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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. huh, not a shocker here, after they closed half the park and moved there star coaster. and the whole superman tower thing i didnt see it staying open for much longer. I would how ever like to see a new company pick it up and try to bring it back to the way it was in the 90's. That park could have been great. It was still a fun place to visit. Im sadden that its leaving.
  2. I have an interview with the park this friday at 3, for ride operations, im excited, i hope i get the job.
  3. Why cant KI invest into something like Holiday World has on voyager. You pass your items to the ride opp. and they place them in a locker then give you the corisponding key to that locker.
  4. Snoopy Has Been spotted check out google...
  5. Ok i am right there with ya, i dont do Drop Tower, have before but never again, just reading about you doing it made me nervous, Im right with ya give me any rollercoaster and its fine but once on a drop ride i freak, but how ever there is one that i can ride, Demon drop due to the fact it has a floor. Thank you for clearing up why im afraid of drop rides
  6. Aww man someone already took the good ones, oh well guess ill just take the Eiffel Tower. Its so pretty all lit up at nite. Yep ill take the icon.
  7. i think it would be sweet if they could remodel the coaster to make it less rough. I love Son of Beast and i think i would cry if they took it out.
  8. wow, great trip report. I love the voyage too, best coasteron earth. I just cant wait tell next tuesday when i finally get my first trip to dollywood.
  9. SOB has been on my mind alot lately, Everyday i get on here praying that some good news has been released about it staying. but I'm always disapointed.
  10. trint2004

    New Coaster?

    I dont think so, Does it really count as a coaster? Reminds me of the question about the Avatar, is it a rollercoaster?
  11. This is an easy one for me, Vortex all the way. Ever since my first ride on it when I was a lil kid I’ve been hooked. I’m even thinking of getting a tattoo of it in some way on my back. I love this ride and have to ride it every time I’m at the park, lost count after 200 laps.
  12. trint2004

    New Coaster?

    Yeah I know that shoot the rapids has been announced this was way before they had said anything about their new ride for 2010.
  13. trint2004

    New Coaster?

    While this doesn’t pertain to Kings Island. When i visited Cedar Point this past summer i overheard a couple managers talking about a coaster. I remember hearing that ttd and maverick will be having a baby soon. Idk if it was to get ppl talking about their new ride next year or if it was a clue of what could be coming or just a view of the employees talk out there *wazzoo*. Just thought i would post it. It’s been in my head ever since
  14. ^if you think it was a movie, then how do you know it was fun. With the word think in the sentence it is likely that you dont know what your talking about. Sorry had to point it out
  15. ok change of outfits, im goin to my vanity bell bottoms and a white shirt with a peace sign on it. Yeah i cant wait leaving home in about 20 mins, Ill probably be by invertago at 6, since its my fav. ride. Ill be in the front seat. Hope to see u all there.
  16. ill be wearing my gay pride shirt from when Backlot Stunt Coaster was new, mini lines happy times, i just love that shirt
  17. I think that a good idea, i would be up to it.
  18. Ok so like im going to the event by myself now cuz josh has to work it. so i was wondering who all is going and since i really havent got to meet a lot of you or anything figured i would use this as a time that i can. if any of you want to hang out with me for a few rides send me a message.
  19. ill have to disagree with you on that one, im the worlds greatest gay uncle to 3 of the best kids on the earth. trint...had to say this becuz of a report his nephew did on his "Favorite gay uncle trint." Which he got in trouble for. He is in the 4th grade.
  20. opps fixed it, was wondering what happened to it
  21. Day 1 Cedarpoint We left kokomo around 6am. We drove for what seemed like 4-ever. My boyfriend went with me this time and this was his first trip up there. He had never been to any amusment park larger then Kings Island. It was a long trip. But when you see it on the coastline just standing so proud you know your in heaven, josh's first words after seeing it was "its so pretty." We parked in 23b and noticed that the parking lot wasnt that full. Our first ride was Demon Drop, Now you all know i hate being dropped so this really freaked me out, but i wanted to do it, due to the fact that
  22. No no no lol I got my own ride hehe, But I def will meet up with you. Plus you already know how money has been tight for me soo far this year I know im just givin a hard time, I cant wait to go. Im heading up to Cedar Point this comming week. Wed. and Thursday,
  23. omg rumor i just got a kill idea, you can ride up with me and josh and we can link arms and skip around the park while singing judy garlind songs. lol-jk but we still need to meet at the park you owe me BIG TIME for setting me up the last 3 times ive asked you to go. lol
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