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  1. I always thought he’d do a hockey podcast or something next. This is way out of left field! I present to you Don Helbig Sporting Goods! https://www.donhelbigsportinggoods.com
  2. I just saw on KIC's FB that Kings Island said that there wouldn't be bins for loose articles on Banshee. Rather, you could rent lockers. What are your thoughts?
  3. Hey everyone! I have a bit of information and you can take it for what it's worth. I was at Haunt on Friday night and was minding my own business and ended up walking behind two guys who worked at the park scoping around the fountain on I-Street. I didn't exactly hear their whole conversation, but what I did make of it was that they were talking about filling in the fountain and having a daily FMX motocross show. I had heard from a lot of people that the FMX freestyle thing they had over Memorial Day weekend was really popular, but this is a little extreme, don't you think? The FMX thing was cool, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about them removing the fountains... Again, this was just something I overheard. I'm not trying to claim to have the inside goods. I just thought I'd share. -YG
  4. I'm not making this post to reopen the SOB thread. Ryan closed it for a reason and we should respect that. I do however think that it's ironic that Carrie Whitaker, the Warren Co beat writer for the Enquirer, finds it more important to copy and paste the same article over and over again about SOB with almost no new info each time when in two weeks a man is going to risk his freaking life with a high wire walk 262 feet above the ground and she ignores that. This, my friends, is why the newspaper industry will be gone sooner than later.
  5. Call me an old timer but I always thought media day was for the media so they could get their shots and write their stories and park enthusiasts got 100+ operating days to enjoy the ride for themselves.
  6. Meh... if people are complaining about a simple sign that the park clearly spent thousands designing and building I can see why they didn't bother to spend millions doing an entire theme for the ride.
  7. Just 230 foot lift hill? Not evil enough! Is this ride evil? Or is the Diet Coke of roller coasters? is this an evil roller coaster or is is quasi-evil? Did this ride cost ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS? Come Mr. Bigglesworth. Take a spin on my new thrill machine. ...the rest of the riders .. I had them melted with hot liquid magma.
  8. Let's bet back to the captions... "And Allan H. thought he was getting his own train."
  9. I know someone has mentioned this before but I called Kings Island's 800 number to see when the current season pass deal ends (November 2nd, by the way) and the girl told me that season pass holders will be the first to ride Diamondback! I guess we can take that as a confirmation!!!
  10. Wow Bodda... do you have that at your house and are using it as a coffee table or something?
  11. There used to be a stone near the flags on I-Street that said something like, "Kings Island Salutes the American Coaster Enthusiasts." When I was at the park on Saturday I noticed it was gone. What happened to it?
  12. Yeah, it may sound minor but a lot of people get injured by people bringing loose articles onto rides... even cups. Food and drinks is very specifically prohibited. I'm sure that guy was just someone's kid or something, but his parents should have taught him to listen and obey park rules and procedures. I hope the Kings Island higher ups don't know him because I've heard of them suspending people from KI for things like that.
  13. Let's look at the clues... Bodda said that the name is in a clue on the signs near the construction. A sign that no one has really mentioned is slippery when wet. Of course, everyone things it refers to the splashdown thing, but why would they be slipper when wet? What's really slipper when wet? ICE!!! Now, let's look at posibilities... The PR guy from Kings Island is Don Helbeg who used to work for the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks. When the Mighty Ducks closed up shop they tried to start a new team called the RailRaiders. Now, aside from being a really good name for a coaster, they probably never copywrited it since the team never actually played. So look at the facts: -We have the slippery when wet clue. -The name is probably available since an employee of KI probably helped come up with it. -The people of KI said that the reason why the new ride names (Flight Deck, Drop Tower, etc) were so bland was because it's hard to come up with names that weren't taken already and this one would be almost a freebee!!! Any thoughts???? Here's the logo they used: Just think... they could make it like an old time train theme and it would fit the Western theme!!
  14. I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that there's more to come so I'd do it...
  15. You and Bodda have a lot of explaining to do. lol
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