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  1. It’s only 3.6 roentgen, not great not terrible.
  2. Eh, for a non-B&M sitdown looper I could totally see a Steel Curtain-ish S&S. IMO it would even be fitting, since modern S&S coasters are sort of the evolution of Arrow.
  3. All Great Wolf Lodge locations are closing for the rest of the month. Full statement on their site.
  4. I find the 500-cycle thing unrealistic,at least for them to be uninterrupted. 500 problem-free cycles in a row would be a challenge for any ride, let alone a brand new one figuring out any kinks.
  5. Sounds like... It’s a perfect situation! Heck, gonna have that in my head for a while now.
  6. That's just your ears having a total eclipse of the heart.
  7. The first drop was downed between 12:45 and 1, barely visible on the camera, but visible.
  8. Perfectly fine on Verizon in general, signal can be problematic while inside the Flight of Fear building (and in the past, the TRTR/Crypt building).
  9. Well, that was unexpected. I figured Orion had sand in the rails from the start, but adding sand to the spine on parts of Diamondback after 11 years? They added sand to the spine on Leviathan's first drop at CW after the first season because of how close that park is to residential (surrounded, actually) but that's after one season, not 11 years...
  10. Well he did say it's not his photo.
  11. I also just noticed that all of the structural cross sections below the track gap have been removed, clicking back through the time lapse on the camera, the crane was doing that before making the cut in the track. It appears to have now removed the cross sections to the left of the peak, and is up around the track level.
  12. Visible gap cut out just beyond the lift peak now, looks like the first drop might be the next to fall.
  13. The turnaround gets quite close to the midway, the LaRosa's and Arcade buildings, and the highest parts of the lift are close to Beast. Caution will be needed. Firehawk and SoB had more clearance around them to work with, so I imagine this is more "surgical" in nature.
  14. Considering that is (was) the entrance and that tree was just to the midway side of the train shed part of the station, I'm gonna say the entire thing was downed at once.
  15. Yeah, it looks like they've installed the lockout area fencing for the first drop.
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