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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Since entry of the loop and the exit do not meet up, there will have to be a major redesign of some kind, be it another helix, which Sonny does not need, or a new run from the block brakes to line up the tracks. IMHO it seems this will be no simple patch. Hopefully KI will perform some smoke and mirrors to take the attention off the now loopless SOB. I still dream of a tunnel enclosing the final two hills and curve to give the ride a big bang finish! The benefit of all this will be a better ride experience with lighter trains. This is the equivalent of a face lift for Sonny, taking off ye
  2. Okay so you complain about the walk to Top Gun. It is like that is the only ride in the park that has a long line. look around there are others there to. Like IJ:ST that is a long line for a short ride. and The Beast has a long line also, but who cares The Beast is the best ride in the park. I rode TopGun opening year and had to wait 3 hours to get on it because a women had a heart attack on it. I think the line under the station should be reopened i though the stuff the had was really cool to look at. I also think they should use the fog again too. What happened to the fog in AE?
  3. I think the weater is supose to warm up aver the next week. They should be able to get more done once the ground thaws out. Cant wait to see it all painted.
  4. 2008- Add a new flat ride in conney mall, october fest and rivertown. 2009- New coaster( something new that has never be done before.) repaint things that need it 2010-retrack some of the wooden coasters. upgrade the water park another family ride 2011 - add a new big thrill ride across from Vortex. New restaurant 2012- new wooden coaster update children area
  5. I dont think they are going to do anything big to the ride. i think they are just going to connect the track to the second set of helixes.
  6. I Agree the best thing they could do is look at how long the wait is for each ride and make movies for the rides. so that way when your in a line and watch the TV's and then move to another ride you wont see the same things that you saw before.
  7. I like the back seat. It seams to be smother. Im not a fan of the front because of the breaks and the second hill after the first drop throws you forward.
  8. If they are trying to make the park more family orentated in my opion they should move IJ:ST and Replace it with Steel Venom. Dont get me wrong i like IJ but i think moving to a park trying go to more family rides it would be a great idea and i would like to see Kings Island get more trills
  9. i was just wondering if anyone has news on what they are doing to Son of Beast. I though that they would release info about that today along with the Firehawk news. Has any one heard anything about it? Okay that was stupid. Anyone agree?
  10. i dont think that we will be getting SV. Because we already have a ride sorta like it called Face/Off yeah I know it doesnt launch you but the concept of to tow towers and one station looks to close to it. Anyways if we did get it I would would say an ideal place for it would be across from The Vortex. Where that stupid bungee thing is. They can line it up with the track of The Racers, and use the old queuing line for Fligh Camander.
  11. I was wondering about the Indiana Jones: and the Acers of the lost park movie that was suppose to be up on here in August of 2006. Has it been made? If so where can i find it? I would love to see it.
  12. Romb Taider Reh Tide. dont you mean tomb raider the ride I will be riding The Beast first thats my fav. coaster of all time. Then I will probaly ride Vortex and the New Ride or Son of Beast depending what is open.
  13. nope. i went to columbus north high school before i grad. in 2004
  14. I think they should paint the soppurts a dark gray and the track navy blue. That way when the lights go out it will fade away and hide in the dark, and it would match the FOF building. keeping it in the same theme back there.
  15. i dint know that was a old commercal i just saw it and though that it was cool. should of read back on the topics before i posted it. oh well everyone make a mistake every now and then
  16. i was watching tv last night when a best buy commercial came on. its the one with people setting on there couches and the spokesperson say something like need a new TV stop buy and see what we have. any ways the secound to last scene there is a tv on that has a video of one of the paromount parks. it had face/off and king kobra on it (cant remember the name of the other simular ride) Any ways look for it.
  17. This is a little of subject but Chuck Taylor graduated from my high shcool. Columbus north high school in good old columbus indiana. When i go to the park i where tennis shoes and i put a dry pair in my book bag or leave them in the car just in case i get the one im wearing wet. Oh a story about the stupid rollin shoes. i was at holiday world a couple years ago and there were a group of kids rolling around the raven area and this elderly couple walk by and one of the kids hit the old man. the guy fell down and broke his arm. the kids on the shoes got thrown out.
  18. i was just wondering if anyone has heard if there was going to be anymore fly overs of the park this month. i was wonder what they have done to the SOB track and the construction back by FOF. i cant wait to hear what KI has in store for us next year.
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