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  1. In place of the checkers, maybe they could zebra-stripe the dividing parts and also the top. Same colors, new appearance.
  2. It's a utility box in the parking lot median, telephoto effect is making it look like it's in the park. There's another one closer to the camera.
  3. You know what I wish they'd do in the Festhaus? The in-the-round classical that Paramount did in 2005. I really liked that atmosphere, not sure if they'd be able to alternate it with the stage show though.
  4. Of the three Drop Towers I've been on, the slow final settling on DT with the motors running loudly right above you, then the sudden clunk and silence while you try to remember how many seconds the delay is, that's easily the most unnerving. Then-SFKK's Hellevator I found to be someone uninteresting, but the (ARM Rides I think) mobile one I've ridden a couple times at the state fair is interesting because for a "short" tower, there is just simply NO delay, once it clears the top of the chains that lift it, it just disengages and falls, with a very short and abrupt brake. That was especially startling the first time.
  5. Maybe close but not quite, see that blasted strip right below the 50ft deck?
  6. That would fit in with it blending into Oktoberfest as a Black Forest area.
  7. Hmm, true, it would get it out of the way.
  8. I wonder why they're taking the vehicle up and not just using the lift car, that's what the catwalk is on.
  9. Swamp gas reflecting off Venus etc etc...
  10. That's what I was referring to with the first line.
  11. Yeah, that bright yellow didn't stay nice and bright for very long. Yellow doesn't seem to survive well at KI, remember Invertigo fading out from fresh paint almost instantly, before the switch to blue?
  12. I wish Drop Tower would get a completely new scheme, it's looking rather dated with the mostly-original scheme just getting touched up a few times. Diamondback's track is faded, but the worst part is how bad the yellow lift structure is. It either needs a new coat, or just paint it to match the rest of the structure which hasn't really faded much. Banshee has faded a lot faster than I expected, and could use some attention. Perhaps darker blue on the structure to limit fading. BUT... Most of all I want Baynum to make Racer look like new for the 50th anniversary.
  13. A Screamin' Swing would be a good fit for the unused land behind Showplace, it wouldn't interfere with the I-Street view because of the terrain drop behind the tower, and would give Rivertown a flat ride again.
  14. Is there some queue missing there, or has the midway always gotten that close to the launch track?
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