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  1. What's the diff between horsecollars and OTSRs?
  2. Is that the Antique Cars station?
  3. Every time I've been there this year, the gates have been open. It really helps if you want to ride again.
  4. I'm around 5' 7" and got banged around alot, until I learned how to sit properly. I've heard that it's not so bad for 5' 8" and higher, so, drink that milk!
  5. I wish they'd let me take care of that money! There's tons of it on The Beast's station chute-things, The Beast's brake shed roof, and that power box by Vortex's station.
  6. STXBomber is Brad at Flight of Fear, and FoF is at Tomb Raider
  7. That I know of, it doesn't go down.
  8. Delirium is the BEST thrill ride at PKI! You get to stare at SoB from upside-down!
  9. On Top Gun's exit, there is a cut-through back to the queue, makes it MUCH easier.
  10. On 6/4 when I was there, on the cycle before my walk-on ride, it slowly rocked while loading.
  11. It raced one time I rode it on 6/4, but not the other time.
  12. PM me if you need help with that recreation. I'm working on one of my own, but it's not going so good, but I ace at rct coasters
  13. I was there today from 1PM to 5:30 PM, and CF was closed the whole time!
  14. That pic did something funny to this thread, widened it or something. And Dane, you need a virus scanner!
  15. Hey, faking disability to skip lines is just plain WRONG. If PKI Security had caught you, they'd probably have ejected you
  16. It sits OUTSIDE? They must not plan on ever using it again, probably rusted through by now.
  17. Ah that's right. It was in that friendly reminders topic.
  18. Not neccacarily. Friday, May 23rd when I was there, Top Gun had a longer line than SoB.
  19. Yow, remind me to leave my stuff with my mom, not in a pouch!
  20. With BeastBuzz AND BAFFD, it'll be JAMMED.
  21. What did the Admin remove?
  22. AAAAH! I can't break 2000! How do you do that?
  23. I shall zap SoB anr TR:TR next time i'm at PKI. I didn't get to go today
  24. Yeah that bookcase got me too. As soon as it started to fall, I jumped and zapped the heck out of it!
  25. Hmmm, I just thought of something! Every ride I shook the club at had re-opened by evening! MAGIC CLUB! I shall use my magic club to build new coasters and fulfill member's wishes! Any requests?
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