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  1. It's after miiiiiiiiiiidnight... KIExtreme is now 29. Stay tuned around here for updates from KIC regarding the photo archival.
  2. I can certainly see Urgent Scare and other medical-theme attractions being nuked and replaced all across the park industry.
  3. (No relation, just to be clear, lol)
  4. There was PKI Asylum, then KI Asylum that was the original home of the music pack that I inherited when they closed, and I remember a PKIGuide way back in the day, like 2002, no forums but detailed writeups. I think TR:TR was the last feature they did before fading off.
  5. Could also potentially be a replacement for an existing ride that was contracted out to CSF.
  6. That would be a good location for that, very true. Especially since my original hopes The Vortex station would be saved and remodeled to become a park museum got bulldozed. Literally.
  7. The main season facade for Killmart helps for sure, I wouldn't tear it down if the haunt attraction was relocated elsewhere though, I'd just turn it back into an arcade, or if they think the main arcade is sufficient and don't need to do that, turn it into a shop. Perfectly good building right on the Mall.
  8. That's why I specified "without an indoor waterpark" in that post. Paramount had no interest in operating resorts, while Cedar Fair was already an experienced operator even just in Sandusky, both on and off the peninsula. Paramount's sale of the campground land to a third party really threw a wrench into Cedar Fair's options down here. Now, if Cedar Fair were to buy the KI Great Wolf and completely rebrand/retheme it, that combined with Camp Cedar would be a really nice combination of year-round resort options. That said, I doubt GWL would be interesting in selling the location.
  9. Scaled back, the concept could work. Perhaps seasonal-only, and less of the "resort" aspects that would be directly competing with Great Wolf. If you have a year-round resort level hotel like that without an indoor waterpark like the GWL down the street, it's not going to do very well outside of the main season, especially with Camp Cedar's year-round operation and winter-friendly lodge and other amenities being promoted. If Cedar Fair had been in charge when the campground land was sold to Great Wolf, I expect they would have built their own major resort there, with indoor waterpark and
  10. I'm pretty sure the park owns that land, but at the same time, it seems it would be too similar to Great Wolf and potentially not have enough market for that kind of resort, especially with Camp Cedar coming into play.
  11. It's also not a typical park number (754 exchange) so I wonder where the messages actually end up.
  12. Ah yes. Extended Play in 2003. Late night, Action Zone, jammed. That was one of Paramount's major dumbbell moments.
  13. Oof, I wonder if it did something to the main gearbox like that extended downtime in 2005...
  14. Yeah, you know, while they've got that nice red paint out that's on the sign, I hear fresh track is easy to paint!
  15. S&S Screamin Swing like Skyhawk, perhaps. That would even work in Rivertown, maybe on the corner of The Vortex plot next to the pizza place, or somewhere along the pathway towards the Eiffel Tower, like the open plot behind/next to Showplace that was last used for the Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular setup.
  16. I'd like to see a general overhaul of some parts of Rivertown. Mainly, a more distinct area transition on the Planet Snoopy side, including returning the flume to Rivertown and integrating it with the "Miami River" overall theme they've been using, and bringing the theme appearance around Diamondback and over towards the walkways to Coney and IS more up to par with things they've done with Mystic, for example. They could essentially do to Rivertown with Mystic's theme quality and apply it like Orion's theme quality was used for all of Area 72.
  17. Cedar Fair’s brand is the individual parks themselves. They haven’t even appended “A Cedar Fair park” to the fine print of the logos for quite some time now.
  18. It seems they thought making sure they spelled your name correctly was wasting their money!
  19. Yeah, it made an odd dark void by not having that lit up for whatever reason.
  20. Nah, the dome in Coney that was laser tag for a while.
  21. A floorless would fill in the gap left by Vortex's removal. KI has a broad selection of ride types, but now there are no traditional sit-down multi inversion coasters (using a lift hill, that is). There are already two launched coasters, one of them (a multi launch, even) directly across from The Vortex plot. Also, while a Dive Machine might seem to be a trend with Cedar Fair right now, I'm not sure how it would work out at KI. Even with a hyper-height one like Yukon Striker, the overall ride duration is somewhat short with those models, and KI frequenters are used to having a lot of ride
  22. GG probably just did the engineering study on this, as the park has stated the work is being done in-house. GCI uses their own crews.
  23. Hopefully new trains. B&M made the trains for the notorious SFMM Psyclone.
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