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  1. Sometimes there are techincal difficulties and you never would have known about them unless you talked to other people that saw it. The show was up and working for the last show that we had that day, there were just minor problems. Thankfully though you did get to see the pictures and the quotes, along with the wax figure. It is something you should see once at least.
  2. Does anyone remember the clown band? My manager (ha) was telling me about it one day and he sounded crazy, so I just wanted to know if anyone else remembered it
  3. Imagine all the work that went into the Nickelodeon Parade! PKI went all out for this parade and the performers gave at least 150% everyday! I thought it was amazing (and that isnt because I was in it). Every kid had a huge smile on their face and every parent walked away satisfied. It was great!!!
  4. I did see the Weird Al concert last year and I did see it again this year. I must say that it has been and probably always will be my favorite concert to work at (I was working the concert, not exactly watching). The people that come to watch Weird Al are amazing. They never leave their seat and they dont get in the aisle way, which makes my life so much easier. I love Weird Al and his music, he cracks me up. And the two cheerleader dancers were amazing, I love you girls! Even if the concert was identical to last years it was still amazing. He lost his parents this past year so I completely understand why he may not have had time to change things up. It was wonderful, a night i will remember!
  5. OK well reading over that whole disput about whether or not this person is a groupie made me want to pull out my hair. It's not like the performers are going to be mean to you and say "Why are you here all the time? Go away!" There are some great supporters of the show and everyone seems to enjoy it but coming on a website and declaring your love to it seems a bit odd to me. Keep taking classes and someday you may be on the stage. But this whole obsession is crazy... the people are great and they are great performers.... lets leave it at that! Lets give some credit to those Ushers who stand there and let you in the place to watch the show!
  6. Ok your name should really be Tuned in freak! I have met and hung out with all of them and they are all amazing. But they arent superstars bud... they are normal people with big voices and nice dance moves. I personally think that the Ushers that work the show are the real Stars. And the Paramount Theatre Ushers arent to bad either
  7. Hey there!!! I just wanted to say that everyone in the parade loves to put on the half hour show for the guests everyday. I do know this for a fact because I am one of them. Kings Island has brought a certain piece of energy back into the park that has been missing for quite some time! It has been a terrific experience for us and those that watch it!
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