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  1. Paint the building in forest camo, or even just green if it's getting reused though, the warehouse look doesn't really work.
  2. They started building GWL in 2005, that would have been before the split that happened later that year. 2006 was the first and only season to start with the parks under CBS.
  3. The park has been known to use PODS during the offseason, that might be what's in front of the basketball game. I've seen them parked in that area before.
  4. It's gravel, they probably just haven't bothered to remove it yet. I expect the drones were only for the Fun Fireworks and Fifty show due to operating cost, but there's no rush to remove the gravel pad unless they start working on a replacement for Vortex.
  5. That was a factor when building the new park marquee. The original one that was destroyed by a storm in 2003 was used as grounds to build the new marquee at the same height, instead of the newer, much lower restriction.
  6. When it comes to KI having their own resort, Paramount shot the feet off that by selling the old campground land to Great Wolf.
  7. It was a limited production one, you'd need to look around on eBay or the like for it.
  8. Zamperla is already converting a hydraulic-launch Intamin Accelerator that was dormant in Italy and relocating it to Playland in Vancouver.
  9. Weird, I expected Cedar Fair to outright buy it after a couple seasons.
  10. Might have just been too cold, either for operating limits or outright interfering with the mechanical components. Can't run a ride if the lift motor won't start, the compressor won't run, or the transfer track is frozen in place.
  11. I shudder at the thought of how many crew members it would take to clear Beast in a feasible amount of time. Might need the National Guard!
  12. I was there once, a REALLY long time ago. Probably wouldn't recognize anything there now.
  13. Original lines underground and in buildings are over 50 years old now, obviously there's been routine maintenance when needed but old pipes are more likely to break, especially in this insane cold.
  14. The WindSeeker pin is simply being realistic to the actual ride by experiencing technical delays prior to availability.
  15. Ah, so the "tree bark" I was seeing is just the pre-paint blasting on the existing old red. Looks like the entire red layer was taken off the track in the pool, maybe it needs extra attention.
  16. The red-yellow certainly made a bright visual statement when it was new, but it didn't fit with Rivertown, and came before they started doing things like Mystic to properly fit their areas. In those photos it looks like the track leading up into the brake run has a kind of "tree bark" color to it but I'm not seeing anything on the supports yet. It would be nice if the area behind the former Crypt building had a bunch of trees replanted. Rumor from back when DB was being built is those were cleared in case they needed to use a tower crane installation to complete the back part of the ride, if the big Manitowoc crawler crane wouldn't work on the back road. True or not, it's been left an open grass lot ever since and re-foliating that area would made it look a lot nicer.
  17. Cedar Fair is good at it because, well, you know that park up north? Can't build in a lake. Lots of available land within the existing developed boundary of KI, including for Soak City.
  18. A pack of the ones otherwise unavailable outside of those decade sets?
  19. That's really on the line with Paramount-looking stuff.
  20. Just imagine clearing the route to Bat if it snowed... Fall hazard on those concrete steps, anyone?
  21. Yeah, over there in the maintenance lot by the paint shop, carpentry and whatnot. The backstage tours that include it are fascinating, it's like a museum in there.
  22. Vortex's signs were also auctioned. AE isn't a defunct ride though, so it'll probably stay somewhere, even if it just joins all the other old signs in the shop.
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