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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Nah, the dome in Coney that was laser tag for a while.
  2. A floorless would fill in the gap left by Vortex's removal. KI has a broad selection of ride types, but now there are no traditional sit-down multi inversion coasters (using a lift hill, that is). There are already two launched coasters, one of them (a multi launch, even) directly across from The Vortex plot. Also, while a Dive Machine might seem to be a trend with Cedar Fair right now, I'm not sure how it would work out at KI. Even with a hyper-height one like Yukon Striker, the overall ride duration is somewhat short with those models, and KI frequenters are used to having a lot of ride
  3. GG probably just did the engineering study on this, as the park has stated the work is being done in-house. GCI uses their own crews.
  4. Hopefully new trains. B&M made the trains for the notorious SFMM Psyclone.
  5. New pins in the shop. Kenton Cove's, Beastie, Antique Cars, Demon, WWC, Flying Eagles, and more.
  6. Nothing fell off the radar. The entire chain delayed their 2020 rides to 2021 because of the pandemic.
  7. I could see both WWC and perhaps the railroad being tied together with the overall Mystic Timbers theme. Wouldn't need animatronics or anything like that, but some static elements to tie WWC into the Miami River Lumber Company, and parts of the railroad that are close to MT/WWC having the same.
  8. It was always just before the start of the lift.
  9. From the photos, it appears to be a rollback because the front wheel assembly of one car ended up jammed under the back wheel assembly of the car in front of it. If it had just failed, the front car’s wheel assembly would have fallen back. I’m wondering if the chain snapped or lost tension, and the anti rollbacks didn’t engage quickly enough.
  10. The lift hill is not "leaning" or even anywhere near critical damage. One of the brackets holding the stairs is bent, and at worst, one piece of track needs repair.
  11. I keep hoping they'll repurpose the ride again for a proper dark ride, because unlike the stock Sally installations of Boo Blasters like at other parks, they still have a perfectly good ride vehicle/conveyance system for use as an all-out dark ride like Phantom Theater was. When it comes to Cedar Fair additions, and I know this is probably petty and I might be the only person to even think of this, was the "covered bridge" on KMAA. Instead of one pond in the middle with the "dueling" track sections being on an actual covered bridge like the originals, they made a faux covered bridge that'
  12. It would be interesting to see how the area would look if Paramount hadn't removed the original Antique Cars, and then Cedar Fair removed only the abandoned side and built Mystic Timbers (or a different name/theme, but still a Rivertown GCI) interwoven with the operating track. They might have even had enough clearance to both go through and cross under the covered bridge on the abandoned side. Heck, maybe the then-clear side of the covered bridge could have been the holding brake that the Shed acts as for three-train operations without baking the riders waiting there, with the transfer a
  13. From the last blog and last two tweets, it doesn't seem they've removed anything from the top of the split hill itself. Height thing maybe, like need a rental crane for that?
  14. Action Zone and Oktoberfest are conveniently adjacent neglected areas. I'm staying with my previously posted opinion to merge AZ into Oktoberfest, and Bat/Banshee could be the Black Forest part of it. Then you'd have a good-sized, proper Oktoberfest like Busch Williamsburg.
  15. Are you talking about this? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1120955158320770/ It doesn't reference KI, no identifying markings, and KI was not the only installation of that model monorail. Edit: This article seems to back up the claim that it is, indeed, a former KI cab obtained from Jungle Jim's. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/12/12/in-the-front-yard-of-a-pinellas-park-home-sits-a-monorail-car-this-is-the-story-of-how-it-got-there
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