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  1. CF was the best choice for KI, as CBS News did not want the parks, after it was dumped into their laps. CF is not afraid to invest in rides, but they don't like wood.
  2. First time at KI this year, the last operating week of August, Sun till Thursday. Got lots of friends in for $15, no lines, except for Firehawk. They really did their homework for Banshee, the seating is fantastically comfortable, all transitions on the ride are smooth. Until now,Top Gun at Carowinds and CA were my favorite inverts, now Banshee. Would like to see all the others converted to this style of restraint. However, some of the girls found the restraint a little constricting. I found front seat the best, wait time was no more than 3 trains.
  3. It does not go as fast as is it did years ago, rain affected the old brakes. Don't ride it empty! Brakes bring you to a crawl when trains are empty, ert is no longer worth it for The Beast..
  4. 368 miles, Northern Mich.. 5.5 hrs w/ coaster friends, 7+ w/ wife and kids. This is the 2nd season that we have not visited, next year year will be a no go w/out CGround also..
  5. The one family of our group that bought passes(from Carowinds) stopped by KI on their way home, found that the primitive campsites are still there, along with picnic tables. Stayed for a few and had a drink. Another note, another of our family's had called for passes, asked about CG, and was told that there might be one for 2008. Did not buy passes, until a new CG is built. This is the 2nd year since 1988 that we will not be at KI.
  6. You either like to camp or you don't. We like the expirience at KI, did it since 1988 till the end of the CG. Tried the other CG's in the area, they suck, hence we have not returned to KI, nor will we until a new CG is built. We only have about 60 people in our group, so we are now small bananas to them, but before, our group was first on the list for resevations in the spring, since we needed up to 4 cabins and 5-7 campsites, for up to 10 days. We even got ert for awhile, until the wicked witch of guest relations decided we didn't qualify anymore. Having a few drinks at the park, a free ride to and from the park, watching everyone else caught in traffic while we eat, party at night, priceless..... Maureen, get off your butt and tell the brass that we are waiting for the CG to return..
  7. You like to camp, or you don't.. During the summer, it is the only way to go, but in the fall, Hotel is better, but a few would camp, we would join them around the fire, after the park shut down.
  8. At least they have most of the "Bugs" out of it, I hope. It was supposed to recline at the lift hill, from what I undestand, but I never saw that happen. Just the wait, while reclined, is a little uncomfortable, but managable. I did not notice any roughness on either ride, when I rode Stealth or as Borg, but the theming sure changed. Loading was faster on X Flight, because of the dual loading platforms, and the harness was improved. This ride is at the top of my list.
  9. When I saw the corporate chart, they had Paramount Parks listed under CBS News( type-o mavbe?), and yes they made out good, but they still did not want anything to do with the parks.
  10. We would use 4- 5 cabins and up to 10 camp sites for our group. Cabins were great for camping! Needles to say, a new C/G was in the works, but on the back burner, and was supposed to go along the river. Our group was 50-60 people, all with season passes, we spent 10 days at a time there. Last year, only 6 season passes, this year only 4, and they are for Carowinds. When CBS news was in charge, they could care less about the parks, hence the sale. At least a company that knows about amusemnt parks is in control, I cannot think of a better team for this job. I believe that a C/G will return, but probably not till next year at the earliest, my opinion.
  11. For those of you who have never ridden X Flight or Stealth, you are in for a real treat. My only problem with the ride is waiting in the down position, you are a little down hill on the head side. When riding the B&M version at Gurnee,the straps push on your chest a bit too much when waiting, but nothing to get excited about. The flyers rock! About time KI got a good steel coaster, A+ for Cedar Fair...
  12. Yes, The Beast was better before. With the old friction brakes, when they got wet, you had an excellent ride. One time, we made it almost all the way up the 2nd lift hill. That will not happen now. The new Mag brakes(trim) out on the track are fixed, water does not affect them. Because they are fixed, they eliminated a whole bunch of control functions, easier maintenance. But ride The Beast with 4 people, and the ride sucks. More people, better ride. It is still #1 with me. Rick
  13. We are not saying that the GWL is a bad idea, it will cater to a completely different demographic group. Anything that will bring in more revenue is a good idea. But by eliminating the C/G, they lost one section of the pie. There are more families that can afford to camp than stay at the GWL, which will reflect in attendance figures down the road. Maybe that is why we all got surveys, wondering why we did not purchase S/Passes this year. We must have struck a nerve..... This is not a boycott, just a choice.. Maybe none of you have ever camped out for a week at PKI... We've done it since 1988, every June for at least 10 days at a time. Not having to leave the grounds or drive home(hotel), fighting traffic on the way out. Have a few drinks at the Budweiser Express, knowing that the tram will bring you home. If the park is busy, go back and relax, come back later in the day. The tram would bring us right to the water park. When storms rolled in then out, we would have the park to ourselves. There is not enough room here to go on. No I'm not a Baptist, and yes last year we tried the other local C/Gs, it was no fun, so the choice was made not to return, until a new C/G is built. One last item, we live in northern Michigan,6 hours away, 1 hr away from the GWL in Traverse City, never stayed there yet, but one day, in the winter, we will.
  14. The Budweiser Express, located near Bubba Gumps, is one good ride, if you like beer.
  15. As of now, there are no plans for next year. Since a contract wasn't signed to start construction, it probably will not happen for a while. Our group did not buy S/Passes this year, nor will we buy for next year W/Out a campground. That translates to appx. 60 passes X 10 days= 600 park admits, not to mention the cash we spend, multiply that by how many other groups. Maybe someday upper mgmnt will get the msg, after all, they underestimated the power of animals when they took over Geuga Lake and eliminated the Sea World park. Rick
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