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  1. Six Flags: New for 2014

    Another incorrect spelling of Banzai... And Surf Dog is not on RCDB. RCDB lists powered coasters, but Surf Dog ain't there.
  2. Backlot Stunt Coaster Experience 8/4/13

    I have one actual rollback "credit" on it. It was the end of 2006, closing night. Train launched, at the end of the launch run the LIMs shut off and the brakes grabbed at the back of the train right before it cleared the launch track, and we only made it about 2/3 up the helix.
  3. Starting to Decode 2014

    The easement is probably something to do with the power lines.
  4. Remember When There Were Season Long Locker Rentals?

    I think it was 2006 or somewhere around there, using the now-defunct Viking Fury locker location.
  5. Starting to Decode 2014

    If it is a B&M Giga, I hope it doesn't have that insanely high-up final brake run. It looks ridiculous.
  6. Most Embarrasing Thing That Happened To You At KI

    I've never seen any "wardrobe malfunctions" at Pipeline, but I've seen my fair share of epic faceplants by the hotshots that think they can just jump in and be a pro surfer.
  7. eek! Top gun!

    I remember sometime in the late 90s on the way to KI seeing gas for something like 79 cents. 1997 or somewhere around then.
  8. Starting to Decode 2014

  9. Most Embarrasing Thing That Happened To You At KI

    When did Festhaus get a hockey rink?
  10. Starting to Decode 2014

    The station track is still there, so unless that structure is magically levitating, there's footers.
  11. Most Embarrasing Thing That Happened To You At KI

    I randomly passed out for a split second and ate concrete at the Showplace entrance during Haunt once, broke my nose and bled all over the place. Does that count?
  12. Starting to Decode 2014

    Come on, it's KI. When have they NOT left some footers from large coasters? Heck, there's still a Skyride footer in the Oktoberfest pond, unless the refurb of the Bier Garten patio removed it.
  13. Starting to Decode 2014

    Drilling all the way over into the old KC land right up to SS's fence, wasn't expecting that.
  14. Holiday World Hotel?

    20 minutes? I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Ferdinand right by the interchange when I went, and it was about ten minutes to the park. Little pricey, but nice place. Free Wi-Fi. Santa's Lodge didn't have any internet service, at least not outside of the lobby, so I ruled that out pretty quick then. Not sure if they've modernized by now, though.
  15. Flight Deck Possibly Broken? Your Opinion?

    A FastLane path to Flight Deck would require moving sidewalks or a monorail, otherwise it would have to be called SlowLane.