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  1. Just paint Diamondback 100%, power wash the pool concrete, and perhaps add some theme elements to better fit with how the rest of Rivertown is, tie the "Miami River" background into it somehow. Mystic is an abandoned lumber company, Beast is a mining operation, Diamondback is... just there. Wouldn't mind some re-forestation in the area behind the Crypt building where it was over-cleared in 2008.
  2. And the other way, Tomb Raider/Crypt used a bank of equipment to bleed off excess energy every time the locomotive-type brakes on the ride were used in the form of sound and heat. If anyone remembers loud screeching coming from over there while in Beast's queue, station, or waiting on the brakes, that was the source.
  3. With the tower being the only part of it that's a visible, dramatic skyline element, I wonder if they might just remove the coaster part all together and install the same Drop Tower system on it that Kingda has. They said "ride experience" which is vague enough to consider elimination of the coaster part entirely. The utility markings could be for removing things for the coaster, like power to the station, transfer, motor house, etc.
  4. I've always kept my pass cards, they live in my old iPhone 4s holster case nowadays, in my pin drawer.
  5. It's a recreation of the entrance sign, with the logo and then the entrance lane indicator signs which were below it. They're in the correct order, just don't match the photo used on the card.
  6. Yeah, it's just cycling from the pool's supply rather than something that could be supplied from the original somehow, but it looks nice from the midway at least. Fun fact: The stream channel (well, the short part that exists of it from the fountain, under the walkway and over to the abrupt end where the lake used to be) is what's left of an old wagon trail that was on the property.
  7. The stream channel is still there, but it ends into the fill-in where the lake was removed for the lift hill structure. It would've been neat if they had found a way to route it into the DB pool, but the water feature they DID put at the pool in a close-enough location was a nice touch.
  8. My 1995 pass is like that, 1996 was the first normal plastic card.
  9. Regarding Cornered, I bet it'll be on the Invertigo-to-Drop Tower Timberwolf path where CornStalkers used to be. It's listed as Action Zone and I can't think of anywhere else to fit it unless it's taking over Wolf Pack, and that would just be bizarre for a corn maze theme.
  10. I had an idea recently on how to turn Backlot into a much better looking attraction, it would take a while to type out though. It would be expensive, involve a bunch of concrete-busting, fake parking garage demolition, landscaping, bright yellow paint, and a lot of tree planting.
  11. The version of Toy Factory that Paramount did in 2005 was in the then-Paramount Theater and it was a great venue for it. Larger stage, and an audience that's there to actually see a show.
  12. 2000: http://www.photobooth.net/in_print/newspapers.php?newspaperID=6
  13. Anyone else been around long enough to remember the 2002 or 2003 Rivertown photo booth incident? They closed the curtains, but that particular booth had a live-feed screen on the outside...
  14. Blast Woodstock Express properly, prime, and paint either a bright yellow (with red trains) or bright red (with yellow trains). The purple of the former Little Bill theme works fine for Great Pumpkin Coaster, but Woodstock is still giving some Fairly Odd Coaster vibes.
  15. Yeah, I expect the medical/hospital themes to go away the same way everyone got rid of the "Asylum" concept a good while back now. I'd like to see a modernized Club Blood return in place of Blackout. Also, if Wolf Pack isn't going to be returning, I'd REALLY like to see that old station and ramp system torn out...
  16. Unlike Zambezi Zinger, Son of Beast has a REALLY lousy name reputation, I highly doubt they'd use it again, even with a new, perfectly safe and sound ride like a GCI Titan. If they want to do a callback and reuse a name, they've already done so with the rename of Flight Deck to Bat, but King Cobra could potentially return in spirit by means of a B&M Surf Coaster. Personally, I'd be fine with 2023 just painting Diamondback. Banshee would be a bonus.
  17. There are two things that I don't like about KI being a Coke park: Dasani and Powerade.
  18. Put it back to how it was before SlingShot, a landscaped green area (back then, King Cobra vantage, now Banshee). Put some pine trees or something in to spruce it up.
  19. There's at least one JLG lift on site, but unless equipment with the name O'Rourke shows up, that could simply be for repairing the damaged brake run.
  20. At least, since KMAA opened, they actually put a nice looking facade over it outside of Haunt season instead of it just having that "abandoned building" theme right on the midway.
  21. Sounds about the same size as the older metal ones that Paramount sold, just a new special (and more accurate, the old ones were Paris-style) version.
  22. And with the original set, water curtain and costumes. The "warehouse" set and really cheesy costumes of its last year just didn't work.
  23. Basketballs have been a problem forever. The general consensus has always been if they're going to have them as prizes, they should be given out deflated. Do the lifeguard stations have radios and/or phones to be able to call security in?
  24. It looks old though. I'm starting to think something from the Safari/Adventure Village era that just got stashed over there and forgotten.
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