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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. i think cedarfair is doing great things for all the parks, Its great that they are treating every park uniquely and placing copys everywhere
  2. does anyone elses family and freinds think there obbsessed, to be watching so intensley for a rollercoaster anouncement
  3. is that really goin to cost 5.5 million it seems it would be cheaper
  4. hmm, interesting indeed, i just may have to do that, wont say anything though if i find it
  5. so what time will it be for eastern daylight savings time, I work 3rd shift last night and dont plan on goin to bed until i hear the news. I hope i can stay awake that long.
  6. omg then does that mean The Beast is sinking too, because its so close to The Vortex.
  7. Congrats on your marraige. (supose to be a smiley face the eyeroll one confuses me cus i thought it was a smile) . i hope to see everyone at pride night. im doing my best to be able to make it so i can support my friends and everyone elses. And i like that the money goes to a good cause. thank you
  8. said on twitter 2.1 is how many acers 5.5 million is the price and 1/3 im not dure and i think the 8 is the number of drops
  9. could it be possible to replace some of the wooden supports with steel ones. I think if they placed them properly the ride could be more smother and less rough. something simular to the ones on voyager would work
  10. i will be there with my new boyfriend, We r so excited plus we are goin up to Cedar Point on aug26-27. He is awesome, oh yeah and we are getting married ( commentment Ceremony) this october and plan on hitting Kings Island after it.
  11. WOW!!! And i thought i was weird, thinking i was going to tattoo The Vortex to my back cuz i love the ride so much, apparemtly i need to touch it in the happy place to show how much i love it.....
  12. ^someone spit while i was riding The Beast last year and it hit me in the face, i told them at the end of the ride and they said that i shouldn't have been behind them. So later on i ran into them again while in line for The Vortex and i spit over the rail and it hit him on the head, he looked up at me and i said im sorry you shouldn't have been standing there. I know it was childesh but it made me mad and im a strong beleaver in getting even.
  13. i rode the monster this past sunday and I didnt spin that much while we were going, but when it stop i work and work to get my pod spinning and I must say thats not the best thing to do when there is just u in it, it wore me out. But it was cool becuz everyone was watching me, someone even told me to give up that is wasnt goin to happen, but it did and a ride opp. asked me after if i was ok, cuz i about feel out of the seat when the unloaded me.
  14. Ok so thisn't something a guess said but i found it funny, we should start a new topic called guess do the darnest things, ok so i was at the park last wed. and we went to the water park. It rain off and on the whole day so it was close to empty, but the sun came out it got hot so we went to the water park. while we were there we got to ride everything and then we decided to just go and lay in the wave pool for a while. there where close to maybe 200 people in it total. It started to sprinkle a lil bit and about 75% of the guest got out of the water and ran under the umbrellas. As if they didn
  15. i have been on Diamondback a total of 5 times. I think thats pretty good in two visits. I dont get to go all the time due to not having a car to get me there. So i have to save money and beg my mom to let me take her car. It isnt an easy feet because of the long drive there and back. I love the ride, Wish i could get to ride in the front but havent yet.
  16. Drop Tower- I have passed out twice on it. The first time I blamed it on the heat, the second time I figured it was because I couldnt breath, I never ride it anymore. Skyfly------ I rode it only once and hated it, I cryed all the way up and then I freaked out when we were swinging, I got off the ride shaking and not able to stand. It took 4 people to hold me up just so they could unhook me from the harnest... Those two ride i will never ever ride again.
  17. Im thinking it may have something to do with Paramount story. That area hasnt had anything done to it yet. I think it would be great to see a history walk or something there. Showing the history by year and that would give them something to do with Trains and stuff from the old rides. Idk just though it be cool
  18. i lost my wallet on The Beast. didnt realize it was gone for about an hour. We went back and asked if it was found. They said no. So we asked if we could look in the trains as they came in the station. and behold my wallet was still on the floor board of train 3 backseat. it was a mirical and no money was gone. On another note I didnt lose anything but gain something i wish that i didnt when rideing Maverick Last year. I got Poop on my a seagal at somepoint of the ride when i got off i reached to open my pocket for me glasses and when i did I felt something wet. I just about puked. We left s
  19. I love the look of the park back then.
  20. I cant wait for this one. There is no way I will be missing it. I will be sending my check asap, plus are we aloud to bring friends with us.
  21. Hey do you have texting on you phone. If you do you can text the pics to you email just like you would to another phone. I do it alot. Hope this helps.
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