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  1. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/haunt/attractions Mazes: CHAOS, Cornered (new, looks to be Tower Gardens), KillMart, Cavern of Terror, Slaughter House. Zones: Coney Maul, International Street Fear, Pumpkin Eater, Shipwrecked. Shows: Drums of the Dead (I-Street), Monster Rock (Festhaus).
  2. FOF is a very beefy structure (especially after the in-house additional track ties added to both KI's and KD's when they thought the track was the problem rather than the restraints) and attached to a massive, 8-foot-thick concrete slab foundation, rather than individual footers. It's also indoors, not exposed to the elements to cause corrosion. We had a massive Arrow megalooper make it to 33 seasons of operation. The only one left is the newer Viper at SFMM. It might need new motors at some point, but I think it's durable enough to be around for well beyond 30. Backlot is a fun but ugly ride. Vortex's space needs to be filled before it gets taken out or you'd have a complete void behind the Eiffel Tower. Once that site has been occupied, preferably by a large, imposing ride like Vortex was (large B&M floorless, S&S megalooper like Steel Curtain, etc) then I can see the Backlot location being a good place for something like Copperhead Strike, and have it be a Rivertown ride tied into the overall "Miami River" theme they've been using. Entrance on the side path rather than the back path (I miss when that path was just a nice scenic path with the uninterrupted low brick walls for the entire thing) and it could potentially also cross the path and have an element in the long-vacant plot where the dolphin show arena was located. For the "family coaster" range, I could see a future, modern family coaster in the space currently occupied by the old Nickelodeon Theater.
  3. Dorney's list says that Urgent Scare has been "retired" and replaced, all things considering I expect that will be chainwide, or at least for every park that has an Urgent Scare.
  4. A retheme or hiatus for Urgent Scare wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
  5. I actually wouldn't hate that too much if it was blended properly.
  6. Bad wording on my part there, by cabin I was referring to the entire elevator cars. Not sure if the counterweights or other workings were replaced or not. The new (current) elevators have a lot more glass than the previous ones. I remember the operator’s area being different on the old ones, but that’s been a while now, can’t recall anything specific.
  7. The new railroad would be located in my proposed new themed area behind Racer 75 and also featuring flats, shops and a large hyper. The area would originate with a midway connection from the end of Candy Apple Grove, leading to the newer waterpark areas further down behind R75. The railroad would not be in the same location and route as original, but rather a new layout, with a station in the new midway behind R75’s station area, and routing through the woods and back to the station. A second station at the waterpark would allow for it to be a short distance transport between near the entrance of the new area, and the waterpark. Perhaps I’ll do a mockup with a Google Maps screenshot to better show my idea for a park expansion.
  8. The chainwide press release claims KD is 400 acres. Considering the layout is a somewhat more compact version of KI, and the developed park is noticeably smaller than KI or CP, I’m guessing that includes all the former railroad and Lion Country Safari land in the back. Unlike KI, their former safari land is flatter and doesn’t have the marsh-like ground as you get further away from the main park, so there’s a lot of potential with it. While unlikely due to lack of available Crown hardware, it would be nice if a railroad could also return as part of my proposed new area behind Racer 75. Could even connect it to a waterpark station if they wanted it to act as transport. I’m not sure what the cost would be to get another company to build all new locomotives and cars, though.
  9. Zephyr. When you just want to relax and have a fun ride without a lot of intensity, it’s a great choice. You can even opt for a milder ride by taking a center or inside swing instead of the outer ones.
  10. The wooded area could give them a shot at adding another themed area. With BGW having Oktoberfest a Black Forest wouldn’t work very well, but I’m sure they could come up with something to fit with the rather densely wooded area where all that available land is. Cedar Fair has gotten a lot better at themed areas, they could get some flats and a large, modern-element hyper like Shambala to establish the new area back there. Leaning towards the higher end of the spectrum for height and length of a hyper would give them an edge over AC, and integrating newer elements from the gigas like what they’ve done on a hyper scale with Candymonium would be a real winner, especially running back into those woods.
