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    Proctorville, Ohio-----3 Hours from the park
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    I am an absolute amusement park fanatic. Kings Island, Kings Dominion, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg my absolute favorites. I Love to camp when I visit parks, but of course the biggest downfall now is that there is now campground at KI. Love to work in the yard, my backyard looks like it could be the pathway to the Tombraider Ride, I even play the music outback in the summer to Tombraider. Love my dogs also, 5 miniature dachshunds.

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  1. 1. Bayern Curve (My very first ride at KI) 2. Skylab 3. Flying Eagles 4. Der Spinning Keggars 5. Antique Cars
  2. I was there also for opening weekend, I thought in the parking lot it looked like they were just building up to make some new landscaping along the main rideaway. I too agree there was alot of downtime on the rides especially for Top Thrill and Maverick. There seemed to be many rollbacks on the dragster. I went in early each day and got in line for Maverick and waited over an hour each day due to mechanical difficulty. I too noticed the train on the Mantis, but they had it up and running about fifteen minutes before close on Sunday. I had a rollback on dragster around 7 pm and loved it but I thought the girl next to me was going to need medical attention. I LOVED IT. Saturday was busy must have been something going on for High school bands. Then was looking forward to Monday but was Physics Day and they were only running one train on the rollercoasters making the waits longer than they were on the weekend.
  3. Didn't we do this on Mother's Day last year also, I was there on Mother's Day last year, it was beautiful weather, and I don't remember the park being overly crowded. There were lines for the rides, but at least more than one train was running on everything.
  4. Yesterday was the first time I had gotten to see "Way Too Much TV". I was extremely pleased, finally a show people can actually relate to from beginning to end. It actually had a feel good quality to it, I was watching people and we were all singing along to it, and people around me were saying, Oh I remember that and would start singing. I was a TV nerd growing up and hate to admit it but I could sing-a-long to every show up there. I was shocked to see "Gimme A Break" up there, I haven't thought about that show for years but was always one of my favorites. Thanks for bringing back old memories to a TV geek. I love shows that keep the audience smiling from beginning to end and this is definitely a winner we have needed for a long time.
  5. If this has been stated then please forgive me, but with work sometimes don't get to read everything posted on here. Yesterday when I was at the park, and got on Drop Tower, as I started up I noticed that they had taken all the railing down in the station for the lines (ques). Is that a good indication that it won't be redone and that we are heading for it to be dismantled. Like I said if this has already been said, overlook me.
  6. The soft serve blueberry "whatever" is all my friends and I have talked about all winter long, we will keep one of those in our hands all day when we are at the park. Just wish the other parks could get in on that creation. That is the one thing that suffers at the other parks is the ice cream, for some reason what I got at KD and actually at three different places seemed to have no taste, just bland. Not too mention giving four dollars for what looked like a kiddie cone.
  7. I have to agree wholeheartedly that I305 has moved right up to the top of my favorite coasters list. The speed and the twists and turns had the adrenaline pumping in me like never before. I was there that entire week and believe me the line for I305 went from long and huge to basically a walkon starting on Monday to the point they took the second train off the track because they couldn't fill the trains. Monday and Tuesday, I felt like a kid in candy store, getting to ride everything as much as I wanted.
  8. I too just returned from Kings Dominion, and having grown up visiting both parks since they have opened, I don't want to hurt anyones feelings but Kings Dominion is way better than Kings Island. Biggest thumbs up, for people who have spent much hard earned money on recreational vehicles, there is a campground still right next door. The shops on International Street sell items other than T-shirts. The landscaping is very good. I could sit in Congo all day, love that themed area. Still playing Tombraider soundtrack. Still have the Eagles and the Blue Ridge Tollway. The Grizzly proves you don't have to be huge to be great. I took on the I305 over 40 times in 4 days, Front seat is the greatest and I find it better than Millie. Also found two signs of Paramount still left: a sign on the Avanlanche and the trash cans in the bathhouse of the campground. I give two thumbs WAY UP to the folks at Kings Dominion.
  9. I appreciate your answers to my questions. I will once again be at Carowinds for Easter next year, maybe this time I won't spend all my time at Guest Relations. I am hoping the new coaster will be open but I notice they are just saying Spring of 2010, I guess that doesn't hold them down to explaining to people if it isn't opened, but I will keep my fingers crossed
  10. I have one other question for you also, just came back from Kings Dominion over Labor Day and they were having sales on merchandise for their gold season pass holders, are we supposed to get the same discounts if we show them our Platinum Pass because they told me that was only for KD Gold pass holders.
  11. Don't know what happened there but my post starts with "How much
  12. So did they actually set this coaster up and use it in HRP because I do not remember it at all.
  13. This past spring I went to Carowinds over the Easter Weekend, remember that they open before Kings Island does for the season. I had renewed our platinum passes at Halloween Haunt the year before at my home park, Kings Island. Well of course they didn't redo the cards or pictures, just took my money and said they are renewed with no receipt, so I didn't think anything about it because I watched the attendant do all the renewal with the computer. Well when we went to enter Carowinds, our passes kept showing declined, my blood started to instantly boil. Of course the first thing they wanted to see was receipts, they didn't give any out when I renewed them and who would have thought you would have to carry it with you. They called park management over because I was getting ready to blow after driving all this way to get this especially after spending $280 to renew these passes. Well of course they wanted to call Kings Island and get it straightened out, but guess what Kings Island isn't opened yet, and it is a Saturday. So we waited at Guest Relations for almost an hour while the employees were trying to figure out what was going on, finally someone high up in the ranks was called over and she somehow accessed Kings Island's renewals through the computer, she said the reason it couldn't be found was that Kings Island had not downloaded this info yet, because their operating season had not began. Now if we have access to all these parks shouldn't these passes be ready to go when the first park opens. I called Kings Island the other day to see if there would be a chance of this happening again and they said YES, Why not fix this glitch, it was suggested to me to purchase my Platinum Passes through Carowinds, I don't want to do that since Kings Island is my home base. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
  14. I have had a season pass to the park, both years it has been open and I don't remember anything like that coaster. The closest resemblence I can see would have been Maximum RPM, which is now called Round About. You ride in single cars around this track actually they are Mini Coopers. They also show pictures of the flat ride, London Cab Ride alot, and the cars are really tilted on it, are black and some of the blur photos I have seen of it, could make one think it might be a different kind of ride.
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