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  1. Emphasize the "mature audiences" part more, and maybe ditch the no-boo necklaces. If it means doing the KD method of separate ticket but passes are still good, I'd be all for it.
  2. And so can anyone, including fake accounts. I know the corporate-level checkmarks are gold, but how many people will notice anything more than the typical blue-check on a very close fake?
  3. A lot of the Haunt tombstones and whatnot are quite old now, although I'm surprised to see the Area 72 van peeling like that.
  4. On the Haunt Code of Conduct page, they're going the limited see-through bag route. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/haunt/conduct-policy-and-guidelines
  5. The ones with a close line of sight to Adventure Port around the first drop area could be relocated.
  6. Okay, two possibilities here. One, this is a photo from before they finished painting this part of the ride in April. Two, that new paint isn't doing so well on the track, because the rails are down to bare steel through the pool and climb, and looks faded on the climb.
  7. Huh. I've never noticed that gate on the exit path fence before. Is that from when they had a Haunt maze running through there?
  8. Say what now? Paramount and CBS were both owned by Viacom until 2005, when they split the company so Viacom and CBS were their own entities. Paramount and the cable networks stayed with Viacom, while the Paramount Parks division was placed as part of CBS. CBS then sold Paramount Parks to Cedar Fair in 2006. In 2019 CBS and Viacom merged back together as ViacomCBS, and is now known as Paramount Global. CBS All Access expanded and became Paramount+ after this happened.
  9. The track is removed but the bents themselves are relocated.
  10. I hope they get back to Diamondback's repaint soon, I know Baynum is currently working on a VERY large structure at Cedar Point, but I really don't want to end up having the weather get too cold to complete it during this season...
  11. For capacity it would be nice if, in the event they upgrade the trains on Flying Ace, they got two of them. For a full circuit coaster of that size, the one-train operation is brutal.
  12. Well they're correct on the drop.
  13. I was seeing Planet Snoopy, Kings Island and Vekoma in my trending list this afternoon. Edit: Seeing Kings Island in trending right now.
  14. There hasn't been a proper playground area since McScrappy's Farm got taken out. The old Splat City had both a climbing structure (FAAC is on that site now) and the water maze, but those were more "active" things.
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