  11. Yeah, I was on that tour too. They also replaced the elevator cabins, leading to a delayed opening in 2005. I remember riding IJST during the soft opening and watching them testing the new elevators. I’d like to see a return to the original green, a general overhaul and enhancement, and a new top antenna to restore the appearance. Paramount wanted Drop Zone to claim the title of tallest structure in the park.
  12. They goofed up with KD in 2010. Cedar Fair was in a hyper-building spree at the former Paramount parks, and yet instead of waiting one more year if needed and opening one at KD in 2011, they jumped to an Intamin giga in 2010, a ride so intense (and initially flawed) that most GP don’t seem to be very interested in it. I get it, BGW has a hyper but they could have done something like Diamondback’s water brake or some other newer, unique element to promote it. Meanwhile, the three parks that DID get hypers all now also have a B&M giga. KD could have been in the same club. They still need a hyper. Marketing could be a challenge but again, newer unique features or elements not found on Apollo’s Chariot due to it being one of the first. They’ve got a lot of land in the back where the railroad and safari used to reside that could allow for some major expansion without interfering with the newer areas of the waterpark that are behind Racer 75. Perhaps a midway connection from the end of Candy Apple Grove over to the newer area of the waterpark would be a good place to start with utilizing that land.
  13. When it was an operating prototype at the TOGO yard in Japan, I don’t believe it even had the white primer on it yet that’s present in the photo during reassembly at KI.
  14. The backstory on that is rather interesting. They literally bought the ride "off the lot" and it was taken apart and shipped here.
  15. It's after miiiiiiiiiiidnight... KIExtreme is now 29. Stay tuned around here for updates from KIC regarding the photo archival.
  16. I can certainly see Urgent Scare and other medical-theme attractions being nuked and replaced all across the park industry.
  17. (No relation, just to be clear, lol)
  18. There was PKI Asylum, then KI Asylum that was the original home of the music pack that I inherited when they closed, and I remember a PKIGuide way back in the day, like 2002, no forums but detailed writeups. I think TR:TR was the last feature they did before fading off.
  19. Could also potentially be a replacement for an existing ride that was contracted out to CSF.
  20. That would be a good location for that, very true. Especially since my original hopes The Vortex station would be saved and remodeled to become a park museum got bulldozed. Literally.
  21. The main season facade for Killmart helps for sure, I wouldn't tear it down if the haunt attraction was relocated elsewhere though, I'd just turn it back into an arcade, or if they think the main arcade is sufficient and don't need to do that, turn it into a shop. Perfectly good building right on the Mall.
  22. That's why I specified "without an indoor waterpark" in that post. Paramount had no interest in operating resorts, while Cedar Fair was already an experienced operator even just in Sandusky, both on and off the peninsula. Paramount's sale of the campground land to a third party really threw a wrench into Cedar Fair's options down here. Now, if Cedar Fair were to buy the KI Great Wolf and completely rebrand/retheme it, that combined with Camp Cedar would be a really nice combination of year-round resort options. That said, I doubt GWL would be interesting in selling the location.
  23. Scaled back, the concept could work. Perhaps seasonal-only, and less of the "resort" aspects that would be directly competing with Great Wolf. If you have a year-round resort level hotel like that without an indoor waterpark like the GWL down the street, it's not going to do very well outside of the main season, especially with Camp Cedar's year-round operation and winter-friendly lodge and other amenities being promoted. If Cedar Fair had been in charge when the campground land was sold to Great Wolf, I expect they would have built their own major resort there, with indoor waterpark and all, on that site and a modernized replacement campground behind it.
  24. I'm pretty sure the park owns that land, but at the same time, it seems it would be too similar to Great Wolf and potentially not have enough market for that kind of resort, especially with Camp Cedar coming into play.
  25. It's also not a typical park number (754 exchange) so I wonder where the messages actually end up.
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