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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. My first ride was The Vortex. My best friend got me on it and I was scared to death, but after words I feel in love. That day we rode everything in the park. Now Fast forward 15 years, Im addicted to them cant get enough and sunday im takeing her back there to ride Firehawk, which she hasnt ever heard of or seen and she hasnt been to the park in like 10 years. This should be a fun trip.
  2. Thats not true for everyone. I can ride TTD just fine, in fact I love that coaster and would ride it over and over again but I will never ride Drop Zone again. Its way to high up there to just wait to be dropped. But get me on any coaster and I'm fine. Back on topic, You should ride it its a great ride, for as short as it is. I like the way you feel in the front, it feels like your barely goin to make it over but only a second. But yeah you have like 4 sec's launch over the top in like 2 sec's and back down in 4 again. Not really but its the way it feels.
  3. The reason I sat down was because the wind was so strong to was basically knocking you down when you stood up. So I found it safer to sit. Plus I was against the center wall out of the way. I wasn't the only one, half the people up there were sitting down that day.
  4. I was there on Sunday. I for one thought it was one of the best days I had at the park. The Crypt didn't stay closed all day. I got to ride it at about 3pm. I loved it. Can't wait to go again.
  5. While I was at the park today we decided to go up the tower. It was the last thing we did today and the winds were very strong. On the way up they had the elevator moving very slow and you could feel the wind coming through the cracks in the doors. They said they were running it in slow mode because of the winds. I for one didnt really like it up on top of there with all the wind. It was being blown around like a rag doll. We decided to sit down on the side that didnt have much wind and you could feel it sway back and forth. It was very interesting
  6. I found it funny the first time I saw it. It was great to see some real effert go into a publicity stunt for the park. Also do you think the brady bunch will return this year. I remember hearing something about it. I cant remember where though.
  7. I was in line for The Vortex on opening weekend and there was a teen girl in front of me and a couple back aways in line makeing out. The girl in front f me turned around and yelled, "hey you guys this is a park for families, not a place to make them" Everyone looked around to see what she was talking about and the two making out were bright red. I laught so hard. But she did have point.
  8. I found the red side to be very smooth, I didnt get to ride the blue side yet, hopefully on this Sat. I will. Also was the red racer moving slower then the blue side. I noticed that almost every set of trains that left the station the blue side won. Even when the red train was further up the left hill.
  9. i like the new forms also. Its nice and fresh to see a change.
  10. they removed the OTSR because it wasnt a very injoyable ride. It hurt you head really bad and with the new restraints its a lot better. No more headaches.
  11. Since you dont seen TW getting the shows it once did. I think it would be cool to get a show that is kinda like the extreme sport complex at Cedar Point has got this year there. But rather have a whole story behind it like a action movie. It would, in my opinion be a great addition to that side of the park, since we really dont have a show like it.
  12. i wasnt to found of the last program. I though it could have done more. I hope this one has the satisfaction that a great ride has to offer. I like the themeing as well. Cant wait until next weekend.
  13. steel: Firehawk Wooden: beast flat: shake rattle and roll
  14. I would have to say the loop. I like G forces and it has the greatest ones in the loop. Plus if you let yourself just lay on the restraints and not hold on i love how you are pushed into the seat then fall forward a little then forced back into the seat.
  15. While in line i heard a lot of people complaining about there not being a backwards racer anymore. In fact one of my friends said that they will be pushing for people to boycot the red racer side to make them turn it around. I am up for it, I mean I can get the same ride experince on the blue side. Red side is no fun, it seemed to go faster then it did when it was backwards.
  16. opening day was great, cant wait to go back. I have some complaints though, one being that everytime someone check you restraint they said "Check" out loud. It got on my nerves. Also, that some of the ride opps were a little rude. Example: I rode The Beast first and when I got off the ride and half way down the exit I realized my wallet wasnt with me. I returned to the exit and asked to check the seat I was in and the guy told me that i would have to wait, I said okay. He then turned around to me and said that I would have to wait for the train to come back and check it then. It was still in t
  17. While it doesnt have anything to do with Kings Island, this made me laugh. Yesturday, While waiting in line for SOB a girl and her family I think were talking about a coaster in WCD's that goesunder ground and does 7 loops and is the fastest coaster in world. She also went on to say that while they were on a coaster in Florida that her train and another ran into each other and they had to jump off the track into a Giant air bag. Also while waiting in line for Firehawk a gurl asked me does this go upside down. I in return said IDK I havent never riden it. lol
  18. Drop zone was bulid in two years wow i didnt know that. 1995 and 1999, What year did it really come out The first Drop Zone was EXtreme Skyflyer, but it was orginally named Drop Zone. And in 1998 we got Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster. And what about Sling Shot? Didn't we get in in 02' or 03? oh ok i didnt know that. Thinks for clearing that up. Also on the slig shot topic. I think they should have placed it back by Vortex. I thinks it would better back there instead of the trampoline thing.
  19. Drop zone was bulid in two years wow i didnt know that. 1995 and 1999, What year did it really come out
  20. I wasnt sure of where to put this and I am sorry if there is a form on here where i could of put it. Anyways I was search youtube to day and found a great video of the early days of Kings Island. It shows The Bat and The Beast lake and much more. Hope you all enjoy.
  21. Question? I thought KI was goin to have bring a friend discount days? but according to this they dont have them. WHY?
  22. I can ride FOF over and over again. Its a great ride. And when you ride everything in the park more then once. Why not just get off the ride and go again before moving on.
  23. The Beastie....i still like to ride it. but its to small i can barely fit now
  24. I know what they could do. Make the trains look like the ones on Invertigo on both sides. That way you can pick backwards or forwards on both sides.
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