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  1. Hello all! My friend had a defibrilator put in at the end of February. She has congestive heart failure due to H1N1 attacking her heart instead of her lungs. Her doctor said as long as she stays away from the rides with a harness restraint she should be okay, but I am worried about her. We're planning a trip with some friends, so my question is has anyone here rode with one and been okay? Or have a friend/family member that has? Thanks! Chrissy
  2. They need to make up their minds and do SOMETHING! I, personally loved Sonny. But when riding Adventure Express, especially at night, looking over and seeing SoB standing dormant is pretty eerie and creepy, and just plain SAD.
  3. It looks like there's a couple storms heading that way from Indiana right now. After those it looks clear, Happy Riding! And The Beast in the rain... bucket list!!!!!
  4. Ryan got her on! Thank u soooo much! We were in row 3 of the 'Happy Birthday' train!
  5. beast only got her 1 click. the crypt was also a no for her. riding stunt coaster now. Diamondback next
  6. How many clicks for The Beast??
  7. Hello all! Long time no chat. I have a question for the ladies and Diamondback. I am bringing a friend to HH with me Saturday, and she's pretty big. Wears a size 22, and is large in the butt and stomach. She's been able to ride Everything except Drop Zone before... was wondering what the chances are for DB? It's my first time this year, and I REALLY want to ride DB but I know she will be crushed if she can't. Should she even attempt? Do the ops try to help? Any kind of input would be appreciated. Chrissy
  8. Amen to that! A couple weeks ago was the first time I rode in the front seat, and it was awesome!! Scared the hell outta me with the final swing to come back into the loading area!
  9. Just wondering if there are any songs that remind you of a KI visit? Or a song KI uses a lot? Whenever I hear 'Clocks' or 'Leave me breathless' I always think of KI because at that time those were the songs all over the Sky Vision tv's. Anyone else?
  10. Flight Deck was open this past Saturday, we rode it. As well as the Eiffel Tower. We didn't really go to any of the "Halloween Haunt" attractions, but the people that are walking around scared the bejesus out of me several times. Especially the people that 'slide' into you from the ground.
  11. Slingshot, EXtreme Skyflyer, the "carnival" rides and the Drop Tower!
  12. I also wonder this. I am 5'6 and about 275. Last time I was there I was about 289 and could ride everything but FoF and Drop Zone. But Firehawk wasn't there so I don't know about that. We may be going this weekend though, and I'm rather skeptical about going. Like you, I am also on the weight loss journey, so congratulations and keep it up!
  13. Yep, I still have both to this day!
  14. Very cool. I've been a "lurker" for quite sometime, and have always enjoyed your reports Chef!
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