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  1. Hmm, I wonder if they got that flipped up.
  2. It could use a good pressure washing before they refill it.
  3. Or they're just broken, lol. Saucer ambience and ride audio was never very audible to begin with because of crowd/ride noise.
  4. Probably still just learning how the ride behaves with the retrack, and tuning the trims as needed. When they first switched to magnetics in 2002, it took a while before they had everything tuned in. For a while early in 2002, the first drop didn't even HAVE a trim, and then in 2003, the first turn had to be rebuilt. I wonder if anyone makes computer-adjustable automatic mag trims that would work with a wood coaster, similar to the ones being used on B&M hypers and gigas now. They reset themselves for each cycle based on sensors, would require more control system work but could improve the situation of having to manually adjust each brake.
  5. It's doubtful there's a relation to Orlando, more likely something was found to be worn out when the sphere was being blasted for paint. 20 years isn't bad for such a ride.
  6. Yeah, the poles for those looked a little too flimsy for wind, especially out in a parking lot where wind once toppled an entire marquee sign. The 1972-2022 one is okay, but the others are a mangled version of the actual 50th logo.
  7. I remember seeing early offseason something about a little extra work for the trains over the winter this year. I wonder if that had to do with the new lap bar control system? New electrical contacts on the trains for that, perhaps?
  8. Also remember that the magnetic trims can be mechanically adjusted to increase or decrease slowing power. As the ride runs a while with all the new tracking and profile adjustments, and they get more familiar with the new operating dynamics, they have the ability to "tune" the trims as needed.
  9. I mean, I'd rather space it out instead of hitting a brick wall in the shed personally...
  10. On the subject of The Beach, I've always found that in a WATERPARK, either closing early or freaking out and bailing like you're gonna melt from the rain while in a WATERPARK (both assuming it's not storming) is really dumb.
  11. Well, I goobered that one up. Although I highly doubt the split and turnaround area will be waiting for another offseason, they can work on it during the week and have it ready for daily operation.
  12. I really liked the 30th anniversary hat from 2002 that had the same logo used around the park, maps, and even the season pass cards. Still have my original, and a couple "newer" ones from the 2007 Paramount sale.
  13. And R&R Creative Design still exists. So does the original ride system. Just sayin, KI, just sayin.
  14. Jokes aside, if you want to be impressed by 50th merch, the pin, keychain and magnet are all really nice. The pin even has an Eiffel Tower-shaped back clasp.
  15. Lousy location aside, it's not even a good station. It's just a high-off-the-ground bunch of steel and concrete with chain link around the platform.
  16. Care instructions: Hand wash gentle, exterior rinse-only.
  17. Take this with many grains of salt, but someone told me a long time ago now that the first drop needed welding every day during 2009, and the track was replaced during the offseason.
  18. Was some seating removed at Showplace? First few rows look to be at least temporarily missing because of the stunt show setup, and up top, expanded handicap access where the "Reserved" part used to be on the left of the center entrance?
  19. They’re on the park YouTube channel.
  20. Yeah, that path caught my eye. It leads directly from around the smoking area to the main Timberwolf gate next to Invertigo.
  21. The main thing now is getting a large multi-looper back. Without Vortex, there are no sit-down multi-inversion coasters other than FOF. Vortex plot is prime for a large B&M floorless or S&S Steel Curtain-type ride. Something with a major visual statement like Vortex was.
  22. SOB station is missing, but I don't remember if it was there before.
  23. WWC isn't marked. I hate how cramped the maps have gotten, the boxes cover up way too much compared to how they used to be.
  24. The first drop looks really good, no over-excessive profile change so the peak is still the same. And, for now, no sign of a trim.
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