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  1. wow, i just searched on google, BIG FAT NOTHING! someone should email the park and see if they have any historical pics
  2. i haven't done waterpark rides in years, but i just might try out TT
  3. PKIDelirium


    i think the prices are reasonable, except for the drinks
  4. personnaly, i think fastlane/fast pass systems SUCK and are unfair to peeps that wait in the line.
  5. the one with Drop Zone and SoB is called Ultimate Thrill: Beyond Speed. it aired new in May
  6. does that have anything to do with the "nutcrackers"? i was lucky enough to avoid that problem. it's all in how you sit!
  7. ooh, i'm DEFINETELY watching AND taping this! i have over 36 hours of coaster shows on tape in my archive already!
  8. well, it HAS been awhile since i was on MagicStar last...
  9. i've seen you at FoF before. you look like Harry Potter.
  10. yeah Mendelson's is huge, it fille 3 huge buildings.
  11. larger IRC nets like MagicStar are more reliable...
  12. what's your prob with pics, RadsGirl?
  13. if you wanna see some KC parts, ride FoF. one of the trains is stored in the main ride building
  14. in the movie "Kangaroo Jack", they had a scene in a bar in Australia, and one of the bar taps said "Fosters" on it!
  15. so, by the time my site is done in a month or two, i can put JSBA on my Downloads page?
  16. question about Wonderland! 1. how big is tha park? 2. is top gun an SLC or a B&M?
  17. if you look closely at the map, you can see the vine tunnel.
  18. how do you avoid having the bar staple itself?
  19. how long did it take you all to download the game? on dialup, it's gonna take me 3+ hours!
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