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  1. This year I have noticed that the fights and people being straight up crazy has increased. Every haunt I went to last Saturday at some point had cops running in, lights being turned on. And at one point someone was pushed out of Wolf Pack on a stretcher. I honestly think the alcohol sales should end when haunt starts. Most of these were from people being stupid drunk. Was a shame. Because I didn’t get to go into everyone I wanted because this increased wait times.
  2. I noticed last night there was a new tombstone sitting right next to it. That wasn’t there before. Could it be another hint? makes me think of Robinson Cursoe who was an explorer. So could be Adventure Express
  3. I agree. But the plants vs zombie thing was fun at Carowinds. I really enjoyed it. I think it could be a nice fit for Kings Island
  4. Well when I heard it wasn't finalized as yet I thought maybe they are still debating. But however we do have a rather large motion theater that has been sitting empty. And with parks receiving plants vs. zombies/mass effect maybe that's what they are still finalizing. Which one to put in. Or another though. Placing VR on a coaster like Iron Dragon received this year. The Bat or Adventure Express could both benifit from it with there lower rider counts.
  5. I think it's going to be a dark ride kinda like Canada's wonderland utilizing the old crypt building. This is what supports my claim. While on Diamondback u can see clearing right on the other side of train station that kinda looks parelle to the tracks. Also I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this. There are new games located around the old crypt building. In fact if I'm not mistaken isn't the new soccer game sitting right in front if not right on top the old que line for the crypt. So that could mean the haunt that is there will not be returning. Plus that building could house a pretty good dark ride element and drop track. Now the theme around it could be beast related. But I doubt it. However a prehistoric theme or river monster theme could be the storyline of the dark ride. Just my thinking. Btw hello everyone been a long time since I've been on.
  6. was at the park today and part of the water park is closed off, with backholes tearing up ground near the blue twisted slides, forgive me don't know the names. wonder what they are doing
  7. i havent been to the park and havent been on the site for a while, last i heard it was rumored to leave but that was months ago, kinda sad to see it go was the only ride at the park my mom liked.
  8. I was thinking with the 66 days think and pilgrim plunge rumored to leave the park, maybe they are getting a new attraction in its place. Maybe a steel water coaster!!
  9. been a long time since ive been on here, but have visited and lurked. I heard that they were waiting on a part from Germany. and that it arrived but it wasn't the right part. but it was just rumors, so take it like salt grains.
  10. Well there is one spot surrounded by trees in the lot. But you have to be dead to park there
  11. Unless ones on the way out.... I don't see Invertigo going anywhere. It's a great ride with a vintage feel. Boomerang coasters are great for parks
  12. Hey everyone. Been a long time since I've posted. But I've been around lurking. I have read this thread from beginning to present. All I want to say is WOW! So much crap. And flat beds carry more then track. I agree it's most likely a drainage system for the new area! And that I'm looking into it as a invert and the track color to be yellow, due to the painting of Invertigo! They stated we are painting this for a future attraction. So to not confuse the two it would make since the new one invert be yellow! Two inverts in the same area same color would look weird. Just my two cents.
  13. If not mistaken wasn't FOF built after the building was already erected.
  14. this was easy for me, I love the old time type of flats, so monster all the way, shake rattle and roll is a close second. I find Delirium to be a very calm ride, In fact i think it could rock me to sleep, so many of the new flats get repetitive, but with the monster its a different ride everything you ride it, I wish Kings Island has some of my other favs, like the zipper, and chaos (yes i know these are becoming harder and harder to find) kinda sad. Oh and breakdance is another I wish Kings Island had one, I also like flats that look amazing while running, like they are a piece of art.
  15. Will someone just kill this dang thing already.
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