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  1. It’s right there in the upper half of the “When You’re In The Park” part of the guide, not even down in the FAQ part.
  2. Only smoking area is outside the front gate. The usual ones are probably where the no-mask zones will be.
  3. And that's from before they added the "ear pads" sort of like those on Invertigo. I recall they used to keep Advil packets like what First Aid gives you at the photo booth at the exit.
  4. It will, with a much better player than the old flash playlist currently used.
  5. I intend to update the flash players to HTML5/Javascript players in the near-ish future, and certainly before end of Flash support.
  6. Honestly if they had built a Dinn twister with PTC trains like that it would probably have joined the RMC club by now. Diamondback, if still a Rivertown location, would probably be where Mystic is now, at least the station area.
  7. I got a mint, new-old-stock one of those bumper stickers a few weeks ago
  8. I wonder what happened to that part of Firehawk's loop that was left intact and laying behind FOF for a while...
  9. Nah SLCs aren't that bad. 2020 is Son of Beast in the back seat of the original 6-car Premier trains.
  10. I’ve always thought right on the path directly across from Dodgem and the Skyline patio would be a great place for a Giant Wheel, like the Geauga one that KD got
  11. There's usually at least some mulch/basic landscaping space between the queue or path areas and the fence, what they have up currently looks like the same basic stuff they put up around Vortex so could be temporary, or maybe just not painted or themed yet.
  12. It’s only 3.6 roentgen, not great not terrible.
  13. Eh, for a non-B&M sitdown looper I could totally see a Steel Curtain-ish S&S. IMO it would even be fitting, since modern S&S coasters are sort of the evolution of Arrow.
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