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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Awesome is all I have to say. "the second comming" great this is goin to be the best yet.
  2. I will be going this year it will be my 4th year in a year. Cant wait
  3. Heres my report on how my weekend at Cedar Point went. Saturday 6-28-08 We left my house at about 2am and began our long trip up the Cedar Point. Nothing exciting about the trip up. We arrived at the park at about 8:30 am and it was so awesome to see the Park as we crossed the Causeway, Everyone whom has been there would agree that the first sight in a very long time is something that can make any long trip up there well worth it. Its just so beautiful. After getting in the park we take advantage of our platinum Passes and head back to MF for the first ride to start the day. We only wa
  4. Sounds Like a great trip. I cant wait to go this next weekend.
  5. Why do people say that. People have always done stupid or outlawed things, Take a look back at history, they say it repeats it self.
  6. Last season we went on Thursdaya alot and the park was somewhat empty. But im not sure this year because I have only gone on weekends.
  7. Delirium is one of my top must rides. But i do agree that it seems shorter this year.
  8. I cant wait to see how this all ties in. This is goin to be a great ride from what we can see now. Im hopeing for a lot of air time.
  9. sunday they were bad. I got like three stuck to me when i rode dileraum
  10. I havent notice many closing this years. I think I have seen one and the was on Firehawk and The problem was the the track was stuck just outside the station. The piece that flips over to alow each side to exit to the lift. It was only closed for like five mins. Which was good because i was in line and everyone basicly left the line. Took it from a 1 hour wait to like 15 mins after it reopen.
  11. I think this year they have let up on the mid course breaks on SOB. It seems to be faster this year and the return to the station.
  12. You could do what i do. I leave the park and go eat at a fast food resturaunt and come back. They let you come back into the parking lot if you leave. Just show them you receipt or your pass and they let you back in. Just remember you can onl do this once per visit. And make sure you dont wash you stamp off your hand.
  13. ^ is that a clue of what we can look forward to this year
  14. Comforting maybe instead of converting. sorry thats what i was wanting to say but was tired. I work third shift so at that time i was getting ready for bed.
  15. I always find the anti-rollback sound to be converting. Its good to hear something that will keep you safe if you stop.
  16. Okay at the park on may 24 I was on my way back to ride Flight Deck and on the way up the line people were walking back saying the brakes went out. I for one just kept going because I was half way there and wanted to see what happened. On the final break run a air hose had broke off and was flying all over the place. It was funny because people were like flipping out. Some of them were like, we could have died, And the people that were getting off the ride were saying things like, I will never ride that again. Its just shows how stupid people can be. lol
  17. I think the game staff is great this year. It's great to see them laughing and dancing and being excited about there job. In the past years you could walk by game employees and they were talk to other employees and not even trying to get people to there games. I don't normally play games at the park, But this year has been different. I give props to the game employees, keep up the good work. Also is it just me or have the prizes step up a notch this year. I mean I have seen many great prizes to win, Like guitars and wii's. How many people actually when those?
  18. Kentucky kingdom is a park i hate. It isn't the rides, there great but rather the atmosphere, me and a friend went a couple years ago and we felt that weren't suppose to talk or make noise in the park. blah it sux
  19. I like the front better, just because you can see everything around you and in front of you. Its a great feeling when you crest the top of the lift and look over the top of the first drop and you see how far your going to go down. Then when your at the bottom the speed of being pushed from the rest of the trains weight is great.
  20. I think it would be great to have it return. I was really young when I saw it and though it was great. It would be great to be walk around and see a moving show around the park. You just dont hear of this kind of attraction at amusement parks that often anymore. They should diffidently bring it back.
  21. I normally stand around and look at the park and thank about about what it would be like to design an attraction, or me and my friends play a game where we say "you know what I hate....." then say what is annoying us in line. Or we play swat the invisible bee. Its funny when others around us start to swat too, when there isn't anything there.
  22. And that my friends is why you take a extra change of cloths with you
  23. well at least it wasnt as bad as mothers day at the park. I mean the rain and the fact that every ride only had one train running. Also Invertigo was done the hole day.
  24. I went to the park Sunday and I had a great time. Yeah the rain was a down fall but not having to wait in any lines was a plus. The longest line I waited in was Firehawk and it was only like 10-15 mins. It was weird to be in the park when it was so dead, even on a bring a friend discount day. I have a question, since this bring a friend discount day was a flop do you think there will be an additional bring a friend discount day later in the season?
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