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  1. That plot of land, other than minor use for Starlight Spectacular props and storing Diamondback components during construction, has been vacant for a LONG time. The last actual use of it was in the 2004-2005 range for FearFest when they set up a temporary structure and queue there with the Massacre Manor name. It would easily accommodate a dual Screamin' Swing like Skyhawk, in addition to entrance, queue, etc, without interfering with Diamondback or Showplace. Over by Dodgem, a wheel like a Chance Giant would still be a nice visual statement without being so large like the KK or CP wheels to worry about the balancing so much. I believe they offer a ground-mount park model of them in addition to the three-trailer fair units.
  2. A smaller one elsewhere could be themed to a mill waterwheel I guess, but I still think across from Dodgem would be the best place to make a nice entrance statement for that path into Coney. The former Salt Water Circus location, I wouldn't mind the entrance statement for Rivertown being a Screamin' Swing on that site.
  3. That would technically be part of Rivertown, a wheel wouldn't really fit.
  4. There are a plethora of audio player plugins for Wordpress, I don't remember the names but I tried a few of them out back when I was toying with the ultimately-abandoned WordPress revamp of KIE.
  5. Yeah, archive.org is great but the speed for media is, uh, not so great. I’m addition to the gallery archives I also provided KIC with the KiTunes audio and the Phantom Theater soundtrack.
  6. I'd actually like to see Beast get a Baynum project to use the original stain once all the work is completed.
  7. I still wish Diamondback was getting fixed up, it's a really glaringly bad fade-out, and Banshee faded surprisingly quickly, but what they ARE doing is probably the most paint in one year since the park was first built.
  8. SS needs more than plain white floods for the structure. The ones in Florida have carnival-like LED setups and look great. (It still should be in AZ)
  9. That strip steel track left laying there is giving me track plaque ideas.
  10. Yeah, couple of family restrooms on the Canteen building. Better than the nothingness that's been annoying since 1996.
  11. The mining shop was in the building removed for Diamondback's primary queue.
  12. I fully expect it to be complete well before opening.
  13. Racer queue would be a simple process of arranging the rails so Fast Lane takes a loop around the right perimeter, and the rest is the primary queue with switches to bypass parts of the maze when not needed.
  14. Probably masking 50th update things, like The Racer paint.
  15. At the moment, I think Action Zone and Oktoberfest in general are most in need of a full area overhaul. Preferably, as I've said before, by combining the two into a consolidated, full-size Oktoberfest. For Banshee, they did what they could but AZ still suffers from an excess of concrete, while Oktoberfest is a very weak area overall. Festhaus revamp, Viking Fury paint, etc were good steps, but it's still kind of a "ride desert" with only Viking Fury, Adventure Express, and SlingShot which would have been better placed by Paramount in Action Zone. Basically, when I think of Oktoberfest and Action Zone as they are now, I think of Busch Williamsburg's Oktoberfest section, and the potential to attain that level of quality at KI.
  16. The terrain is also rather challenging to work with, just getting in from the parking lot is quite the downhill slope. The only time I was there was in 2006 for the Holiday Fest. It was decent enough, had some carnival rides booked in, the same glassblower that was at KI was there among some other vendors, and the big indoor "Festhaus" of sorts made with one of those large rigid frame tents placed inside the empty wave pool was heated and served the purpose. That said, my most vivid memory is the pedal boats on the lazy river. Those were an interesting concept, but unfortunately those boats have bad steering, and the river was wide enough for them to get turned sideways and jam. It was very dark back in most of the course, and no staff back there checking and assisting with the aforementioned traffic jams. I had to, very carefully, nudge a sideways boat in front of me at just the right angle for a good ten minutes to get it straightened back out.
  17. If they had done flat "curb" sidewalks for the sake of appearance, it would have been a strange look with everything else being pavers. Originally, it had those when it was an asphalt surface and looked like an actual "street" but now it's one, matching surface type. They don't have to take it back to 1972 whenever they re-do an area. It's a vast improvement on the ancient, crumbling pavers and concrete bench walls from before.
  18. That was the original exit (to the left) and then a tables area. Exit was reconfigured, oh geez, I don't even remember when that happened, the tables area was taken out and made even with the midway in, I believe 2011 when the pavement was replaced with pavers.
  19. The underlined "Hitler" in the post is a link.
  20. So by "before the tunnel" I'm guessing this is mostly involving the entrances to the low parts of the helix? That's the part that's completely demolished right now, at least. No sign of the actual tunnel being taken apart, although any trackwork inside can't be seen obviously.
  21. Eh, I'd still like to see a good size wheel right across from Dodgem, basically by where the original Les Taxis station was. Hide Backlot's show scene from the midway some, and make a nice show piece for that entrance to Coney.
  22. Cedar Fair didn't change it. Paramount's Outer Limits license only ran through 2001, since 2002 it's been exactly how it is now. The only edits were the removal of the Outer Limits voiceover lines. The end of that video is the end of the actual show, the start is where it cycles through static with a reboot screen and they say "power surge, took out the net!"
  23. First drop reprofile, not sure what to think about that...
  24. Yeah, back in 2002 with my Nokia the park was closed the next day, but they just said come on down and take the employee entrance, we'll bring it out.
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