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  1. I worked Fearfest when they had the whole wrist band thing. It was hell!!! There were more guest complaints this year, and it cause more people to want to jump in the lines. To control the amount of people yes it is a good idea, but overall I think the park should have learned its lesson about not doing the wrist bands.
  2. its just like karaoke, but with halloween-ish songs
  3. you are forgetting the two scare zones
  4. Last year they did allow 15 yr olds to audition, but they were not cast in the houses, instead they were given the option to work the Nick-or-Treat in the day time.
  5. For the audition you just need to bring yourself. No resume is required. Also you have to be at least 16 to work in the houses at night.
  6. I love the fact that the number of people keeps changing. It makes me laugh a little, but I am sad that this happened
  7. First off let me start by saying i am a "fat" person! I love roller coasters and i am in great health for being "fat" So by saying "Fat" people need to stay off roller coasters you not only made me mad but at least several other people you may consider "fat". It may have been ment as a joke I dont know, I can take a joke like the next person, but you should watch what you say! I am not saying keep it PC it was a sad event, having that boy die. My thoughts go out to the family.
  8. Pre Season is over. We are in full season!
  9. If you are out of uniform and off the clock then you can, but if an associate is in uniform than they cannot watch any shows. I hope this answers your questions Also: an associate may attend an audience participation show off the clock and out of uniform but may not participate becuase prizes are awarded
  10. As of right now there is just spirit song, cheerleading comp., and fall celebration. To my knowledge there have been no concerts scheduled. The fact that there are no concerts besides these does disapoint me because in all my years at KI there have already been some concerts mentioned by now. So maybe there wont be anything else.
  11. When i was visiting the park today I wanted to ride the HB action ride thing by Spongebob but it was closed. also the price for Sling Shot rose during the middle of the day. Did anyone else notice that too?
  12. "you ask an usher when the 5:30 show is. Move back 3 spaces for asking that question" "You ask where the smurf ride is. Pay each player $25." "You complain about almost everything the park does. Pay each player $15 and get smacked by each one."
  13. It was last year for the Nick show they had. There would be 2 cars and a character would ride in each car. It was not used during the Halloween event. PTFly is right it was not used in any year of the nick parade.
  14. The character name of the one in yellow in green is Tinsel
  15. Yes they all do a great job every night. They have a blast while doing it too which makes it even better. Vortex as for the actors names... if you want to give them a compliment just tell PKI what you posted on here and they will pass along the info to the correct people.
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