, you need to remember that! And as for your first question, I personally feel that the insiders of the company have more information on the internal and external environment than us other stakeholders in the company. For that reason I think that roughly three years can be an appropriate amount of time to create a "new direction". In some cases management/BOD does have better answers than the stakeholders, and I think unit holders should be careful to undermine that or you may see the board of directors and upper management become a carousel with lots of inefficient turnover!
  10. Days of Thunder is my favorite movie to ever grace the Action Theater Screen! I loved that ride, it was my favorite ride at Kings Island for a very long time!
  11. I often forget about the Viking Ship, I always try to ride it when at the park, but I forget it's there!
  12. I would raise gate admission to match that of Dollywood, Cedar Point or SFGA. I would bring more shows to the park, utilizing the talent of local performing arts groups. And there IS talent out there. There are singers and dancers and groups in my area specifically who never know anything about Kings Island auditions (That's a major problem). Additionally, the higher gate price could bring in some professional groups on the fringe. I would bring back a more robust summer concert lineup. (Something that could have really helped Hard Rock Park, and one of the ONLY things that kept Cypress Gardens afloat as long as it was) I would bring in a sit down restaurant similar to Gameday Grill, with an entrance to the exterior of the park open during offseason hours as well as in-season hours. This would be an experience on par with Bdubs, or Frickers etc. with gameday parties during March Madness, and football season. Also, I would add some teacups, and some landscaping to the area next to IS theater behind the lighted stars and characters. Finally, that pavement in Action Zone would come up, and the landscaping there would be reworked with emphasis on photo spots, and strategic shade opportunities. Last but not least I would like to add some more family rides, not rides for a kid and his/her parent(s), but a ride that grandma and grandpa can ride together, something thematic, original, and adventurous.
  13. Blue Icecream.... ? I about died laughing at this Paul! I was thinking Dippin' Dots though? If only PizzaBaby027 knew as much about grammar and sentence structure as he/she claims to know about park rules.
  14. Let me simply state, First, you find people who like you. Second, you woo them, and you become one of them. Third, You learn their weaknesses and you exploit them. Fourth, you stay consistent, keeping the pressure on and aggravate as much as you can. Fifth, with the wind at your back, the people on your side, and a perceived injustice to fight, you claim what you wish, Yeah, OK, so that's a little dramatic, but if you don't see "The Art of War" in this whole drama, you are looking too close. We may not know what Q's motives are, but I think it is becoming plain to see what they want. And what I described? You might as well find it in a novel called, "The Art of the Takeover" by Anonymous Private Equity Group.
  15. Well, if the zoo is not spending a penny according to the one article, then the $11 million is not theirs to spend anyways. The savings on electricity however, would be theirs to spend how they see fit within certain legal obligations. But, obviously you are right on the math, that money just isn't directly theirs! And this project will help fulfill the mission of a non-profit zoological facility such as the zoo, which in many cases is more important than the financial sense of a particular investment.
  16. I just would like to point out as well: That quoted $140,000 could very well go into an endowment (if donations to the zoo can be found allowing such usage) which will return interest and build to a much larger sum. Over 40 years, in long term holdings at an average of 10% growth per year, the zoo would have around $6.3 million in a fund that further covers the operating costs of the zoo (from just the first year of savings alone!). The implications of this investment go much beyond covered spaces, clean energy, and the monetary ROI of the project. The savings can be used for other projects that may yield more donations, more research monies, or greater animal care. Don't just stare at this $11 million investment in blind awe. The savings I am sure will be used in other areas that have a multiplier effect for the zoo's economy and prestige.
  17. My guess would be that successor was ready to succeed... Or that the leader just wanted to lead... Regardless of the actual logic behind Jack Falfas leaving, one has to wonder how a decision could be made by someone (CEO), so quickly when their relief from their post is supposedly imminent? The clouds roll in before the storm hits, and we are left wondering what was in those clouds...
  18. INTERPRETER! Noooooo! How dare you post this! Way to throw a match on a puddle of gasoline. This is gonna pass the Diamondback thread. Just watch
  19. Are we sure there was power to the ride when this happened however? Could have been a situation where a train needed to be manually moved and came free...
  20. Yeah, Browntggr, It would have to use those cool safari ride vehicles posted earlier in this thread.
  21. That would actually be really cool, and would offset some of the loss of the 'Tiques. I actually really like this idea. The ideas offered up recently are much more easy to read, and dream about! I for one would love to see the new AT movie, and the entrance to AT changed some, and then have this big ride through in the jeep. That would make for one amazing area!
  22. For immediate realese: Post of the year! Kudos to you, on the press release. That was good for a nice laugh!
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