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  1. Nah, the front gate wing coaster is just a different front gate, the rest will be underneath the parking lot.
  2. Oh, so NOW you’re down with this all just being infrastructure housekeeping and possible SoB station removal. Got it.
  3. Okay yeah that strip by the RMC has been like that since at least 2005, the "drag race" ride was there. And the dirt field behind the amphitheater has been like that since uh, like forever,
  4. Don't worry guys, they're putting one on Old Columbia Road after burying the power lines.
  5. Burying the utility lines on the old above-ground posts requires excavation. Removing the old utility wiring to the Son of Beast station requires excavation and removal. If they take out the SOB station and ramps while they're at it, that involves demolition... I expect it's nothing more than utility housekeeping, possibly revamping the road for a dorm (and maybe GWL) shuttle, and perhaps taking the SOB station while they're at it.
  6. I... Uh... I can’t post an honest response to that opinion without getting banned, so I’m just gonna step back...
  7. Could also transform Action Zone into being part of Oktoberfest because AZ isn’t really a “theme” and is only that way because of Paramount making it their “backlot” area. BGW’s Oktoberfest section is huge, and existing rides would easily work, just get new names for Drop Tower, Skyflyer, Congo and Invertigo. Obviously there would be a lot of general theme work to do, but it could be done. Landscaping would be a major factor because of Paramount turning Adventure Village into a concrete slab, but again, possible.
  8. Since gforce keeps refusing to identify all the various markings, I found a standard legend.
  9. The photo booth, except for maybe the foundation slab is gone. The only related structure left is the shelter like structure that used to have vending machines in it facing the midway, it was painted to match The Vortex station so it does look kind of like the photo booth from certain angles.
  10. Why now? Maybe scheduling. There’s no Haunt to set up, no more weekday operations, no WinterFest, etc. It could simply be providing them time to do some housekeeping. There’s also now more than a full year to come up with a replacement for Wolf Pack, which is basically the only reason the old Son of Beast station is still there at all.
  11. I recall getting a ticket and attending this with someone on one of the days in 2008. They even had Flashback: Totally 80s still playing. With some assistance in the before-everyone-had-a-smartphone days, I even managed to organize having someone screenshot the Diamondback construction cam while I was standing in a view of it from the Rivertown midway. Gee, if only I could remember who that was...
  12. It looks like they're just tidying up some infrastructure. Those old posts on Columbia Road (both the waterpark side and the side first pictured in this thread) are quite old and honestly kind of ugly. Burying the various utility lines both over there and then on the employee parking lot and Soak City side would make things look nicer than a bunch of old pre-park above ground posts all the way down the front perimeter, and would complete what was started when they buried the ones in the Soak City expansion area and re-routed the road to accommodate said expansion. For the Son of Beast que
  13. Honestly Congo might get some popularity back if they just took out Timberwolf. It's basically never used and takes a ton of perfectly good, mostly flat land. Plenty of room to expand Action Zone out with some more "high thrill" flats and maybe even a lower-budget compact coaster like a Raptor or 4D freespin. Give it a better chance to be an active area instead of a double dead-end and Congo could see a rebound. Comparatively, it doesn't take much space and is mechanically simple.
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