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  1. huh? the ice show was in paramoount theater, not festhaus
  2. coolangotta racers is doing well now, so is TT. the funnel will probly be done by feb
  3. yeah parking lot coasters are ugly cough Scream cough
  4. pictures of Boomerang Bay from the associate road. They show the Tasmanian Typhoon structure work Picture Page
  5. pics! Boomerang Bay COnstruction Pics, taken today!
  6. the only thing being removed is Fastracks, and it's already gone. all existing slides, the lazy river, wave pool, children's areas, and wipeout beach will remain and be given new names and theming
  7. WHAT?????? you have to PAY to get the game?!?!
  8. flight team removed??? :censored: :censored: :censored:
  9. in Top Gun's station, they of course play the soundtrack from Top Gun the movie
  10. yeah, it aimed at racer, zephyr, coney mall, Vortex, reptar, and more i can't remember
  11. 1. Dan 2. Dane 3. Fusiondude 4. BoddaH1994 5. PKILvr 6. Italianchef 7. Jimmy Jam 8. Captain Picard 9. Chris Pki Fan 10. Coasterguy107 11. Aaron 12. TheRickster 13. PKIDelirium unless something comes up, i'll be there for the BB tour, and can probly stay for a couple hours after
  12. i did walk on wednesdays on june 4, and i did double ride tuesdays on SoB and beast on the last tuesday in august. i rode sob two times in a row last sunday, too. it's running good right now!
  13. lol yeah. it turned into a war at PKIU
  14. when will the your take place would it be possible for me to meet you all to take the tour, and hit a ride or two? cause i cannot be tere until about 2pm or later, and must leave by about 6pm, if i go. if so, can someone give me a cell number i can call when i get there?
  15. wow, can someone take a few construction pics for me, if you allowed? and perhaps a picture of Jeff?
  16. it was a lake? was that the kenton cove area?
  17. wow! pki rules! Judy wasn't in, somy mom and i drove down there. we were directed in the employee entrance to the guard post. the guard called the HEAD OF SECURITY who unlocked lost and found and got me my phone back! i would've waited for Judy to call back, but i didn't realize it was gone till i had left the park, so i didn't have a form filled out. but their willingness to help proves pki's guest service definetely rocks! thanks to them, my phone is in my pocket right now! thumbs up, pki! Cp and Six Flags, definetely eat your heart out!
  18. wow! PKI RULZ! I drove to the park yesterday, and they let me in to the emplyee entrance guard post. the guard made like 10 calls over 20 minutes, finally calling the HEAD OF SECURITY, who unlocked lost and found, and got me my phone back! it was missing the battery, but a quick trip to verizon got me a new, free battery! pki RULES with guest service!
  19. i lost my phone earlier, probly on hte beast. what do i do?
  20. if you walk The Beast's back road, look for the cell phone i lost earlier! it'sa navy-blue and black nokia 3285
  21. i lost my phone at the park earlier, probly on The Beast. what do i do?
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