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  1. Diamondback track paint has entered the Mystic cam view.
  2. Based on the webcam it seems almost like a ride foundation is being installed, makes me wonder if a plan changed and Sol Spin will take the Skylab spot and the new AE entrance and exit will be between the two new rides.
  3. I'm not terribly concerned about the shingles not being replaced, considering the front gate itself still has a wall of those things despite both I-Street and entrance plaza remodels.
  4. I'm assuming they'll do the Blue side return next offseason, and paint it after that's completed. That adds up to the entire ride, except for the brakes/station/lift and top of the split hill having been retracked from the ledgers up since 2018, starting with GCI doing the turnarounds.
  5. The theme package over there was no more than signage. Not an accurate comparison to a full retheme including a new queue for AE.
  6. Enrique's might be open but I can see Mercado not being open yet and the pathway, if open, being fenced on both sides while the rest of the work is being completed. If it's closed, it wouldn't be anywhere near as annoying as having the entire Floral Clock to Rivertown path closed for the entirety of 2008.
  7. Eh, it's nice to have an indoor Skyline. Just keep it there and use the CFA building for something new.
  8. Some Iron Dragon track removal might be for crane placement, or just coincidence and it needed some work.
  9. Coasterbuzz Club is still very much a thing, and they've had Coasterstock on their upcoming events list for a while...
  10. It was also supposed to have a bunch of nice landscaping instead of concrete and gravel, but we all know how that worked out.
  11. I really hope the train shed is included in the Diamondback repaint, the new darker support color would make it blend in so much better and not so "in your face" when taking that path from the ET/floral clock junction. The wood fences, like those around the pool's mechanical works, would also look better painted a darker color rather than the very light pine finish.
  12. Sounds expensive, especially the bridge part and fixing up the dilapidated state of the waterpark.
  13. The conveyance system itself seems to be perfectly fine still, they own the rights, the company that did the theme job still exists... I'm sure they could have new cars built and installed on the existing track. Still a lot of work to have all new props and sets and animatronics built, but they've got the building and the actual ride system which would surely make it cheaper than having it recreated by Sally or the like, whether in a new building or gutting out and rebuilding in the existing one.
  14. Paint the building in forest camo, or even just green if it's getting reused though, the warehouse look doesn't really work.
  15. They started building GWL in 2005, that would have been before the split that happened later that year. 2006 was the first and only season to start with the parks under CBS.
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