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  1. I feel like this argument gets overlooked far too much. People aren't really getting drunk on $10 beers they are doing it by chugging them down in the parking lot. If you take away the option inside the park it only gets worse. It's like going to a Football game in the SEC where alcohol isn't sold inside but you still gotta deal with drunks. People that are gonna drink are gonna drink. It's far better to provide the option inside where you can control it and high prices are one way of doing so but also to be able to observe. Now sure it's still gonna happen outside and maybe security needs to do a better job at identifying such upon entry but banning sales inside ain't gonna fix anything and will likely make it worse. That said I love the option of having a drink or two when at the park. The park loves making the money off it too.
  2. It appears that Whitewater still sells flumes and some other cool water rides. Mack has some nice water rides though too and Cedar Fair at least has showed some interest in working with them. https://www.whitewaterwest.com/product-category/water-rides/ oh and Sansei (sadly the closest we get to Arrow anymore) has some traditional flumes https://www.sansei-technologies.com/eng/product/play/rapid_ride.php
  3. Maybe I'm just wanting to hear the similarities but...
  4. This whole addition by subtraction theme in parks the past year or two has been bittersweet. I know some things must leave for certain reasons just seems really prevalent of recent. Kings Island with Firehawk, Kennywood with Log Jammer, Carowinds with RRR & whatever the name was of their Congo Falls equivalent, IOA with the Dragons, and Dollywood with thankfully just rumored at this point Slidewinder but have lost a lot recently while adding, and nearly forgot SDC with their rapids ride. As much is gained so much is lost. I had to wait to bring up Volacano :'(
  5. The map was posted on Carowinds Facebook page as well. With that said it leaves Carowinds with 0 dry park water rides when they once had 4 and maybe something I'm forgetting. Sorry for not using actual names in some cases but I recall their log flume, the super flume, super saturator, now the rapids. All while keeping it's location in the south?
  6. Once the park builds a giga most anything built afterwards would be smaller things. Personally living nearly equal distance to Kings Island and Carowinds, the latter especially now with Copperhead Strike is becoming the more appealing park. Still love Kings Island though especially during late night private events.
  7. Could be that as the ride currently is it has reached the end of its service life. Sure a refurb could extend this life but barring that refurb time is more limited. Refurb may also be much simpler and effective once disassembled. SFOG said Wheelie reached the end of it's service life but Fun Spot picked it up refurbed it and it continues on today. This doesn't mean either park is misleading anyone.
  8. ^Beech Bend says hello. Although that said if Kentucky Kingdom were able to team up with them and take their rides down there (which I believe they can't legally) they could have a pretty good park. I'd rather Nashville get their own though and for Louisville to have their own as well.
  9. Here's a video showing off the Mack idea.
  10. I definitely think a coaster could fit especially if you include outdoor sections. I also really like the ideas of a water dark ride. But if you really wanted to blow it out of the park I think you could make one up even Tomb Raiders orginal idea. With the advancements in 3D Projection Mapping you could do wonders to create whatever enviroment you could imagine. (Dreaming sequence here) But I'd love to see a tracked Kuka arm coaster. Keep it family friendly by allowing each arm to select an intensity level. Or to make it much more budget friendly maybe use the rotating suspended coaster trains that Mack produces.
  11. No matter how good the restaurant even good vendors can send you infested produce on thankfully rare occasion. Anytime there's mass produced food contamination becomes a possibility. Not something to desire to think about but it happens. Good restaurants react accordingly but most all have to react.
  12. While the document seems to indicate B&M and 2020 aren't these things usually more about when work is to commence. Meaning just as likely the construction starts in 2020 and opening 2021. Not what we want to hear but seems possible.
  13. Final guess for me is Antique Cars with an RMC traditional retracking of Racer and hopefully a Skylab replacement. Maybe the new Zamperla version as a nod to the previous and "new". Hopefully The Racer rehab also includes new trains from a manufacturer that encourages backwards operation but that is 2 to 4 new trains so that's pretty costly so not expecting that. As for the cars the dream would use the Flight Commander pad as a roundabout loading station with the road venturing off into the D.A. area but maybe mimicking the old Auto Roller Coaster when closeto the midway.
  14. Here's Dollywood's blog about the area. https://blog.dollywood.com/index.php/2018/08/03/dollywoods-new-land-offers-attractions-experiences/ Definitely think it's a good addition surprised River Battle wasn't part of it but still hoping that gets reinstalled at some point. The water park would be a great place for it.
  15. What's beyond out of the box thinking? Because I'd love to see RMC re-imagine Vortex. Maybe with T-Rex track, maybe with Rapor track, or beyond with Topper Track. We know they can make wood coasters something entirely different than they were before but what could they do with a coaster that's currently steel?
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