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  1. I scored a mint condition one of those bumper stickers and original “I Felt The Grip” button on eBay back in the spring, and more recently an original postcard. That’s my first time seeing the other Vortex decal though.
  2. I've always thought the area directly across from Dodgems would be a good spot for a big wheel. Might have to ditch the former Antique Treats food stand on the corner there, but it would fit in well and make a statement for that entrance to Coney.
  3. I'm curious about what part people mean by "dip in the helix" in this thread. Are we talking about the unusual right lateral bank in the turn into it, or the typical Arrow-style "clunk" transition when it turns left while descending after that and enters the arches?
  4. I don't consider the building to be out of place, but I consider the usage to be out of place. As an arcade building, the placement is fine. As a Haunt building that's just a facade the rest of the time, a main midway building isn't exactly great. Dedicated buildings for Haunt attractions are fine, but I'd rather them be out of the way instead of taking perfectly good midway space. I don't mind Urgent Scare's use of Action Theater, because Action Theater is otherwise defunct and back behind a closed gate out of sight. I would like to see the former TRTR/Crypt building either demolished or
  5. Ditch the separate name entirely and blend it with Oktoberfest, then you have a proper Oktoberfest area like Busch Williamsburg with both family and thrill rides, and both "fest" theming area and the creepy forest area. It would involve a lot of concrete removal but could certainly be done.
  6. Most of the smoking areas were fairly small, so no proper distancing possible, and you can't smoke with a mask on. Exhaled smoke could also carry virus particulates and cause them to linger in the air more than usual. Tower Gardens was the only large area for smoking, and it's currently being used as the "RelaxZone" area where you can take your mask off. The area over by Invertigo outside the front gate is the designated smoking area for this year, and they're using re-scan rather than hand stamps as part of the COVID precautions, so I'm not sure what's wrong with just having that area fo
  7. That's by the Field of Screams haunt. It could either be related to that attraction, or just staging for offseason trackwork on Racer and/or Beast.
  8. Apparently that iceeelectronics seller had multiple people involved. There's a new listing for preordered kits, priced now at $999 and showing as two available and three sold.
  9. The pre order one isn’t showing on eBay anymore, so it either sold or was removed. The auction format one (physical item) remains.
  10. Could just be a chain break or drive motor problem.
  11. The $600 or best offer one has vanished, either sold or taken down, but two more have appeared. One auction with a single bid at the $450 start, and the other is a $499 buy-it-now for a *preordered* kit.
  12. There doesn't seem to be a way to access the AIM username field when editing user profile. I was trying to remove it since AIM is, well, kaput, but it's not visible.
  13. The SoB plaques were also only sold in the offseason and by phone order only, limit one per person. These will actually be in the park for an entire weekend and with two allowed per person, so there's likely going to be people buying two so they can scalp the other one on eBay too.
  14. Should probably blank out the email on that screenshot.
  15. Every photo I've ever seen from even 1972 has five cars per train.
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