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  1. Might become a new addition to the museum walls of the sign shop, unless they put it in the station or in a tunnel or something.
  2. I wonder if that's permanent, or temporary for construction and will be integrated into the new entrance.
  3. Yeah, that's only about the last half of the video. I've never been able to find the entirety of it.
  4. Flight Deck in the AZ set instead of the "1993 Jet" one. Guess they needed some way to include one not available by itself.
  5. Looks like the entire Racer return run is de-tracked.
  6. There's a good amount of land behind the floral clock where a lake could be placed without removing anything, then Vortex's site can get a nice new coaster and Backlot can get the Funhouse Coaster total overhaul I proposed in another thread.
  7. Maybe a train got left parked in the station on closing night and they had to cycle it around to get it to the transfer?
  8. My favorites from the kid era: Playing spot-the-tower from the highway. Eating LaRosa's on I-Street with mist from the fountain. Watching Vortex from the Rivertown LaRosa's patio and the path to Coney, just watching trains maneuver that tangled track through trees. Original Antique Cars. Watching the short-lived "tank battle" thing over on the edge of HB. The Splat City climbing/obstacle playground structure ultimately removed for Reptar. Riding the handcars in the back of HB that were removed after 2005.
  9. Baynum is in fact on the contractor list, and I wouldn't be surprised if trackwork is planned sufficiently in advance that not completing the structure was intentional, and also painting newly installed track were both in their original contract. I don't think the return run needs the Gravity Group treatment, this might be GCI's inclusion in the list to retrack with standard track like they had previously done for both turnarounds. Beast might still get additional work that hasn't been announced yet, though, as GravityKraft is on the list as well.
  10. SoB and FearFest are both 2000, so they still have Tomb Raider, Delirium, and Backlot for Paramount things.
  11. Was not expecting FearFest but I'm not complaining. It's on my list now. Currently having a likely cracked rib and others badly bruised, just looking at the SoB logo hurts...
  12. I'm guessing Son of Beast/Tomb Raider and Delirium/IJST are next, and that'll be it for Paramount workarounds. One can probably guess which one I want... Considering the Drop Tower and Invertigo treatments, I'm surprised they didn't just use Flight Deck instead of the "1993 Jet" name invention.
  13. Hey, free shipping!
  14. Invest in a spring-closer bar for that maintenance door in the final lift tunnel.
  15. I was on a rollback on closing night 2006. Last car. The launch either aborted or mis-timed right before the end of the launch run and the very last safety brake grabbed the back car for a split second, slowed it enough to only make it about 3/4 up the helix before stalling. Rolled back and stopped in the safety brakes, sat there for a while until maintenance and supervisors came out and pushed the train back into the load station. Everyone got back out into the loading gates, they tested a few empty trains, and then started loading again. No problems that time. The only concern was the time, much longer waiting on the pushback and restart would've meant missing the final Beast rides. It was a last-second "oh, there's no line" decision to ride on the way to Beast.
  16. The perils of midway shots. It's worse when you're doing a photo tour in the waterpark, glad I don't have to do that anymore.
  17. I'm willing to bet that Slingshot foundation removal is at least part of O'Rourke's contract. Those are some serious foundations as they had to hold everything secure with the spring box at full compression/tension plus the actual ride cycle.
  18. Emporium building is what was originally called the German Building and Festhaus/Viking are right there, so still have some there.
  19. Banshee is an Irish legend, and being less than ten years old I doubt they'd want to redo the theme on it. Instead of Oktoberfest expansion, perhaps Oktoberfest could become an originally-named "dark forest" or something like it, overall kind of a haunted theme.
  20. Okay, I mentioned before I had a plan for redoing Backlot in a way that would establish it fully as a Coney ride and also make it look a lot nicer, so I'll actually type that up here. - Bust up all the concrete, remove all the gravel, and remove the "parking garage" facade. - Ditch and replace the shipping containers or paint them to look like normal buildings. - Repaint everything in bright colors and put a bunch of nice landscaping around everything, including the removal of the former water feature at the end and all the gravel around the final turn and brakes. - Remove ALL existing theme elements, and bring in someone like Daniels Woodland to totally re-theme it to a large, classic funhouse. A full size coaster version of the carnival-like "funhouse ride" attractions. Put some glass or mirrors around the existing "police chase" area, leading up until the "subway stairs" drop, which could be fully enclosed (potentially all the way until the midcourse stop) with light effects to become a dark ride-like element. - The midcourse stop scene becomes a suitable, theme-matching scene, without any fire or water effects. Funhouse-like light show and classic effects. Tunnel entrance could be a clown like Enchanted Voyage had inside. - Tunnel becomes the main dark ride element with lighting and projection effects. - Billboard exit stays the same but no more hunk-of-concrete abandoned pool or gravel, theme accordingly with elements around the drop and entrance/exit bridge, and then perhaps one final tunnel is added for the last turn. - Station area is completely redesigned to theme, same with the shells for the trains. - Entrance plaza loses majority of the concrete, with the access point closest to Rivertown being removed and the brick wall put back in place, entrance and exit gain theming as well and only uses the access point on the Coney side, potentially even closing the other existing one and routing it in place of the Three-Point Shootout, to firmly establish the ride's place in Coney instead of the strange halfway-down-the-path situation. - Plant a bunch of trees all around, including the now-removed parts of the entrance plaza to bring the old feel back to that pathway. - No new named area, but Rouse is brought in to spruce up the existing "back 40" of Coney including the redone entrance to the now-formerly-Backlot, and Vortex's replacement could join "Funhouse Coaster", SR&R, WindSeeker, KMAA and Jukebox in the still-Coney-Mall, but revamped, back section. - The restored serpentine brick wall leading over to the restrooms and midway intersection is now a more well-defined transition into Rivertown.
  21. KI was one of the parks that never got a B&M Invert during the initial building spree of them. KI also never got a Floorless during the primary spree of them... Whatever takes Vortex's spot needs to be a bold visual statement like Vortex itself was, and make up for the lost inversions. A floorless would be perfect for it. I think something like a Dive or Wing would be better suited for Action Zone.
  22. Oktoberfest outside of the Festhaus/Viking part was dead, and had been for a long time. While my previous pitches were always for combining Oktoberfest and Action Zone into one large Oktoberfest, the amount of work involved there would be significant and very expensive, and I really like the route they’re taking with this. Festhaus and VF could easily become either a mini-Oktoberfest with a little sprucing up there, or just become part of IS. Either works for me. The only thing Oktoberfest that still existed in the new area was the return of the Biergarten, but with Brewhouse now existing in Rivertown, it’s not really a loss. (Now we’ll wait and see what happens regarding B&M, SkyHigh, Fenton Rigging, Daniels Woodland and other contractors last seen for Orion…)
  23. We are now best friends who can die on that hill together.
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