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  1. Put me down for Kings Island's version of The Smiler.
  2. I very much want Les Taxis and the Ohio Overland Auto Livery to return. I was very sad when they were removed. What made me most sad though, was the removal of KCKC. Rivertown needs more water rides!
  3. Who else wants the Crypt building to come down and for KCKC to be returned to it's rightful location in Rivertown?
  4. Wow, it took creating a new account to figure out my actual account email. But yay! I have my original name!

  5. I never had a problem with the music behind cycled through over and over again in the four years I worked in the Waterpark, but then, perhaps I did. Might explain my insanity. Jacques, Jacques, Jacques Cousteau, how low can he go?
  6. Here is a link to a map showing the the city of Sandusky Owned Roads: http://www.ci.sandusky.oh.us/engineering/d...reetMap2005.pdf Hope that clears up some confusion on this issue of who owns what. If I am to trust what the engineering department tells me (and being a traffic engineer for the state of Maryland I do), it certainly would show that the City of Sandusky controls the Chausee. Given that houses line the Chausee, that would be further proof that the road is public domain. Is there any proof to show otherwise? The truth is... it really, really doesn't matter who owns the road.
  7. Sadly, there is nothing unusual about a fatality on any road. Sure there is. It may seem like people die on roads every day (and they do), but the road network is gigantic. It's much more than one road, and each fatal accident occurs under its own special circumstances. No agency wants a fatal to occur on their roads, but unfortunately they do. They'll study every fatal in great detail to see if there is anything that can be done to ensure that the accident never happens again. That said, sometimes there isn't anything that can be done (Drunk Drivers, etc.), but we (traffic engineers) st
  8. Talk about a blast from the past. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
  9. 1.) Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal 2.) King Cobra 3.) Adventure Village 4.) Attention to Theming 5.) Trader Jake's Seaside Supplies (Mic's has nowhere near as much theming / atmosphere as TJ).
  10. That's a really interesting comment about waterpark profitability. As someone who ran the Waterworks and Boomerrang Bay Merchandise Locations in 2003 and 2004 (and was out there in 2002 and 2001), I think his comment about margins with waterparks is bull. As Satoru Iwata would say, Boomerrang Bay Resale printed(s) money. It probably has a lot to do with Kings Island core demographic and how these people tend not to realize there is a waterpark, but then when they find out they want to go, and then they have to rent a locker, buy a swim suit, get some towels, eat, etc.
  11. Without getting into specifics, the waterpark has normally been a financial boon for the park. Given that the waterpark prints money, I seriously doubt the waterpark is going anywhere, unless of course we are talking about something similar to what happened in 2003.
  12. Merch Maintenance... have fun repairing those lockers and ECVs. Also, be nice to Michele and Karrie, because they are awesome. In fact, be overly nice to them. It always is a good idea to be nice to the bosses when a large part of one's day can be spent in the back of the Rock Shop / Attitudes / I haven't been to the park since I stopped working there in 2004.
  13. Why is this girl talking? At PKI there is this... let the media people talk to the media. It works well. Apparently Six Flags lawyers are not proficient in keeping employees and people from talking about these types of incidents.
  14. Nice to know that the Merchandise Department is still perfect. We always were. Glad to see that tradition continued even three seasons after I was gone.
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