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  1. I was on the valleyed Invertigo train. I was in row 14 and the ride was running like it normally does... until I felt the trims after the loop and knew something wasn't right and exactly knew what was happening. It was indeed a little scary going "almost upside down" and flopping a bit in my seat in once instance while the train was being gently slowed and stopping and rolling backwards. Being in row 14 meant I was the last to be removed as they had to unload the whole train with a scissor-like lift platform and since I was over the queue awning, they had to release the brake and the train was able to lower a few more feet. They did a great job and i was off in about 30 minutes or so. They were on it.
  2. Now if only they could rename "Drop Tower" to something like Drop of Doom or something to that effect to tie the area together more.
  3. Son of Beast was part of a 2-Year, $40 Million Expansion that included Drop Zone, Face-Off and the Action Zone area. Ironically, Son of Beast coast about $14 Million to build and over the years, they put almost twice that amount back into it with repairs and reprofiles. I'm thinking the announcement for the 2014 ride will be near the mid-to-end of August, as that coincides with Kentucky Kingdoms coaster announcement a bit before and the Six Flags announcements on August 29th as well as much of the industry making announcements before Labor Day.
  4. Me still thinks the parallel footers will be the bottom of the lift hill on an inverted coaster per my drawing a few pages back. Linky: http://rcdb.com/9675.htm?p=39580
  5. I'm still trying to tell whether or not they will use those old King Cobra footers.
  6. Jeff and Maureen are fantastic. Never had the pleasure of meeting David.
  7. ^ Cedar Fair did approach Funtime Rides to build a giant Starflyer, but they liked the Mondial WindSeeker models better.... most likely due to the 64-seat capacity.
  8. See if this link workshttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=617456288266110&set=pb.247739365237806.-2207520000.1371520908.&type=3&theater
  9. I've created a rough rendering of what I think the ride will look like, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to attach a jpeg/png. I am not familiar with the way the tools work in this forum. John P (feeling old)
  10. I rode it about 3 weeks ago, it felt pretty good considering it's nearly 30 years old. Getting older might have something to do with it. Your body can change a lot in 10 years. I have ridden Viper, Shockwave and GASM. Viper was the most rerideable of the three but the other two were more fun. Just really intense.
  11. I absolutely agree. The "Larson Flyers" at Camden, Hershey, Great America, Columbus Zoo, Indiana Beach, etc. are decent, but nothing quite like our original Bisch-Rocco 10-Tub Park model. I know people who have gotten them to snap a few times, but it's not recommended by the manufacturer. Incidentally, the "8-Tub Bisch-Rocco Portable Model" wasn't very good either (Seabreeze, Strickers Grove, Conneaut Lake) but featured the same tubs as the Park version. Idlewild has a 10-Tub model built by Premier Rides, which looks very similar to ours and from what I have heard, handles like it too. A Picture: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1180/131237...1ce730b.jpg?v=0 Sadly, I don't see Cedar Fair building such a low-capacity ride such as these, but I can see them possibly going the Ferris Wheel route.
  12. I would LOVE to see the Flying Eagles return! Or if not, I know Premier Rides build a 10-Tub version very similar to ours. Idlewild put one in in 2006. (Larson builds the 8-Tub) Of course, a nice big Ferris Wheel would look great there!
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