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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. this news upsets me. The Racers need to stay backwards and forwards. My fav. seat was the back of the backwards car. It seemed to have the best airtime. I hope this is just a rumor. I mean why change something that doesnt need to be changed. Many people like it the way it is.
  2. flight deck----The return of The Bat Drop Tower---G force plunge Invertigo-----screamgasom the crypt----head spin blsc----------stunt track lol i suck at making up names
  3. I had a dream that I was standing infront of the first Vertical lauch coaster talking about it. I aparently designed it in a contest the park held and they picked it and build it. I think I had the dream when i was around 12. I still wish it could come true. this is how the ride went. You left the station and was moved up a 90 degree hill then locked into place. Before a countdown came and you were shot 200 feet straight into the air at about 85 mph. At the top of the hill was the worlds biggest bunny hill which gave you 20 secs of airtime. Before plumeting back toward the ground at about
  4. *sits and laughs* He isn't goin to listen to the facts. Just because someone writes a story on something doesnt make it a fact. Some people write about stuff that isnt true just to make it sound as if they are important. I mean look at the newspaper or watch the news, if they dont know the hole story they make up what is missing or gossip about it. Thats what makes people keep buying the papers or watching, so they can eventually find out the truth or the so called truth. Try not to believe everything you read or hear. People tell lies all the time. Anyways back on topic. I really dont see
  5. I think they should remove them because you go to the park to get away from everyday life. If you want to watch TV go home and watch it. Plus most people now days bring there IPODS to the park.
  6. I couldnt emagine the lenght of track that would come after you lay on your back. Would be cool though if you could place a loop after the drop.
  7. this makes me want to go right now. Errr why is winter so long.
  8. there is already another topic on this.
  9. trint2004

    ki opens

    I akways try to make my first trip on or aound my birthday which is 4-27. Its always a great way to kick off the season.
  10. no they didnt mind. most of them dont know whats goin on anyways, others were happy to see the show. One even told me that they wish they could ride The Racers on last time.
  11. Hey guys I was just wandering if you saw the Brady Bunch Kings Island Episode on tv last night. It was on about 3am in the morning and I was at work. I work in a nursing home. Anyways, I went into everyroom and turn it on. So I didnt have to miss a minute of it... Man did it make me want to go back so bad, cant wait for April.
  12. i have a phobia of being wrenched up high held there then droped. i cant ride DZ or PT drop side because i pass out when held up there but DD doesnt hold that long once your up there your down. I dread the day when I do get on DD and its breaks down when were at the top, i would just die. But this is were it get more complicated im not afraid of getting stuck on any coaster at the top because i can still see the track in front of me. I can also do anything that shots you straight up and back down. Sling Shot, PT launch side, and Liberty Launch dont scare me. I really dont know why i have
  13. i dont really see CP removing corkscrew, wildcar, or CCMR because those are popular with the kids that arent ready for the big rides and are not that thrilled with the kiddie rides. Plus those are great family coasters. I can see them removing DT because people arent that pleased with it. People who go to the park for the first time dont know what to expect and when they wait an hour and a half or longer for a ride that isnt as thrilling as you would expect is disapointing. I would love to see and high energy fast and long Woodie in that spot.
  14. it needs more speed at the end of the ride. It seemed to go faster in that area when the loop was in place.
  15. 13 times in a row on Vortex and five of them we didnt have to get out of the train when it returned to the station.
  16. I went to Cedar Point last Thursday and Friday. We were planning to go Thursday and ride all the newer rides and then on Friday ride the older ones. Thursday was awsome we got to ride everything and we saved the Maverick for last. We waited maybe a hour and a half the ride Maverick and while I was in line I was hoping it would be worth it. When we got into the trains and the restraints came down I was shocked with howmuch lag room you had. I was impressed with all the coaster trains at Cedar Point, because of the leg room. Anyways, when we got to the top of the lift which took like 3 sec. an
  17. mine would have to be the scrambler because I always end up on the outside with 2 other heavy people.
  18. How long did you have to wait until Firehawk opened? I'm assuming that you got there when the park opened, right? Yeah we got there when the parks opened. but when we got back the Firehawk they haddent opened the line yet and were telling everyone the place items in the lockers. It took about 5 mins. for them to open the lines. Also I have a question why are they stopping people at the split in the lines and only letting a small amount of people in the station? Will they be doing this when they get both trains running?
  19. I went to the park yesturday and we ran back to get on Firehawk first. I loved it then we went and got on FOF and only waited like 3 mins. The Racers was only running the forward train and some of the shops and other rides were closed untill about 3 o'clock. I was going to ride Firehawk agian but when o went to see how long the wait was the girl told me about 3 hours. So instead we went and rode The Beast, it was walk on and i was suprised because that line is normaly longer the later the nite gets. I cant wait to go back.
  20. I think a duelling hyper coaster would be great. Have it in the woods behind Firehawk. They could make it move and twist around each other in and out of trees and in and out of tonnels. Doesn't have to be the biggest or the fastest just make it fun and a ride the people wont be like did it once, not again.
  21. My Top rides are: The Vortex, The Beast and Son of Beast
  22. Im planing to go the Wen. after Memeral Day. I think i would be the best day to go because people have to work. what do you guys thank?
  23. I waited 4 hours to ride TopGun the years after it opened. I remember getting it the line by were skyfly is and was hoping it was longer then what i was seeing. I enjoyed it but was disapointed that it was so short.
  24. they didnt have them this weekend. there wasnt even a token machine. i was hoping the get my sisters while the were on it. Man was i dissapointed.
  25. hey did anyone notice that there isnt a train on the track of Firehawk on the park map and there is a train on all the rest of the rollercoasters. i found this kind of strange. Saturday was great cant wait untill may so i can go back.
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