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  1. What throws me off is that the Funtime Skyfall is the tallest portable model at 262' and no mention of park models. The restraints also look very different than in the artwork. Though those things can change from a multitude of angles. http://www.funtime.com.au/data/tech9.htm As for the kiddy coaster I was really hoping for a Wooden Warrior treatment but hey this is all more than I was expecting for next year. Being at Dollywood at midnight closings might be my favorite addition though. Edit, Nevermind I found a video of one of their much taller models at Nigloland
  2. Sounds like another great year on the way. http://www.dollywood.com/themepark/YOF2017
  3. ABC World News just stated water levels were being investigated and that low levels can cause the rafts to snag.
  4. I'll be heading up there afterall even though I've got a massive toothache that's trying to derail the plan. Bringing my older sister with me. Think I'll tell her it's pride night after checking in to the hotel.
  5. ^Actually they'll have three. Mountain Twist, Slick Rock Racers, and now this Tailspin Racers. Think they have the department covered. I'm assuming this is mostly a capacity decision.
  6. I'm gonna have to agree about Thunderhead it is a great coaster. It is often overlooked in the park but to me it ranks up there in the top 10 to 20 traditional woodies. Lightning Rod is also an edge above but I'm not sure of its classification. But A+ to Dollywood for creating such a deliberation.
  7. Grr, very sadly unless I can convince friends to make the trek with me or find someone to split a room with I may not be enjoying the festivities this year. I hope some finances fall in place before then though, because I really don't want to miss this event. It's been a great time every year I've managed to make it up there.
  8. ^Glad you enjoyed your day at Dollywood, crazy it was 3 hours for Lightning Rod but I can believe it. It's a great ride and I agree it's on par with the comparison to the "Cowboy Coaster" even without inversions you feel pretty close to inverting especially the outward banked turn after the wave turn. The front is the only area of the coaster I haven't ridden yet. I can't wait for walk-on days for this ride. My latest trips to Dollywood have consisted of only Lightning Rod even once when it was closed I just looked at it for a while and left. Granted I live about 35 minutes away so I get that luxury.
  9. If this type of news could stop that would be nice. Thankfully no deaths but I'm not sure how a basket on this type of Ferris wheels flips. http://wate.com/2016/08/08/3-people-fall-from-ferris-wheel-at-greene-county-fair/
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3730558/Witnesses-day-ten-year-old-boy-DECAPITATED-flew-world-s-tallest-waterslide-fell-safety-net.html
  11. I'd love a Intamin 1st Gen especially if they converted to magnetic breaks and if done right it could work well in the box. But if we're getting Japanese stuff I'd like an Ultra Twister while we're at it.
  12. Got two night rides in tonight. They were running two trains and considerably stacking. Waited about 45 minutes each time and sadly got row 6 both times. Still a great ride though. Of note the back of the trains are currently off and had rows 7 and 8 were blocked off on both trains. No sound effects working on the lift. Also on the second ride the restraint came down considerably on the first drop so I was stapled for the ride. Which was made worse for the couple minutes spent on the brake run. That was negated though by the firework show starting. Also odd was that the music for the fireworks was far different in Jukebox Junction than across the bridge on ShowStreet. Edit: Almost completely forgot to mention on my first ride there was an older couple sitting behind me wearing Cedar Fair pull overs. Probably nothing as I own the same one but feel free to use it in future speculations.
  13. ^Agree, which while I would enjoy it. It's part of my issue with the whole shed idea. You take a low height requirement coaster that seems welcoming to a wide variety of ages and add a gimmick that may likely alienate a large portion of the audience you gained in the coaster itself.
  14. Alright after having digested this for a bit I've got a new theory. While I would love a mad house type element I am leaning against it. Same goes for a drop track. So to what I think it is a section of trick track. Could even have the train move slowly forward and backward over the trick track while the video makes it appear as nature tugging against the train. Then entering into the next straight stretch which would be a great place for drop track but I digress. This could be a place for a Vortex tunnel (I think that's what they are called where the cylinder around generally a walking bridge spins around you).
  15. My thinking is along these lines. https://youtu.be/TPOEKZVQHcw
  16. What if the shed was used for a Mad House type element. Where the train enters the shed doors close behind you and the track rocks back and forth along with the room around it. Would be a pretty neat effect. However being at the end of the ride that's a lot of anticipation building at the end of the ride. Hmm where else does that happen...
  17. Not a bad addition, and sure to be fun even if I'm a bit underwhelmed. Looking at the shed renderings though on the Kings Island website if they are at all accurate I don't see where they could put a drop track. What else could it be in there though? And how will it effect capacity on a coaster with no mid-course? Also please fire whomever is behind the name.
  18. Fox 19 is working for me, much better than live stream.
  19. My final guess Loggers Run By: Gravity Group Height 165ft Drop 160 Speed 62mph Length 4256ft 1 inversion Hopeful prediction Bridge over reservoir on out run More hopeful Tunnel under reservoir on return
  20. There's a great coaster in Indiana that exits the woods to turn on the lake and back into the woods. It has very little effect on the ride though. Glad for every other portion of it though.
  21. I like the way you think but I am not sure that RMC would build that tall???Wildfire is 187 feet. What's 3 more feet?Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk I just didn't know.....I wasn't saying they won't......Hell a 200ft RMC would be intense! Well Lightning Rod is technically 206' tall (something they don't really advertise for some reason) and it's pretty intense. Not really ever open but intense.
  22. ^ Breakers Express is getting an addition don't think they announced how much that will cost though. Could be a good chunk of the money though.
  23. It's not railroad ties. Railroad ties are soaked in creosote or something similar and look black. Those appear to be standard treated lumber. I present a contrary ad. http://m.lowes.com/pd/Pressure-Treated-Railroad-Tie-Actual-5-5-in-x-5-5-in-x-6-ft/50449508
  24. ^Railroad ties are commonly used in landscaping for retaining walls. So you'd be right either way.
  25. Just thinking of the times I may or may not have been involved in splash battles by reaching into the troughs of water rides. (Please keep your hands inside the boat at all times) I may be thankful that possible events happened far north of Florida.
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