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  1. Another sad event from the area... http://www.seviernewsmessenger.com/2016/04/12/gatlinburg-space-needle-suicide/ Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G530AZ using Tapatalk
  2. I'll be there again this year. Just finalizing lodging. Late start to that this year. Had always stayed at Kings Island Resort in the past. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  3. What if RMC were to go a different route? What if they converted Vortex into a topper track coaster. I think that would be possibly amazing.
  4. Incorrect... made that mistake myself before. Opryland's Hangman is actually now Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Honestly I have very fond memories of the ride at Opryland so T3 doesn't sound bad to me.
  5. I say scale the Lumberjack Feud Show down to a show on the old Timber Tower spot at Dollywood. Then open the Harlem Globetrotters show in that spot.
  6. Having just recently visited Carowinds I'm torn. Fury 325 may be my favorite non inverting steel coaster, it's been a while since I've rode I-305 and Millennium Force so I'll have to do some more research before giving it the likely edge. That said I feel that Kings Dominion is currently the more complete park. Volcano and Grizzly are great and Carowinds doesn't have anything on par with those. I do love Carowinds but for me Fury 325 is the only stand out ride there.
  7. Side thought, I wish the S&S name would only be used on their flat rides and they should reintroduce Arrow for the coaster lineup.
  8. Opryland by all means is the defunct park that I personally went to that I'd love to see rise again. Geauga Lake was planned as part of vacation in which I scrapped that part of the trip something I now regret. So there's now much mystique for me there. Similar situation with Hard Rock Park. However the park that held the most memories for me that is now defunct is Magic World Pigeon Forge TN. While part of the remains of the small park are now a putt putt golf course, it was a place of wonder for me growing up. Loved entering the pirate ship, crossing the suspended bridge past a dinosaur into a Magic World. You could ride a UFO high above the Smokies (simulator) Ride a flying carpet over an Arabian land. Journey through a haunted house or board the dragon train (may not have been a dragon that memory is fuzzy) through a prehistoric world. Plus there several other rides but nothing huge, still I often asked to go there instead of Silver Dollar City/ Dollywood. It wasn't a huge park by any means but that place was great growing up. Edit: seems the suspended bridge entry was also fuzzy memory but for a view of this as well as some other lost attractions see http://www.volunteercabinrentals.com/smoky-mountain-blog/pigeon-forge-extinct-attractions-what-they-are-today/
  9. ^besides lead car and color, what's the difference in Intimidator's trains and Diamondback's.
  10. While I think a dark ride will happen in the next few years I believe this isn't for it. My bet would be on a Harmony Hall type addition. This solves a loss of indoor theater and adds an indoor food court.
  11. Hart could be happy with just purchasing one train for T3. While 2 would be ideal, 1 may fit the budget best.
  12. Could just start a half credit system for these occasions. Counting credits was never a fascination I had. Just enjoy the parks and the rides and I'm quote okay with missing some here and there.
  13. Sorry to double post this thread has been a lot less active this year. Great event so far though. I'm in a red FREE RIDES shirt if you see me feel free to introduce yourself. I'm Brad.
  14. I'm gonna say come noon on Monday we'll all know when the announcement is. Isn't that how they like to mess with us now, announcing the announcement.
  15. Been checking Living Social and Groupon quite often the past couple months if I could change my dates it would be great. So now looking at plan b and possibly even c. So I pose this, anyone here stay at Maui Sands and is the water park worth the extra money? That or would be staying in Port Clinton and ferrying over to Put In Bay for about 4.5 hours worth the extra drive to Cedar Point in the morning? What would you all do?
  16. ^As many states who passed amendments banning gay marriage are now finding out those protections are already there. I feel like the states that passed the ban have done more to progress the fight for the equality they intended to withhold. It's time is near but one or possibly two more elections could damage the strides made in recent years.
  17. What I don't follow is if it's a single track layout which the original layout was 4300'+ per side. How then is this only 5000'? I realize the whole layout is technically changed but it would seem nearly half of each side is being removed.
  18. Only a week away now starting to get excited. This trip is becoming a tradition now. Had 5 going this year from East Tennessee now down to the original 3. Staying at the Kings Island Resort that evening then heading up to Sandusky Saturday and Cedar Point on Sunday (sadly private events ruined CP Saturday). So I would like to pose a question anyone else here going up to Cedar Point that weekend? If so anyone interested in pulling together funds and stay at Kalahari, losing the 2 other members of the trip staying there has become a bit unfeasible cost wise. Laid back crew here message me if it might be something you're interested in.
  19. Maybe the O represents the loop of super stature Six Flags will be throwing us.
  20. Dream scenario Kentucky Kingdom is the first to install the S&S Free Spin. The advertising potential to take focus away from Holiday World could be there. I imagine a commercial leading to the line "wait theirs doesn't do that. " I love Holiday World but I could definitely appreciate a stronger competition. I hope the park thrives and as long as the gates are open it has a chance.
  21. ^^While that term quoted is used in basketball isn't the origin of the term from the movie classic "The Blob" While in no way am I suggesting the coaster will be named The Blob the term would tie into the whole paranormal teasing.
  22. Here's a very far fetched thought but what if it were a launched B&M 4th dimension? I'm sticking with my sit down prediction. But it was just too wondrous a thought to keep bottled up.
  23. Seems time to lock in final guesses here. Name: Speedwell Manufacturer: B&M Type: Sit-Down launch New 2 across trains with Banshee style restraints. I also think there will be a small prelaunch area which would be like the belly of a ship with cylindrical walls that would move creating the sense of rocking whether the track actually does anything or not. Then "all hands on deck" you launch up from the belly of the ship. I think height will be around 230' at it's highest point.
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